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  1. Unification vs individuality?

    I was under the impression that individualism is alien to Glorantha, even the Orlanthi are Clan first. it is an 'us v them', never an 'I v them'
  2. Sea travel between Nochet and Karse

    this being Glorantha, the important thing is that the captain has not offended Lycos... or anyone with influence in that arena
  3. Weapon Damages

    While I get what you're saying, muzzle velocity of even a low powered pistol is 3-4000 feet per second, a quarrel about 200 so no, they are not the same. However to dodge missile fire you need to see the archer fire, so in effect you're more trying to put off the shot rather than dodging a projectile already in flight.
  4. Discussing probability verbally as a DM

    who's the optimist that gave Chances Are Slight 45%
  5. I was inclined to agree with David's line of thought when I read the OP. But from a game balance point of view it's a bit of an issue. 60% becoming 90% with no downside. Now with Passions and Augments we are looking at the concept of 'inspired focus' but with a risk of consequence from failure. Why bother with a Passion roll when a Fanaticism spell works so much better! The wording in RQ2 does say Hit Probability which limits it to combat or sports, for game balance I'd keep this limit, allowing missile fire but any protection magic must be cast first.
  6. Aldryami vs uz

    well there are a lot more Uz than Aldryami so perhaps the trolls are winning!
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  8. Opposed Skills Over 100%

    this raises an interesting point, how important is character advancement ala D&D levels type thing to modern players. The recent trend of story being the prime driver, especially with RQ's deep dive towards HeroQuesting, could render the whole concept of slowly getting better and fighting tougher monsters redundant (from a pure skill level point of view). For some recent games character advancement seems like a last minute add-on rather than a core mechanic... definitely the zero-to-hero type game is very old school.
  9. Hit location armor

    RQ2 has it that a body part can only take 2x it's HP value in damage. a 3 HP leg hit for 8 damage will only reduce the total by 6. This however incapacitates victim. Further damage to that location does not reduce the location but does reduce the total. You could argue that for multiple limbed critters such as centipedes can fight-on with the loss of a few legs.
  10. Critical Hits and impaling

    Impaling (and slashing) weapons get stuck on the special - which can be fun when fighting multiple opponents and your spear wanders off in some dying trollkin's belly. For critical hits I just gave the players the option - go with the impale and stuck weapon or no impale, but always bypass armour on a critical.
  11. Opposed Skills Over 100%

    There is something to be said for keeping it low key. I was surprised with the QuickStart just how powerful the pregens were and while it was fun for a one-off it presented an odd view of RQ.
  12. Opposed Skills Over 100%

    Here is my reading: Quote from Page 2: If the opponent is trying to parry, block, dodge, or otherwise oppose the character’s use of the ability, then 100%+ ability gives a greater chance of overcoming the opposition. If the highest rated participant in an opposed resolution has an ability rating in excess of 100%, the difference between 100 and their ability rating is subtracted from the ability of everyone in the contest (including themselves). This is TWO statements which would have been better listed as two bullets, Statement A (the first sentence) skills greater than 100% are better. Statement B in the case of Opposed rolls the 100+ will lower everyones (this is very much like HQ matching masteries). The second bullet just says that Crits and Specials a set at 5% & 20% so a 120% skill gives 6% & 24% respective. No reference to Opposed skills etc. At all times the chance of a critical or special is based the Modified skill level (remember that in RQ skills are modified not dice rolls), regardless of where the modifier comes from. Combat is never considered Opposed. So your Passion augmented Rune Lord lord with 125% Sword augmented to 175% has a Crit on 8%, Special on a 35% and Fail on a 95+ If he were in a debate (Opposed) Orate skills with an Augment Orate of 120%, versus a klutz with Orate 35%, then the nature of the Opposed rule would reduce both skills to 100% & 15% respectively with their chance of Specials and Crits likewise reduced
  13. Opposed Skills Over 100%

    It clearly states on Page 6 that Opposed rolls are not used to resolve combat.
  14. Opposed Skills Over 100%

    Combat is not an opposed resolution so no your Special and Critical chances are not capped. With the case of opposed rolls, everybody's skill and therefore specials etc are reduced.
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