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  1. Augments in Quickstart

    Page 2 relates to using a Rune, skill or Passion to augment another, usually a once off roll, for example using Dance to augment a Ritual roll. Page 8 refers to Runic Inspiration to effect a whole scene, using your Movement Rune to augment a night of Dancing
  2. Glorantha: HQG or RQ Classic?

    Hi Scout With HQG you have all you need to start exploring Glorantha with your players in terms of background and cults etc. It covers the core area of Dragon Pass and Prax and gives you enough material to play regardless of which rules you decide on. In fact when I ran the QuickStart for RPG day I used HQG's maps and cult write ups to introduce new players. From your opening post I get the feeling that RQ is more your thing, a recent post on the community link explains very well the core concept of HQ particularly how keywords relate to solving problems rather than objective values. The new version of RQ will have so much of it's RQ Classic DNA that transitioning will be easy. If you like games with wargaming like skills and abilities and can wait until November hold off and buy the new edition, if you really can't wait then RQC will get you going. In this case I recommend Apple Lane and Snake Pipe Hollow as the two introductory scenarios, while very dated now by today's standards they are great to get you and your players started.
  3. Deities of Beer and Wine

    without fermentation we would not exist, it goes beyond chocolate, cheese and beer. that said, while the process may not be understood save perhaps by the God Learners, it does require careful management to get the desired results least you end up with a glass of meths. This is where ritual and divine guidance pays off, follow tradition and respect the gods and your bread will rise, p*** off Eurmal and you may end up with ergot in your wheat!
  4. Runequest Quickstart

    Yes, but it will not be RQ7 It has more in common with RQ2 & RQ3 plus extra bits...
  5. hi g33k, no I'm on the other side of the Atlantic
  6. What I've done in the past is arrange players around the table by DEX or SR (depending on the system) I ask for statements of intent in reverse order, so last acting declares first. I visualise where the NPC's sit in this order (a bit like g33k's cards above) and jump in accordingly. Then player act going back around. Rinse & repeat. For big battles I only narrate directly what the PC's can impact. Though I usually mirror the tide of the battle by their success (if they actually have enough influence)
  7. ... and this is Glorantha, classical military tactics do not apply when magically powerful individuals can obliterate entire armies.
  8. New RuneQuest Combat rule question and suggestion

    As many on those who purchased Gen Con copy are NOT on the forum, and therefore not contributing to the discussion, would you consider making a digital copy available to those who are on the forum?
  9. New RuneQuest Combat rule question and suggestion

    This was from Jason's posts clarifying combat results: "A successful parry always blocks an attack, whether the attack is a regular, special, or critical success. In each case, the attacker rolls damage. If the damage is below the parrying weapon/shield’s hit points, no damage is done. If damage exceeds parrying weapon/shield’s hit points, excess damage always goes to an adjacent hit location on the defender (see page @@) and the parrying weapon/shield loses 1 hit point." So I would say the sword only takes damage if the total exceeds 12, and then only 1 point.
  10. New RuneQuest Combat rule question and suggestion

    ohh, looks like the preview would benefit from some serious play testing, perhaps even a Release Candidate
  11. Do you mean the Crucible of the Hero Wars box for RQ3 - I don't recall that being said apart from listing the Longbow as their cultural weapon. As for AiG Dragonewts were given longbows p. 187.
  12. I'm guessing that of all the Hsunchen spirits in Fronela only bears hibernate, though badgers slow down quite a bit, then they were the only ones to sleep. I imagine they were quite cranky when they woke :-) Also, page 233 suggests that the Rathori are the only non-Aldryami users of the longbow in Glorantha! Surprised I'm only seeing this now.
  13. Hibernation

    If the spirit is bound to the animal then it's bound wether it's sleeping or awake, in fact binding a watchful spirit during hibernation would be tremendously useful, rather like dryads keeping watch over winter. With regard the binders spirit wandering during long hibernation, the accompanying spirit could either travel with the dreamer or remain watching over the corporal body.
  14. Hibernation

    brown elves hibernate... and trolls
  15. Opinions sought on new HR considered

    As the GM you are fully equipped to reward or deny experience checks when ever you feel appropriate. For me I only ever allowed a check when the test was relevant or if the adventurer made signifiant efforts in game time to study (long sea voyages or winter breaks are a great time to catch-up on skills). If the combat was quick and not challenging then no check regardless of the rolls, but a hard fought result (even when peppered with failure) is worthy of a check or even automatic increase. Also don't forget that as the GM you also set the challenges and difficulty levels and the pace at which the PC's advance. Also try to encourage broader use of skills to avoid mono-skilled two-dimensional characters. If players come up with a good strategy that wins the fight apply the check to Battle or Set Traps rather than their weapon skill.