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Teleportation of held items


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Lets say that a member of the city guard is lazely leaning on his spear while watching the people enter and leave the city. The wizard of the party wishes to embarrass the guard and wants to teleport the spear away from him, making him fall. Do I, as the GM, make a resistance roll for the spear, based on the city guards stats?

Along those same lines, what if the local drunk at the tavern is sitting on a chair. When the mage attempts to teleport the chair away, does the chair get a resistance roll?

What about a warrior aggressively holding his weapon in the middle of combat?

Etc, etc etc.

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I'd say that as long as the item to be teleported is in someone's possession; it's the guard's spear, he's holding it, and even if he is not actively using it, a resistance roll would be made against the guard. If the guard was trying to poke holes in someone with the same spear, the resistance roll would be made against the guard's attributes(I think this is (somewhere)in the rules). If the spear was lying on the ground, it's up for grabs.

Snatching away the chair in your other example.. Personally I would use a resistance roll on that, as it's the drunk's chair. If the drunk was about to sit in the chair, a bit of timing would whisk it away without further adoo.

The real question is if your wizard is prepared for the ruckus after doing something like that in a rowdy bar:D

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I'd give the Guard a resistance roll, but as GM I might give the Wizard a bonus because he 'surprised' the victim. The guard wasn't planning on the spear being whisked away, so he might be a little slow in resisting. I'd give something like a +15% bonus, enough to make a big difference in the chance of success, but not so much that it sets a bad precedent for future adventures.

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