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  1. Roll20 Anyone?

    Hi All Recently I've been tempted by Roll20 as a way to play. I've never tried it before and rather than join an established group with the risk of not liking the technology I'd consider running my own game for 2 -3 sessions by means of a trail. Anybody open to giving it a spin? I'm looking at Sundays 2 - 6 UK time. Cheers
  2. Bits of Glorantha you ignore

    there was much in the past I hadn't touched on, Kralorela for example because I couldn't draw connections with the bronze age Prax that I cut my teeth on, however reading the Guide has started to open up the multiculturalism of Glorantha and while I may never run a game in say Pamaltela, knowing it's influence has really deepened the world for me. As for pet peeves, flying Orlanthi and other powerful magic that's too common.
  3. 1652 Great Flood

    seems like the trolls got the rotten end of that bargain as they'd drown along with their 'food'
  4. 1652 Great Flood

    never mind the Wastelands, the destruction to the Holy Country and I'm guessing Frontal is phenomenal. if this is gradual then we'd see a tide of refugees heading north up through Dragon Pass and other breaks in the mountains, why are the trolls doing this?
  5. RuneQuest Glorantha Gen Con 50 Preview edition

    POW is listed as being 'spiritual presence' while CHA is 'force of personality' so it makes sense that controlling spirits requires POW
  6. New RQ Designer Notes - Part 4

    but can spirits be killed? They lack physical properties and as RQ2 states, 'the separation of spirit from the body is known as death', I'd be inclined to rule that a huamkti's impact on the spirit plane is no greater than any others and that the death rune is fine to send spirits to the spirit plane but once there they are under the Spirit Rune...
  7. RuneQuest Glorantha Gen Con 50 Preview edition

    Now while RQG might prohibit such heresy, but I don't see a conflict with LM having access to both Sorcery & Divine magic (and spirit magic for that matter), as the grey sages see knowledge and communication as divine gifts. This type of religious/science was common if not indivisible in many cultures so why not LM
  8. Cheers for the heads up Dimbyd, that's me signed up
  9. Sieging a Heortling Hill-Fort

    Boldhome is less defensible than Whitewall and has three times the population. Whitewall (from the guide): An impregnable fortress built atop solid rock, it is surrounded by high gleaming white stone walls some 50 feet high and 30 feet thick, and the city is well-provided with granaries and wells. I think even with magic the basic rules apply. Sieges are massively expensive undertakings, far more than seasonal warfare. I recall someplace that an advantage of 4:1 is required for a successful siege (although that related to the Italian Wars). As the attacker your job is to cut off the food supply and hope their morale breaks before help arrives or you run out of money and have to leave.Laying siege to an ancillary fort is slightly different in that all you need to do is keep them occupied until the main job (Whitewall) is accomplished. Who's to say that Sanuel overstepped his mark by pillaging the fort. As the defender your main job is keeping the water clean (hunting and destroying disease spirits), managing food reserves, preventing fires (water elementals), shoring up defences (earth elements), keeping up morale (both with fort elders and commoners) and maintaining communication with the outside (knowing the state for play with Whitewall is key for keeping morale). And there is the occasional sortie to harass the attackers vulnerable spots. Lots to keep enterprising players happy. Remember too that the fate of the fort is determined, so the most the PC's can hope for is minimising casualties.
  10. Spirits and Possession

    powerful spirits could generate proto-spirts, rather than possess the host themselves they seed the host with a new spirit. this is how I imagine plague might spread...
  11. Can Warding be abused this way?

    I disagree, I think the Wardings were placed there to effect any craft attempting to sail past, and the Cradle in sailing over them sets them off, as the target is trying (intention) to cross the warding. Remember that as per the Detect Enemies spell, setting the ward means that the cater must who constitutes an enemy or else it defaults to enemies of the caster. The scenario also states that much of the magic in that battle are beyond the scope or standard RuneQuest, so it's not a clear example. I would say, if your players want a hullahoop-O-death then they must create a new Rune Spell based on Warding
  12. Can Warding be abused this way?

    you got to hand it to your players for seeing that loophole. However I would argue that the Warding spell is based on keeping unwanted visitors out and is therefore defensive magic. The spell uses Detect Enemies to trigger, therefore intention to gain access to the protected area for ill is a requirement of spell. Forcing a warded loop onto a victim does not have this intention This way you could place it on a wagon or ship and it would work to keep people out but would not work if you were to push the cart on to the victim.
  13. A Magical Economy

    ubiquitous though it may be, it is still just another valuable resource - education for example may be ubiquitous here on earth but access in many places is controlled or the privilege of the wealthy. I see magic in Glorantha as the same, just because someone can cast Heal 2 doesn't mean they will. Gloratha has a substantial barter economy which is based more on need than value and this applies to services (magic is a service industry) too.
  14. How to teach Glorantha?

    If you can get a copy River of Cradles makes for a great primer and with a little fudging would work well for a one on one campaign as it assumes that the PC's have little knowledge of the region. btw 15 and running D&D and Traveller, sounds like a great kid.
  15. RuneQuest Glorantha Gen Con 50 Preview edition

    trigonometry + algebra = sorcery was when I was in school I agree, the 'big magic' wether divine or sorcery is on a scale usually outside the scope of the players. It's usually forms the plot (stop the evil priest from summoning X) or part of the hoot (find the sacred hen's tooth to complete the ritual)