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How to Run Gloranthan Games online? (RQG/13G/HQ)

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I'm interested in running Gloranthan games online--possibly for Gen Con Online-- but I have never run an online game before. So I've got a random list of questions. Sorry if this is a little disjointed.

If I want to run something online--like RQG, 13G, or HeroQuest, which of them works best with Roll20? Are there any materials available for them like the fillable character sheets I see for D&D? How the heck do I get adventure material up on the platform?

I've also played on Discord, and I can see that working for "Theater of the Mind"-only play. I was in a game this last weekend where the audio/video chat was over Discord, and it had a useful dice-rolling macro. Does anybody know if that is available to anybody?

@Ian Cooper, if you don't mind me asking: What tools did you use to run HeroQuest for the Virtual Kraken? (I was too late to sign up, and the game was way too early for me in the Central time zone.)

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