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GenCon2020: thoughts & comments?

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Since this was the first virtual Con for many of us, interested in hearing everyone's thoughts, comments, stories, and such. Interested in knowing how many out of country people attended as well. I will assume Chaosium will end up doing a survey, but this forum allows possibly more comments and personal stories.

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I played in The Pilgrimage of St. Albans adventure with Doyle Tavener game-mastering it.  It was an absolute blast, Doyle did an amazing job of making the world come to life, his NPC's were fantastic and he really challenged the players.  In one scene we told stories at a feast, he then took those stories and threw them back at us as challenges along the road.  My beefcake knight slew a lion in a single mighty blow, it was pretty awesome. 

Doyle if you see this, thanks for running such an entertaining game!

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It was a positive experience for me and my first time experiencing GenCon.

I played in 8 games - John Carter of Mars, 3 games of Never Going Home, 2 games of CoC and 2 games of Delta Green. I also playtested a DG game a few days before the convention started.

Beardo: Doyle is a great GM. I was in one of his Great Pendragon Campaigns back in the day.

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