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  1. I think writing and performing are two separate talents. We have both playwrights and actors for that reason. To write a poem or play (the ancient world saw little difference between the two) is a Knowledge skill such as language and augmented by a lore skill or even Insight. (Craft skills are Manipulation based so I wouldn't think they'd apply). To preform a play is a Communication skill: Act, Orate but also modified by Insight (reading the room). Cultural knowledge would also be required, so perhaps either using the Homeland Lore skill as an augment or cap would make sense.
  2. I think that this would have to be played out. The character would need to embody the desired element, perhaps seeking guidance from a priest/shaman about a quest or activity that could start the process. For example to gain the Water Rune may require a journey to the Sea and give an offering to a water diety
  3. AlbaCon (Online) is happening the 3rd and 4th of October. I'm running the only RuneQuest game of the con at 8pm (UK) on the Saturday. Tickets are £5 but all proceeds are donated to It's Good 2 Give, a charity that offers support to young cancer patients and their families. https://albacon.co.uk/events/runequest-roleplaying-in-glorantha-trouble-at-days-rest/
  4. You can message the GM using the Discussion button in Warhorn.
  5. Hi All, Just a reminder that PAXOnline is happening this weekend. I'll be running RQ Trouble at Days Rest tomorrow, Saturday from 9am to 1pm UK time. Games are free so if you are looking to play drop on by. https://warhorn.net/events/chaosium-online-gaming-at-pax-online
  6. Page 108 - Outnumbered covers this. "Once a character has fought back or dodged in a the present round, all subsequent attacks are made with one bonus dice." I view it that an investigator fighting a ghoul is Outnumbered as the ghoul has three attacks to the investigators one. And to add - I don't think there is a limit bar common sense by the Keeper on how many attacks are actually feasible.
  7. Remembering Caroman made Copper Best Seller in its first week! And five ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ratings! Huge thanks to all!
  8. Three ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ratings and the first review: "Just bought this and I am reading through it, it has a nice investigative feel, like a Gloranthan CoC scenario, very combat light so I might have to put an a extra skirmish in to keep the meatheads happy but has a great feel and nice writing, fits perfectly in to my campaign which started with the Adventures in the Screen, the VTT maps are great as well at the moment as we are playing on Roll20!"
  9. Can I add that there are several online RPG's conventions coming up. We had empty seats for some of the RQ games at GenCon Online last month. The next one is PAX Online with games running from 17th - 20th of September. These are a great opportunity to try RQ and VTT games.
  10. Hi Everyone As you may have seen from Nick getting the scoop on this (true journalism there) I've release an expanded and revised edition of the popular convention scenario Remembering Caroman to the Jonstone Compendium. The original is still filling convention slots with the next one I believe is PAX Online next month. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/324716/Remembering-Caroman The blurb: Remembering Caroman The first Sea Season out from under the yoke of Lunar oppression is late in coming. Early crops are slow to germinate, lambs are few and small. The clan’s ancest
  11. these spells can also be used on willing and knowing subjects, 'once more on to the breach' and all that, sometimes people want to be inspired or charmed as they are in need of a morale boost. Social spell are all about context, unlike combat in RPG's which IMO all too often lacks consequence. First impression do last. Sworn oaths are binding. Other long lasting consequences are also possible: Uther seducing Igrayne for example (according to the Boorman film) Also magic is so ubiquitous in Glorantha that the act of casting Spirit magic is in itself nothing suspicious. Rune Magic would rai
  12. It is the 'Gen Con Chaosium GM chat server' which will get cleared in a couple of days. Perhaps it was only for GenCon GM's. If you have access I uploaded my maps to the RuneQuest Scenarios channel. Ask Todd for the details.
  13. I did a bunch of maps for GENCON (as did a whole host of truly talented artisans) and made them available on Chaosium's Discord channel. If you haven't already sign up for Cult of Chaos and volunteer to run some games, the community has made some excellent resources! PS. I'm also planning to do VTT maps for my next JC submission.
  14. why not just create a web wiki of NPC's that could be community edited?
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