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  1. Psullie

    Casting Spirit / Rune Magic

    Rune Magic is about channeling the energies of your cult/god, the more in-tune you are (higher rating in the relevant Element/Rune) the more likely it will work. Those who act against the ways of their deity, represented by a diminished Rune Affinity likewise reduce their ability to cast appropriate Rune Magic. I see this as an integral mechanism for encouraging players to act in accordance with their Runes. Automatic success will only play lip service to the Runes in a way that DnD Paladins were supposed to be Lawful Good. The same goes to Spirit Magic, characters with poor connection to the Spirt World are at a loss. As it is possible to raise POW and thereby your Spirt Magic ability, this encourages appropriate play. In a game yesterday, my Humakti with 90% Death had no problems with Find Enemy but with a POW 9 was better to avoid Spirit Magic. I don't see this as a flaw in the game, rather a flaw in the character. As a player character I can either accept this, leaving Spirit Magic to the shamans, or actively pursue this - so my POW 9 is not a disability but an option for character development.
  2. Psullie

    RuneQuest Core Rules Questions

    Ah I read the question as CASTING Sever Spirt, not learning Server Spirit, my bad. So yep 1 RP per learned Rune Spell.
  3. Psullie

    RuneQuest Core Rules Questions

    3. Rune Spell are costly, this would use up all the PC's Rune points 3 Rune Points to CAST, 1 Rune Spell per starting Rune Points (in addition to all common)
  4. Psullie

    Acid explanation

    I think the simplest solution is to treat it like fast-acting Poison. For targeted attacks it could be based on Hit Locations and defended by armour and magical protection.
  5. Hi Gryphaea, It's the Sunday slot I'm looking for: 9 am EST = 14.00 GMT - but on Roll 20 you have to listed a 7pm GMT Start?
  6. Hi Gryphaea, your Sunday game is listed as 9AM EST start, which is 14.00 UK time, is this correct. I'd like to play if it is 14.00 - 19.00 UK time?
  7. The destruction of Slontos sent a tsunami over the Rightarm Islands, so my guess is that would have devastated the breeding pools (assuming that Newtlings have low tolerance for salt) . Once the New Fens settled Newtling refugees would find is an ideal place to settle. however in my own game Serid Yarassa was abandoned before this, after the collapse of the Unity Council which demoted the Newtlings from a proud Elder Race to what they are now - and they've been on the periphery ever since.
  8. it was mentioned that they will announce the availability of the new editions, but that will likely be early new year.
  9. Yep, though a RQG sub forum would be nice
  10. Psullie

    Harmast's Rune Magic

    thanks, in the end I just gave him Lock. Although it got me thinking, would it be possible to collaborate on Rituals - so for example if one priest was casting Lock, other participants casting Passage at the same time would gain access; assuming they succeeded. This would promote initiates learning Passage before Lock as they participate in the necessary rites to gain access to certain areas of the temple - and a handy way to test initiates, if they fail their roll they would be barred from entry to the inner temple.
  11. Psullie

    Harmast's Rune Magic

    Harmast knows the Rune Spell 'Passage' which requires Lock, which he does not know. Is their another use for Passage, or should I just give Harmast knowledge of the Lock Spell?
  12. Hello all Just to let people know that I'll be running A Darkness at Runegate for RQG at Dragonmeet this December in London. A Darkness of Runegate carries on after the event of the Broken Tower and uses the 7 character examples in the rule book. This will be the AM slot, 9am - 1pm so if you fancy a game let the guys at the desk know. cheers https://www.dragonmeet.co.uk
  13. Psullie

    Strike Ranks: initiative order or action allowance?

    page 194 suggest that they both add up: "If more than 1 magic point is used to boost a Rune magic spell, or otherwise increase its effects, 1 strike rank is added for each additional magical point after the first."
  14. Psullie

    Strike Ranks: initiative order or action allowance?

    I'm inclined to agree that MP's needed to punch through Countermagic are in addition to any desired effect. So to cast Heal Wound to cure 6HP against CM 4 would need 4MP's to Boost (Rune Magic for 2 plus 4) plus 6MP to heal for a total of 10MP's and would go off on SR 11.
  15. Psullie

    When is "Trade Time"?

    I think an almanac of fairs and markets for Dragon Pass, Esrolia and the Lunar Empire would be an excellent supplement.