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Wind Whispers, a weekly Gloranthan newsletter


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Hello tribe!

We at Wind Words have been pretty busy lately, with the announcement of our very first Gloranthan Talent Show, but that’s not all! We are also announcing a weekly Gloranthan newsletter!

Wind Whispers will go out every Godday (that’s Sunday for you mundane people) and will feature all the Glorantha-related news stories that we have randomly encountered during the week… the first issue is now out and you can check it out on our website!

You can also choose to sacrifice some Magic Points to our temple in order to have these news delivered directly to you, automatically, on the digital winds of the cosmic, err, Arachne Solara’s web… or something:

We hope you’ll learn a thing or two -- feel free to give us feedback, and to share it wide!

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Ludovic aka Lordabdul -- read and listen to  The God Learners , the Gloranthan podcast, newsletter, & blog !

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