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BRP Mecha playtest


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While we go ahead with editing and illustration of our ready-to-publish products such as Dragon Lines, it is time to go on with the playtest of upcoming supplements. It is now the turn of BRP Mecha.

I will now start distributing playtest scenarios along with draft excerpts from the rules. All scenarios are combat oriented, as the part that has to be tested is mainly mecha combat. The rules are definitely a beta version, but the statistics for mechas are complete, so the scenarios are ready-to-play. All scenarios are set in an official anime universe, as there is no copyright issue if things remain between us - unfortunately these scenarios will not be in the final product ;-(

I should have the first scenario ready for distribution in a week or so. It will feature land combat only - no flying vehicles. The setting will be Zone 11 of the Holy Britannian Empire. You name it, the featured anime is Code Geass! If you have always thought that Karen Kozuki and her Guren Mk-II should have defeated that overrated Kururugi Suzaku and his Lancelot knightmare frame in a couple of rounds, or the opposite, this is your opportunity.

Trif, what about starting a private playtest sub-forum for this now?

Proud member of the Evil CompetitionTM

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