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  1. In my game, the Robert and Katherine match was set up during Anarchy, around the time where Salisbury was attempting to pacify the feuding Knights of Gentian. Lot's of ways it can be used ^^
  2. Oh boi. Things have not been great, in fact, this story is kinda over for the time being. I fell of the recap wagon somewhere around october last year, but kept limping forward. The game in and off itself was going okay until around March, where cracks began to show. I ended up having to pull the plug a month ago, due to several factors. However, the game was actually 7 years ahead of the recaps, coming to a close in 501. It had some crazy stuff happening, and if I manage to beat my ADHD enough to do the final recaps, I'd be pretty pleased to give it to y'all. If all goes well, we
  3. Welp. One month later. Whoops. Session 25: Of Coins and Coffers As 494 rolled around, things were growing more desperate for Logres. The threat of a North Saxon resurgence allied with Malahaut was ever present, and the coastal regions felt increased raids, and Axe was no exception. That spring, Graid had two things to mourn. The untimely death of Sir Luc, his brother and the abducted daughter, Tressa, that Luc died to defend. Graid, enraged and infuriated, wrote Brastias for advice on what to do. The answer arrived just after Easter, and with the letter in hand, Lord Graid of
  4. Session 24 - The Harvest Harp As harvest had been gathered in Salisbury, it was clear that things could have been much better. However, things were not as bad as they could have been. Yet, in the fields of Newton, the strangest thing happened; as the peasants were tilling the soil for sowing the seeds for next year. Here, in the middle of the field, they dug up an old bundle, a skin wrapped around what appeared to be an ancient looking harp, carved with imagery of mighty stags. Sir Aldwyn, a man of faith and courage, decided to keep this harp, until he could better find someone
  5. Reg. Matronymics I found the matronymic version of "ap" due to the Mabinogi, which is "vab" or "fab". Thanks to the children of Don. (I agree on keeping the Mac away...) There's also a mention that the Welsh used lineage-reciting Patronymics, which might have explained a few things. Like, one of my players would be Urien ap Elad ap Mabon ap Cunobacha ap Atreciu. Quite a mouthful. I'm guessing if you become badass enough for someone to declare you to be a notable family (In my mind at least all knights over 4k in Glory) - then you might declare yourself to be an actual Clan/Ho
  6. My solution. Denotate House and patronym differently. "Hywel ap Garr of Streamfield" would be one. New major lineages will be called different things. Like, a secondary Gales is probably more specific. Once you "outgrow" you previous notable kinsman in number of children and Glory, you probably need to decided if you found your own lineage or pay homage to your ancestor.
  7. Session 23 - A Summer Eve The year was still 492. Our heroes had decided to stay in Salisbury for the year, enjoying family life while Lord Axe decided to work out the difficulties with the burnt out Stapleford Manor, instead of making the journey back to Ascalon. Around the festival of Lammas’s Day, Aldwyn invited his friends to celebrate the day of High Summer at Newton, which over the years of his and Isolde’s prosperous rule had become an actual castle, thanks to both Aldwyn and Aurelius gaining the Right of Crenulation from his Majesty, *before* the incident at Tintagel, turni
  8. Wow. Thanks for the nice words folks. Always greatly appreciated. Hell, any comments are appreciated One last recap before the new year rolls around! I am currently caught up to mid-494, so we got a good backlog while I work my way up to Year 500. -------------------------------------------- Session 22 - Uther’s Shame Lord Axe, a man of Ascalon, rode for Easter in Sarum in the spring of 493. Here, as so many times before, the group of sworn brothers were reunited once more, however, this time sans Tywyn as well as their Aquitanian companion, Sir Reccared, who no one knew
  9. Session 21 - The Trial Brastias’ accusations of the knights being accomplices of Sir Tywyn were not lightly thrown, that much was clear. After the knights returned to Terrabil, it was not long before messengers arrived with summons for the Knights to answer to the King, on accusations of Treason against Uther. Known what such accusations might entail, they wrote to Roderick, hoping for their liege to be their salvation. At Tintagel, the knights were placed in confinement, while the trial was set to begin. To their fortune, Roderick’s aid arrived in due time. Sir Leo, the valiant cham
  10. Session 20 - Merlin’s Schemes After a horrid winter, Salisbury seemed to recover. Even the depredations of the Saxons had been worse than usual and several manors, including the poor Stapleford, had been razed by the foe. News about this event was decided to be delivered to Lord Graid of Axe by message from his best friends, and so, Lord Roderick called on Sir Aurelius, Sir Ninian and Sir Tywyn to make the journey down to Axe Hall before riding for Terrabil, a task they did not mind all that much. A new marshal had been chosen. And while the illustrious Elad had been hard
  11. Session 19 - The Crows over Tintagel When Aldwyn returned, it was scarce a few days after midsummer, much to his joy, and he rode for Terrabil, as he heard the siege had been lifted. At Terrabil, he saw the leftovers of the battle he had missed, and his friends who had prevailed. The death of Madoc soured him, as did Graid’s injuries, yet he knew he had made the right call. The army had to march for Tintagel as soon as possible; Graid was still too injured to join them, which meant that Gorlois’ banefoe was left alone to ponder the twists and turns his fate had led him down.
  12. Session 18 Cont. - The Deeds of The Few Tywyn had been camped outside of Tintagel for a solid week now, growing more and more dismayed over the state of their cause. Three times, they had attempted to cross the narrow gap of Tintagel and three times they had been repelled by the defenders of the Duchess. And to make matters worse, the King seemed to be almost possessed by his desire for Ygraine, of which Tywyn could not see himself devoid of. Yet, it irked him that the siege was stalled like this, and it seemed to bother his stern father even more, as if old Elad One-Eye knew even mo
  13. Session 17: The Cornish Issue - Part II The snow had long since melted in Salisbury, and Pentecost was fast approaching. And with Pentecost, it was time for the muster against Cornwall. But, first, it was time for Easter at Sarum, as Easter fell late that year. After the Hundred Court in Bran’s Hill, Aldwyn, Aurelius and Graid had met up on the road, and alongside their retinue, they rode for the manor of Aldertree, where Reccared lived with his beloved Adwen. The manor been her father’s, and as such, this manor was fit for a rich man, unlike Reccared’s old manor in the hills. Wh
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