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  1. Join the Cult of Chaos and offer to run a game at your local store and you will be provided with scenarios.
  2. Dread is spot on. Community is a major facet of RQG. Why not just run a mini campaign (lower on the commitment scale) using the GM pack and Broken Tower, you could add the Cult of Chaos scenarios for extra flavour. I restrict the group to Orlanthi, even the same clan. This will make it easier to control the information flow.
  3. I feel that giving Assistant Shamans free access to the Spirit World completely diminishes the Shaman. They are Rune Lord status and their abilities are the for a rarified few. Some individuals may be Assistant Shamans their whole life whose access to the Spirit World is by sacrifice/invitation (aka spending Rune Points). In my games the Spirit World is an alien realm not defined by geometry or time. Within exist fantastic powers whose ambivalence towards mortals is the main reason why our brief trespass is tolerated. Discorporate individuals send their essence/soul/conscience into the Spirit World, departing temporarily from their corporeal bodies. Without a guardian or fetch your are vulnerable to attack.
  4. Don't get bogged down in the rules. So what if they miss a modifier here or SR penalty there. You're the GM so hand wave any complicated bits with a quick dice roll. All you can do in two sessions is give someone a taste of the game. That means a dash of Glorantha lore with a sprinkle of RuneQuest rules. Have fun!
  5. If you were to drop Hit Locations you would need to up the total HP of your PC and NPC. One advantage of hit locations is the cap on damage and that you can survive multiple woulds.
  6. Hi All, Just to let you all know that I'll be running my Cult of Chaos submission Remembering Caroman at this years UK Games Expo in Birmingham. https://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/game.php?id=RPG5149 Paul
  7. https://www.chaosium.com/blogrune-fixes-1-clarifications-and-play-examples/ not easy to find, so as PH says, a link on the product page would be handy.
  8. today was the only day someone was home to accept a delivery, and today it arrived! books are so much nicer than than PDF's
  9. Welcome to the forum. First off neither the Sourcebook (GSB) nor the Guide (GtG) contain any rules or game mechanic specifics. They are completely game agnostic. The GtG is a massive read that collates a lot of previously published materials with new info. It has loads of maps, many of which are compiled in the Argan Agar Atlas. The GSB is a great intro into Dragon Pass and the Lunar Empire. It covers the history, myth and magic. It contains some materials distilled from the GtG, including art, but has a significant amount of new materials. It takes the 40 or so pages of the Homeland section of the rule book and fleshes them out to 200+ pages. Neither are required for play, as the rulebook and the GM pack give you ample background material. But if you enjoy the game I would recommend the Sourcebook over the Guide for new players. It is far more accessible and very evocative. The guide is an encyclopaedia.
  10. Our concept of personal autonomy is a relatively modern invention. Part of playing in Glorantha is exploring not just an alien landscape but alien cultures. For many Gloranthans the individual and and the tribe are synonymous, you are 'owned' by your tribe and have distinct responsibilities base on your caste or birth. There are many ways in which a person is beholden to their liege. Feudal serfs for example were effectively 'slaves' in that they could not own property or leave their immediate area. Slaves of the ancient world were often very valuable and the great care was given in their health and well-being. They could earn their rights, but the security and protection offered by an 'owner' would often outweigh the responsibility of having to fend for yourself. As was said above, it is your choice to use Glorantha as a storytelling medium however you see fit. Presenting alternate views to illustrate as theme is the hallmark of classic Sci-Fi and fantasy. So why not write a scenario for your players that explores the varied, and often overlooked, ways that people can find themselves indentured into service.
  11. Spirts that lose all their MP's can be controlled if the victor has the ability, or else they are cast into the Spirit World. Depending on the cause this could also destroy the Spirit, either way it may require significant effort for the PC to regain their Allied Spirit.
  12. I voted for the scenario books. When I first started RPG's having 32page scenario books was a key driver in which game I played. I wrote my own adventures too but I earned a lot by reading the published ones. Also they were affordable and sustained a prolonged relationship. The GM pack's scenarios wonderfully illustrate a range of NPC's, homesteads and landscapes. I also think they would provide a great opportunity to allow writers to flesh out some regions without the need for a fully fledged source book.
  13. why does David hang about? His SoI was flee so on his Dex SR he turns and runs. If he was in single combat that is when the opponents would get the free attack (which seems to ignore all SR so a GM may impose limits). The presence of Ella however would prevent a free attack on David as the opponent is engaged. Basically having allies in a fight makes it very easy to withdraw.
  14. Can I just say how fab Dustin is! I can't imagine how many emails he's getting right now and last night is sorted my special order in double quick time! Cheers!
  15. by all accounts they aim to get the codes out before the books go in sale...
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