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As many have allready probably noticed, a new subforum called Supplements & Monographs have been created.

It is dedicated to the allready published BRP supplements and monographs, and all discussions about those products should be kept there. Each product has its own thread, with the first post containing a brief description of the supplement and links to reviews if any is written.

Collecting questions, discussions and opinions about the published products in dedicated threads in a dedicated subforum will hopefully make it easier for people who wonder about buying the product find answers and make up their mind.

I will add threads as new products are published. All members can post in the threads there, but only I can create new threads.

Only exceptions to this is the core Basic roleplaying book. Most discussions about that tome should be done here. The thread there will collect clarifications and the official errata. Yes, I know we have an errata in the wiki, but people seem a bit afraid of the wiki, as activity there is almost nill.



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