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  1. Psullie

    Under the Raging Storm

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Plastic-animal-Horses-ponies-Horse-full-colour-details-FREE-POST-UK-SELLER-T02-/382078217881 might be a bit big for mules, but cheap! apart from chaos and occasional night raids by trolls, I'd imagine a common encounter would be praxian times demanding tribute to pass through their bit of of ground. The threat of a encounter would be far better than running skirmishes - this could also direct their journey is a less than shorter route as they find the cheapest route!
  2. Psullie

    RQG PC's Preview - Spirit Magic

    I think pace has a lot to do with how useful/necessary storage crystals are in a game. As Joerg pointed out if you only have one major encounter per day then your PC's and rely on their own POW - but old school dungeon bashing will require back up MP's. With RQ2 and diminishing POW, crystals were also useful in that you drained an external source first, leaving your defences at max, this is less of an issue now. and as with any trinket, storage devices get lost, stolen or damaged, so players should learn not to rely on them Interesting to see how common they are, and so far RQG is coming across as having far greater exposure to magic than RQ3 in terms of style and atmosphere.
  3. Psullie

    RQG PC's Preview - Spirit Magic

    I get that, ( and as stypoa mentions we don't know what level the pre-gens represent) but I was just commenting on the balance. With RQ2 most only had Battle Magic, so the your choice was very tactical and learning new magic or boosting existing spells an active part of play. Now PC also have a Rune 'well' to tap into which will impact on the relevance or importance of battle magic. So far this is a much bigger game changer than Passions. And I think I rather like it, it gives cult affiliated real clout (assuming that ignorant heathens get none) and as you point out can make the rather dangerous world of Glorantha survivable. But it works both ways, all sentient beings with affiliation will have some access to Rune Magics with powerful characters drawing on considerable RP reserves.
  4. Psullie

    RQG PC's Preview - Spirit Magic

    Elementals are costly, 1 RP to summon & 2 RP to Command so not something done lightly. I think shifting the balance to Rune magic from Spirit Magic is fine - wait and see how character generation works, and as a GM you could control use through management of recovering lost RP. But I always liked the tactical element of Spirit Magic and converting old RQ2 & 3 scenarios may become a little more complex as you will need to reconfigure the spell selections.
  5. Just enjoying the preview of RQG and the treatment of the example heroes and noticed the relative weakness of their Spirit Magic arsenal. No Bladesharp or Protection which was near ubiquitous with RQ2 - Sorala has none but does give us a first glimpse at Sorcery. However all characters seem to have ample recourse to Rune Magic with the line 'All common Rune spells' for each plus 3 or so specialised ones. But as most only have 3 or 4 rune points variety doesn't mean plenty.
  6. Psullie

    Validating RQ combat

    A pack of dogs, even mini ones can be very dangerous - I imagine the victim was quite terrified and quickly became disoriented. Sounds like that the dogs in question had been allowed to become feral and very hungry.
  7. Psullie

    Shamans and fetches

    have you read the optional Adventurer for RQG Quickstart, it covers shaman and fetches: https://www.chaosium.com/content/FreePDFs/RuneQuest/CHA4027 - RuneQuest Quickstart Optional Adventurer.pdf
  8. Psullie

    Heroes to Superheroes

    This smells of God Learnerism 😉 I think the terms are regional and interchangeable, one community's hero is another's god who could be a demon to someone else...
  9. Psullie

    Other Runes

    there are runes and there are Runes - anyone can create the former, a hero quest is required for the latter
  10. Psullie

    Glorantha technology and Glorantha material technology

    Trade. It's only been 50 years since the opening and since then, according to the Guide, international sea trade as established - this would require a MASSIVE shift in production and supply chains - even in a magically enhanced world. I'd hazard a guess too that this has yet to peak and that in many areas supply of materials is what's hampering shipbuilding not fear of pirates. Timber, not under Aldryami control, and textiles (sails, rope and cladding) are your main materials. The guide info is great but is really just a very brief overview but does highlight the importance of trade and states that heavy shipping lanes see daily traffic - even with an optimistic 60 ships Harrek's fleet would be hard pressed to completely shut down all trade, excepting within the confines of the Mirrorsea. With the loss of the Holy fleet, Esrolia in particular would be very keen to maintain sea routes (as demonstrated by Samastina's ransom payment) as the over land routes are contested - Lunars to the north, Graymane to the west. Nochet would not remain the cosmopolitan metropolis for long with out ships. As for need: the Wolf Pirates themselves, the Quinpolic League, Pasos Navy ... keeping ships afloat require constant maintenance, repair and replacement of timbers, rigging and sail.
  11. Psullie

    Glorantha technology and Glorantha material technology

    I was only this past week looking at textiles in Glorantha and figured it would be a major trade item. Cotton for example grows best in hot dry climates, but it's easer to spin into cloth in cool damp climates. I would imagine a massive trade in wool, flax, jute, sisal, canvas (hemp & cotton), both in raw materials and processed fabrics. Not to mention the rapidly expanding shipbuilding industry putting pressure on both cloth and rope makers. Not to mention any native Gloranthan fibres with unique properties.
  12. me too! too bad that none of the Elder Races can avail of the service... Edit: Love the artwork!
  13. Psullie

    Cost of stuff in the new RQG

    I think that banking this is one of the unwritten uses of cults, someone also needs to hold ransoms in reserve and act as middlemen (for a fee obviously) for non-cult transactions.
  14. Psullie

    Cost of stuff in the new RQG

    How many of us as newbies didn't Monty Haul our first few games it's tradition