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  1. my take on a failed augment is this (keep in mind that Runic inspiration is limited to once per session/scene/GM's remembrance, so even on a fail you can't re-roll a Rune) : -20 on any rolls using that Rune = ALL skills influenced by that Rune are effected. As Truth has no influence on skills it would only impact on Rune Spells, but for example Fire/Sky has governance over Scan (Perception). Had she failed a Fire/Sky Runic augment, then until she can take time out she would be -20 to all Perception based skills.
  2. bummer.. 1am/2am for us Europeans and on a school night too!
  3. Psullie

    Pike and Shield in RQG

    Pikes are also very useful attacking mounted opponents, giants, flying beasties - I wonder if we had all these on earth what sort of reenactment video we'd find on youtube? 😀
  4. Psullie

    RuneQuest Dice from Q-Workshop

    the first set had a plain d12 for all the hardcore RQ1 players 😁
  5. Psullie

    RQG "1st printing" PDF?

    and the index is hyperlinked!
  6. Psullie

    Resistance Table - rulebook example

    You are right, its confusing. The Gas does have a 35% chance of causing harm but is the passive actor. Otherwise the GM should roll (aiming for 35%), as the active contestant Sorala needed a 65 or less to AVOID the effects of the Gas, and as she rolled a 76 and failed she should have been effected. It seems that the GM had the Player roll for the Gas as the active agent.
  7. Psullie

    Tie in opposed roll

    I think as a GM part of the process would first deciding does the situation need to be resolved in a single instance, or is there the probability of an extended test. If you need an immediate result then perhaps the Opposed Resolution system is not suitable, then just a single roll (adjusted by the difference ?) is made. I feel the as written system is weighed towards the fact the in many circumstances opposed situations are not readily resolved in one go. When both participants of a contest succeed then both should be rewarded - it's not enough to weigh in on favour of the PC's (what happens when two PC vie for the same thing?) or attribute arbitrary passive/active labels (a guard is passive when searching but when PC's are searching it becomes an active state?). At first I was in favour of the Blackjack approach but then realised that the opportunity to introduce tension and uncertainty was less than 1%, wether its armwrestling, hide and sneak, political debate or any contest. If your PC's enter into such a situation without a distinct advantage then the likelihood will be a long drawn-out affair. The system therefore encourages players to establish an advantage over your opponent through augments before your start. If Big John needs to hide form the Guard then he better tap into his Darkness Rune first.
  8. Psullie

    Pregnant Adventurers

    I'd imagine there would be a whole sub-cult devoted to conception, pregnancy and labour. Gloranthan magic would make the whole process safer but as adventuring is inherently risky how much 'confinement' would be an important consideration plus neonatal care and breastfeeding. We just had a women in gaming month so I'd be interested in women gamers point of view?
  9. Psullie

    Dear Chaosium and the RQG Team -- Thank You

    Now Jason when the mob comes wielding pitchforks and burning torches you'll not get away so easily 😉 PS. I'm enjoying just reading the book
  10. Psullie

    Testing the RuneQuest Form-Fillable Adventurer Sheet

    What OS are you running, I'm on Sierra.
  11. Psullie

    Two weapons and multiple parries

  12. Psullie

    Testing the RuneQuest Form-Fillable Adventurer Sheet

    Just opened it using Apple's Preview - Characteristics only display first numeral so it looks like your character as 1 in each, same with elemental runes. And the Skill mods don't auto generate. But this is likely a Preview issue as its not known for playing nice. If I open the PDF in Safari it all works.
  13. Psullie

    How Much RuneQuest Do I Need to Know to Play RQG?

    Just dive in, so what if you miss some things or play it 'wrong' for a bit. I've been exploring Glorantha on and off for twenty years and still have lightbulb moments. Organise a game with your players and explore it
  14. Psullie

    Scenarios with an eerie feel to them...

    I've always had best success when almost everything is mundane, the unseen but whispered at horror can be far more unsettling, For example, if every session has the investigators killing cold ones or defeating mad wizards then a book made from human skin is not even noteworthy - but when things seem normal the realisation of what such a book means becomes eerie and disturbed. So what ever you play establish the baseline of normalcy then slowly turn up the heat.
  15. Psullie

    Practicalities of being a follower of Ty Kora Tek?

    just to add to the very good suggestions above, in many cultures some women had the duty of preparing the dead for funerals but due to their association wth the dead were often shunned by the community. but this was a skill that had to be learned and the rites passed down. Perhaps she's an apprentice embalmer. There are also keeners, professional women who would wail and cry at funerals, so your character could be a travelling to learn songs for the dead and earn some coin at funerals. a young follower need not necessarily be barren, she just has to wait a few decades before becoming a full priestess