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  1. Psullie

    The Interior Art Needs to Change

    While I personally love the new art and I'm glad that my own culture and personal experience places the line between obscenity and nudity in line with artistic expression, I do understand that we are lining in a multicultural world. Many people today would have justifiable religious and/or cultural object to the art (and in some cases the actual concepts) contained in RQG. Meschashef, that just have been a rough experience, but your HR dept sounds like reasonable people who are obliged to answer all complaints. Too bad the 'offender' didn't have the courage or understanding to address you directly.
  2. more of an omission, but the Calendar does not mention the Lunar Phase, or state that this is with regard Dragon Pass and that it differs in other regions.
  3. Psullie

    Worship and Magic Points

    The MP sacrifice does seem high compared to Cows and such, given how easily it's recovered. But I'd say that this only applies to celebrants of the ritual.
  4. Psullie

    Fetch questions

    he'd have him by the short and curly's - as a Shaman gets their 'authority' by having a fetch, without one would be like a Rune Priest with a sudden loss of POW, but worse. The effected shaman would no longer be a shaman in the tribal sense as he'd be at the mercy of another influence (assuming you as the GM even allowed him to remain conscious and mobile) and very weak when dealing with the Spirit World. The shaman would likely be ostracised until he could could reclaim his fetch.
  5. the screen looks fab!
  6. Psullie

    Countermagic complications

    I was just reading into that. All detect spells have Instant listed as their duration, and nowhere in RQG does it explain what Focused means (I was about to post new thread), it does not refer to foci as all spells require one. Detect Magic says: approximate direction and distance from the caster of all enchantments Detect Enemies: approximate direction and distance from the caster of any being Detect Substance: detected substance glows visibly to everyone within range These all suggest that concentration, as you suggest, is not required. With Detect Magic you don't check each item, rather scan an area and all magic items glow.
  7. Psullie

    Countermagic complications

    I respond to this in the other thread... but it's similar spin as metcalphs but more binary to add to this thread: Only Detect Magic, Substance and Traps, explicitly cause the targets to glow. The others, I assume, are caster sensed only.
  8. Psullie

    Everyone Having Rune Magic

    to further muddy the waters, here's my take: the way the various Detect spells are written suggests a SONAR type effect, retuning distance and direction of all in range. Detect Enemies also has the ability to seek out known targets. With this in mind I'd be inclined to think that it would impact everyone in range. If you have multiple targets with Countermagic, the most powerful Countermagic takes precedence, possibly taking down the Detect before the others are even registered. The Detecting caster would only know that someone within range has a more powerful Countermagic up, the fact that others may have weaker CM is irrelevant (essentially the EMP, working both ways, shorts out). If you have multiple targets with the same CM then all would be effected. So if you were surrounded by enemies with 1xCM2, 2xCM3 and 1xCM4: A Detect 3 or 4 would only take down the CM4, leaving the others unchanged. A Detect 1 or 2 would be cancelled with no effect. Let's assume you took down CM4 in round 1, casting Detect 2 on round two would short both CM3's but leave CM2 unaffected, etc. Also if you cast Detect Enemies looking for a specific individual, only the targets CM (if any) would matter. I possibly wouldn't allow the same casting to alternate between wide and narrow search, If you started looking for someone in particular you'd need to cast again to change to a general scan.
  9. Psullie

    Sea gods worships in Umathela

    the twins Pelaskos and Poverri. Pelaskos used a boat, Clever Eyes, and a net to fish the sea, while Poverri remains close to shore and uses a spear and fishing line. Poverri is married to Natelna, daughter of Ernalda, while Pelaskos is married to a sea demon's daughter, Illuriad, who nags him incessantly. Magasta is also frequently worshipped by sea fishermen.
  10. Psullie

    Sea gods worships in Umathela

    Terthinus the Voice of the Deep, a Malasp demigod, rules the Dashomo sea and demands tribute from everyone. This would likely curb any triolini influence, though some fishermen might honour Pelaskos. I'd guess too that a history of God Learner and Vadeli rule would also extinguish other forms of worship particularly along the coast where their influence would be strongest.
  11. Psullie

    A Dry Run in Prax

    I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit, it's the only way to be sure!
  12. Psullie

    About slavery

    given the cost of slave bracelets and the ubiquity of slaves in Glorantha I doubt they see much use. Slavery is an integral part of many Gloranthan cultures and while some resonate with our modern view (shackles & cruelty) others are closer to a caste system with obligations of the owner where life as a slave may be preferable to that of a beggar. Community is the most important survival technique, keeping you head down in return for protection, food and shuttler is often all that is required. Slaves are cheap and culling the few bad apples to keep the rest in line is all it will take. There is also the separate issue of enslaving a group versus the individual. Our society is very individualistic which is often reflected in our PC's being vagabonds and what makes them heroes. We'd think nothing (in a game) to start a slave revolt without too much concern for for those killed in the process or the aftereffect. The new rules start to look at their with Passions, so Honour, Loyalty or Love (Family) could be used to either way. The motivations to keep a community in check are very different from that of an small group.
  13. Psullie

    Everyone Having Rune Magic

    Due to the fact that unless you have a highly boosted detect, the Detection is also eliminated I'd say that it works with closest first...
  14. Psullie

    Stacking Shield and Countermagic

    If the Dispel Magic is general then it needs to overcome the total protection - but what if you target just one, would you still need to overcome the full protection or just the target spell's strength?
  15. Psullie

    Fetch questions

    A shaman can sacrifice their fetches POW as their own, also some attacks drain POW such as Soul Waste p155. Materialised Fetches can be killed with mundane weapons p360. Also, though this is not explicit, spirits that are defeated in Spirit Combat can be controlled p368, how this effects the shaman would be up to the GM, also embodied spirits take HP damage on Specials and Crits, again it would be up to the GM too decide if the Shaman takes the hit or the fetch in POW CHA can be increased through training, so there may be rituals or holy places that enable a shaman to train their fetch?