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Rules of Dynamic D100 for Gundam?


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I think that the one who can reply is currently having some health problems, so be patient before getting an answer.


I haven't seen any mention of gundam in the current projects, but I guess that the rules for dynamic D100 could be easily adapted. My 2 cents.

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Hello all. Sorry for taking so long to reply but as Zit said I had some issues, luckily in regression. Thanks Olivier for your preliminary answer.

The rules for Dynamic D100 come from the old BRP Mecha genre book, which in fact contained two different rulesets, one for real robots and one for super robots. The two could be combined/contaminated somehow, but were mostly incompatible. This means that a direct adaptation of DD100 to Gundam or Robotech would result in a poor representation of real robots. A different ruleset is required, one that does not "take away" some important elements of the core RD100 combat rules that we have ditched for DD100, such as aim, burst fire, cover, suppression fire and long range and guided missiles. Other rules such as battlecries and elemental damage should be dropped instead.

You can probably do the job by yourself, but you will find that not more than 15% of what is in DD100 will be of use. You will find more relevant info in the core rules if you want to play in the Universal Century. Mazinger and Gundam are more different than one could think.

Will we ever do the conversion ourselves? Hard to predict. Our current strategy is more about specific settings than broad genre books, and acquiring the rights for a real robot series would be difficult. But who knows?



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