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  1. Psullie

    Is Sword Trance broken?

    There is a potential false economy with Sword Trance, for the attack 96+ is always a fail, a 00 a fumble. The defenders Attack will succeed on a 1-5. With Abilities above 100% all skills are reduced. So a Humakti with 90% Sword, pumps 10MP to go to 190%. he's jumped by 6 Trollkin with 30% skill. The effective numbers are 95% for the Humakti and 5% for the trollkin. So he's essentially spent 1 RP & 10 MP to get an effective +25. You could argue that the -20% for subsequent parries are absorbed by the Sword Trance bonus, so he does get to make 5 parries at 95%, and he still only gets one attack per round. so I don't think it breaks RQ
  2. Psullie

    Augments once per session

    not harsh, they didn't even want to spend the round Singing, they thought that they could just start singing and immediately get the bonus 😁. I still think that the GM has to adjudicate each request based upon the scene. P139 gives guidelines on Skill times, and Fast Talk, Sing etc all take 1-5 minutes. So it would follow that to gain the Augment for those types of skills requires the appropriate time.
  3. Psullie

    Augments once per session

    the limitation of once per session is, as you mentioned, intended to reduce abuse and make the use of Augments a special case, particularly with Runes and Passions. Skill based augments however are, in my opinion, much more common, and should be encouraged. But the key factor is relevance. The PC must be able to reasonably justify the augment. I recently denied a player using a sing augment to casting a spell as they wanted to cast the spell immediately, how could they benefit from the music when they barely got past the first verse? Skill augment, unlike Rune or Passion, takes time to implement the benefit. It make for very good cooperative playing when your PC's factor in time to properly augment their skills.
  4. Psullie

    Is Sword Trance broken?

    This I think is down to the GM and style of play. Nothing wrong with very powerful PC's, as long as the opposition gets the same opportunities.
  5. Psullie

    Is Sword Trance broken?

    I think you are too focused on combat being the only solution. Having a fully pumped Humakti isn't going to help one bit when the party is attacked by magic, spirits or those using missile weapons. I'd allow the PC be a 'one-trick' pony but then run a game without any combat, let boredom be the control factor. Also whose to say that other cults cult not have the same or similar magic. A Zorak Zoranni with 'Mace Trance'?? RuneQuest is very magic rich and these kind of magical arms races are possible, just not very interesting to play
  6. Psullie

    Is Sword Trance broken?

    spirit combat - possess the Humakti then turn on the other PC's
  7. Psullie

    Death by a thousand cuts

    I think you are over complicating it. Total HP is completely abstract, it simply tracks ALL damage taken regardless of location. It cannot go below 0. Each point of damage reduces Total HP, each point of Heal increases total HP. Your arm, hit by a 7 & a 5 damage. (let's assume THP 16) The first hit reduces the arm to -2 and reduces your THP to 9. The next hit reduces the arm to -7* and your THP to 4. Healing or first aid to the arm will simply add HP to the arm and THP. So a Heal 3 will bring the arm to -4, and THP to 7 (the arm is still out of action). The fact that you have a total HP capacity in hit locations that is greater than THP means that when healed, your could be at full Total HP but still have damage to limbs. This is also important for restoring function to maimed limbs, as a maimed limb must be fully restored within 10 minutes (you may need healing magic beyond your THP) *there is a little confusion about how far into the negatives you can go. Jason suggested -x2 so a 5hp arm can go to -10hp, I prefer to play -x1, so a 5hp arm can only go to -5hp.
  8. Psullie

    Honour passion

    I see honour are being aligned to the core principles of one's own culture. Those with high honour values are people who act in accordance with what society expects of them, whatever that may be. Trolls could have high honour, but be perceived by Sun Domers as lying cheating SOB's. This can lead to great role play when individuals from different backgrounds, both with high honour, fail to see the honour in the others culture. The Aubrey-Maturin books are a good example, as both characters trusted and respected each other, but on some points did not see eye-to-eye.
  9. Psullie

    Questions about elves

    What about toxicity, many plants are toxic if ingested; yew and oak for example. Are some elves poisonous if eaten?
  10. Psullie

    Group tasks

    I'd keep it simple. Ultimately your pitching the least effective PC vs the most perceptive NPC. As was mentioned above, the PC's only need to fail once, and the Guards just need to pass once. So make it one opposed roll. If they both pass then, as a tie, the situation is unresolved, warranting another roll to keep the tension. I personally would not allow one PC to augment another's Move Quietly in the manner described above. The players would need to come up with a valid reason why one persons actions can make another person more 'stealthy';
  11. Psullie

    Not sure how I feel...

    as Drablak pointed out all the RQ2 stuff is 1617-1620. Griffin Mountain however is quite sandboxed so would be most flexible. Borderland, Pavis & Big Rubble all deal with early Lunar occupation of Prax and so would need considerable reworking for RQG timeline (some episodes more so than others).
  12. Psullie

    The Printed RQ GM Screen Pack

    my wallet is not going to like that...
  13. Psullie

    The Printed RQ GM Screen Pack

    awesome, great work guys!
  14. Psullie

    Non-Uz & Bugs

    I imagine that Uz view scorpionmen in a similar way that beastmen view broo
  15. Psullie

    Death by a thousand cuts

    I think that the damage section suffers a little by not using specific terms for specific effects. There are three way's a character or limb can become incapacitated. The first is when a limb loses all its HP that limb is incapacitated, be it form one or many wounds. Second: Loses 2x limb HP incapacitates if from a single wound. Third: A character can become incapacitated from Slashing weapons that score a special hit and equals or exceed that limbs HP. The way I play limb damage is that x2 HP is Max HP it can pass on to the total, regardless of how many actual HP it actually has. So a 5HP arm will always pass through up to 10 HP damage regardless of its current HP. To run through your example: 1st hit: 5 damage to arm, arm is useless and 0 hp. Total HP 18-5 = 13 2nd hit: 10 damage to arm, arm is -5 HP. Total HP 13-10 - 3, Character is in shock and incapacitated as damage came from one hit alternate example: 1st hit: 5 damage to arm, arm is useless and 0 hp. Total HP 18-5 = 13 2nd hit: 8 damage to arm, arm is useless and -5 hp. total HP 13-8 = 5, character still able to act 3rd hit: 2 damage to arm, arm still -5. Total HP 5-2 = 3, character still able to act another example: 1st hit: 25 damage to arm, arm is maimed, and -5 HP, total HP is 18-10 = 8, but character is in shock and incapacitated as it came from a one hit, Lastly: 1st hit: Special Slash of 6 damage. Arm is -1 and useless. Total HP = 18-6=12 Character must make a (CON-6)*5 roll or become incapacitated