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  1. You got it right that it seems to be an either/or scenario, and I've tumbled a lot of RQG as well over the past couple of years. The density of simulation seems a bit more at odds with my personal crunch preference, and I've started several house rules compendiums trying to nail the sweet spot. Just need that Gamemaster's Guide to see where I can tinker with some of the bigger systems.
  2. What could those be? I also kinda want to know what "The Wilds" entail.
  3. I mean.... All of them. But especially Black Horse County. Is this what turned into the Sartar Sourcebook? Also, did we go back to having release dates again? Cool 😎
  4. There's an entire Appendix meant for just this exact situation.
  5. My spys report there will not only be a form-fillable variant, but also a variant with auto-calculations.
  6. A few years ago, our dear Sir Larkins posted this on the Discord, and I have been using it to good effect in my games. I'll be taking Morien's ideas about APP determining cards at a feast to heart.
  7. I know. I was saying that splitting order would be the solution on a larger scale than this, but I know that this is not feasible in the level of production we're talking about.
  8. After being involved in many different aspects of the printing industry, I can only say that there is no way to make everyone happy. Except livestreaming/weekly reporting on the shipping and blame everything on the whims of international trade, but even that carries with it the "why didn't we print in X country" -😕 I get why Chaosium have decided to go with a Valve Time approach for the future. Other studios are going with the pdf-preorder of a physical print, but that is going to be horrendously bad as delays will only continue to increase sales lost to disinterest or piracy. We are already reaching a point where non-western countries are not able to purchase printed books due to exchange rates. It's a rough industry these days, and it is not getting any easier with the degradation of trade networks across the planet. The costs of shipping things to four different warehouses across four or three continents is huge for any company, and while I'd normally reccomend regionally-based printers (for instance having one Pacific-based printer for AUS and NZ) but that is not doable for a company this size. With the way things are going these days, I am unsure if we will ever go back to any sort of normal, as we are not going to see less events affecting trade in the coming years. It also begs to question the sustainability of regular printing runs.
  9. That actually reminds me about a thought I had. What ARE DemiGods? Are they bound by the Compromise?
  10. Fuck yes! I will die on the hill that such a hack is possible.
  11. Well, all I can tell is that I am going to need more diagrams for the rest of glorantha. Rad stuff, thank you for doing it!
  12. Is there somewhere this is written down?
  13. Supercool! Are you running the expanded version of SSiS? Like, more than six Seasons? I just got my own version going and have sent them through the different Adulthood Initiations. Biggest hurdle is actually the would-be shaman in the group when it comes to actual initiation.
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