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    Playing RPG's since mid eighties.
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    Played a lot of RPG's from 80-s - 2000 mostly D&D (1 & 2nd ed) RQ3 and Pendragon

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  1. Thanks @AndreJarosch @RandomNumber so glad you and you group are enjoying the little rubble, hope you enjoy part two though it is very different @Akhôrahil You could easily transpose RoBK to any location where you'd expect ruined hill top settlements, part two however is firmly set in Beast Valley
  2. Ran this last night with players in Israel, USA, UK and Mexico! Great thing about VTT games is that you can meet fab people from all over the globe, we had a blast!
  3. Psullie

    The Rainbow Mounds

    here's a couple more - this is from a scenario I'm working on that takes place entirely in a small castle. I wanted to see what it would look like...
  4. Psullie

    The Rainbow Mounds

    They are not what you may think, these are mostly just geometry (no textures) just so I can get a 'feel' for the space. This is a recent one for example of a Lunar temple with reflecting pool (ignore the power pylon in the background 😁 the image background is purely for lighting).
  5. Psullie

    The Rainbow Mounds

    It was for work. I used to work in the heritage sector creating 3D models of sites and artefacts. It was great fun working with terabytes of LiDAR data one week and photogrammetry the next modelling all sorts from locomotives to Egyptian shabi. If you want use Unreal take some time learning how to optimise your models in Blender before importing them, you'll get better frame rates. These days I just use Blender to quickly mockup my buildings/interiors for games as it helps with the visualisation
  6. Psullie

    The Rainbow Mounds

    Blender is a truly awesome bit of open source software, I used it a lot when I was working on 3D vitalisations of Skara Brae and Abu Simbel. The latter by the way had geometry and textures pulled from stereoscopic photos of the temple taken before it was moved. You are capturing the claustrophobic vibe of cave systems very well!
  7. Thanks Rick, so it is up for grabs then as to what this may actually be? I think I'll include one in my next JC publication
  8. Hi all I picked up some old Hero Wars miniatures blisters recently and one is listed as Paludal (Shark Frog). Great mini sculpted by Bob Murch I have no idea what it is and my search of Glorantha literature has so far yielded nothing. So a shout out to the community, what is a Paludal? There is a pic on Lost Minis: http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:LL-HeroQuest-3041.jpg Cheers
  9. 'cause "three is a magic number, yes it is" 🎶 +1 on Runes and bolting them into the game Passions (but I'm a Pendragon fan)
  10. Was it Aristotle who warned that widespread literacy would destroy their oral traditions with the same argument. It I funny though, that in game all about oral storytelling, we as players can get fixated on the written word!
  11. I think it can be a good role playing challenge and a lot of fun to play a character that doesn't know as much as you do.
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