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  1. Think Elric perhaps. Also, does the Chaos trait improve his killing abilities? Is he looking to develop or expunge the infection?
  2. Time doesn't exist. The past, present and future can co-exist, run into each other and be exclusive. Multiple 'nows' can also exist. As a GM feel free to warp Spell durations as you see fit. Heroquests are bound by their myth and not another forces
  3. first off I preferred Cyberpunk - no prancing elves in my dark future! Yes, but you have to give the friends something to do, preferably concurrent with the hunt. then it is all about staging - cutting from scene to scene where the results impact the each other. (Same for Spirit Travel which is really just Glorantha's internet!) Or bring them on the hunt, then drop obstacles in the way - you can't chase the questing beast with a bunch of tush riders mucking up the tracks or weird complications - the PC's nemesis transforms the prey into another creature to throw of the hunt or the hu
  4. Hi Bill and Arcadiagt5 I do hope you are able to fit this into your campaigns. I'd love to hear feedback especially on the VTT maps with any comments or suggestions as how they could be improved. thanks again psullie
  5. Hi Arcadiagt5 Nick is correct, there would be nothing to stop you using it in 1627 - it is meant to be a loose time frame anyway and early adjusted to suit your needs. Part 2 will cover 1627 and Part three 1628 - but as no one seems to know when the Battle of Heroes takes place - this is all very flexible.
  6. Silver! plus 3* ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ratings! Thank you everyone who purchased a copy. I am working on Part 2 but I'll follow Chaosium's lead and just say it is in the pipe line.
  7. they are very early stage Dragonewts surely...
  8. To cast further afield, what's the main trade from Tarsh and all points beyond? Is it via Alda-Chur -> Jonstown -> Wilmskirk -> Karse, or Bagnot -> Dragon Pass -> Beast Valley -> Valadon, or Bagnot -> Dragon Pass -> Duck Point ->Wilmskirk -> Karse? I'm sure that they are all valid, but which is most popular. The Grazelanders earn significant revenue taxing passing trade, but if the easiest route bypasses their territories how would that work? And what would be the strategic importance of Dragon Pass?
  9. Yes it is on Discord. Follow David's link above...
  10. Do tell... (especially for those of us not on FB)
  11. Honour! That is why a knight does what he does. https://io9.gizmodo.com/the-green-knights-new-trailer-is-a-gorgeously-dark-fant-1846866886 Looks rather good!
  12. I love the 'What's not in the box' panel on the back of the box.
  13. Sorry to hear about the demise of your group, Roll20 is fun and supports the Character sheet (with a few bugs) but does require a bit of effort from the GM to make it work, as RandomNumber mentions by preloading content. Once you are set up thought it does work very well, especially if used miniatures in your face-to-face game as you can use icons on a shared desktop. I play in another game where the GM just uses Zoom and shares his screen when needed. Very easy to use and get into. Astral is very good, with official support for CoC, but I find the software a bit demanding and n
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