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  1. for me the whole concept of 'Glorantha is Bronze Age' is just shorthand for it is not a Tolkien/D&D inspired game world but rather an ancient world vibe. It's more of a style guide rather than a timestamp
  2. Why not establish the ability to turn men onto pigs the goal of a heroquest or campaign which as FDW said about could initiate the creation of a cult. This would be in interesting campaign in itself as you the GM set up the various challenges that establishes her hatred of chauvinists
  3. For me it is all about style. Magic is Glorantha's technology. If you were to run a modern day game you'd say Ford Mustang, not just car when the detail adds to the games experience. Same in RQ, dropping in the magic adds to the sense of other place that you want to convey. This is often followed by the question, 'is that unusual?' if the answer is no, then as a GM you have highlighted that this isn't Kansas and our rules don't apply.
  4. There is also a couple in the Cult of Chaos that were uses as convention scenarios, Flowers of Ronance and Trouble at Day's Rest.
  5. Yes, you are correct. Any move >MOV yards & <MOV*5 yards entitles the character to an attack at the end the round. They could be attacked by the target first if it hasn't used their action(s) yet! To 'flee' would be a Fighting Manoeuvre possibly resulting in a Chase the following round if successful.
  6. Clarity is important if you want to attract new players and encourage others to write content. I actually found RQG easier to fathom by not importing any baggage from earlier editions, but some sections really do need examples.
  7. Yep, all we have to go on at the moment are the boxes: Additional Experience on page 81, and What do the Percentages Mean on page 63. And +5% to a professional skill after 10 years seem a bit low
  8. From what I gathered there is a desire to have some additional core books out this year; the God's book for example. Only once we see these are we likely to see any expansion to other areas. Think of it like Strike Ranks and you'll be okay 😄
  9. following on from this thread got me thinking, I'd be inclined to say that if a GM offers multiple opportunities for PC's to advance, then perhaps they should consider this for NPC's. When drawing up major antagonists my question is how would a character with 10 years experience compare to one with 25 years? PC's in RQG are considered above average with some experience, they are not noobs. Looking at some of the VIP's in the published material is a handy guideline, but RQ starts to plateau once all the relevant skills are in the 100%+ range (I mean in how quickly one progresses). D&D
  10. It was a fun post-con bar chat event so topics ran wild. From a RQ view there are lots of books and box sets in the pipe inc the Starter Box Set, the Sartar Box set (yes that is confusing), plus the gods book and GMs guide. There are also a bunch of scenario packs but these won't see print until 2022 (manuscripts are mostly done it's just about prioritising the core set first). White Bear Red Moon and Nomad Gods are to get a re-release too! And there was this: I'll let Jeff explain...
  11. Ah yes, I took the 'any spell' to include Rune Spells, but the end of the that paragraph suggests that it only applies to RP - this makes sense as yo don't actually need to remember specific Rune Spells, you just need the RP to cast them...
  12. This is a plain version, no auto calc https://www.chaosium.com/content/FreePDFs/CoC/Character Sheets/Character Sheet - base - Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed.pdf what seems to be the issue, I find they work fine...
  13. My reading concurs with your option 2 except. Once the spells are stored they new blocked to the original caster. The Wind Lord could get his RP back, but not the ability to cast those spells (unless he/she sacrifices POW to gain a new slot). Also I wouldn't allow users to cast the truestone stored spells using their own RP - the spell and power behind it is on loan from the original deity, and could not be supplemented. (This is just to stop players dragging out the use of the Truestone, which IMO is meant to be a very temporary boon.)
  14. If you are referring to their shape changing ability, I'd say that that only passes down the female line (perhaps they only have daughters??), IMO all other spells or illusions etc would be cult based
  15. I'm guessing Esrolia too, the reclining woman has a great expression, as does the guy behind her, I would love if there was a description alongside these full page illustrations
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