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6th edition compatibility

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Hey hey!


With the 6th edition around the corner (hopefully) and the quickstart rules and starter adventure already out, I got to thinking about how will the rather notable amount of previous material be compatible with the new stuff. Primarily stuff like Book of Feasts, Book of the Estate, and Book of Warlords. The change in naming conventions caused no end of headaches in our group, I understand that the "modern" naming has become standard once again?

The most interesting part to me actually pertains to the new GPC, as the original has started to fall apart under the layers of new additions, primarily the new economic system introduced in the BoE (Tribute and all that).

So, are there any news in how the latest and greatest edition will tie all of these together yet? Or do we just need to wait and see? If so, how long? I hope it's all out before my birthday in the spring :D 

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Yup, the name change was kind of a head scratcher. 

At first, it looked cool, as Saxon descending names can be seen as weird in a still mostly romano-briton world, but I think the name changes were sometimes a bit strange and haphazard, with some being changed while others remained. So I welcomed the change back to the originals on that. Now, it sure makes some of the supplements a pain to navigate, and it would have been better had the names remained in place throughout. 

Book of feasts, at least some of it, has already been incorporated into rhe core rules, and for the rest, given the history of KAP, I think everything will be very retrocompatible. 

I do hope we don't end up with several different economic systems though, or battle systems, just like in 5th Ed edition history. I'd much rather see the core rules being expanded rather than replaced altogether. 

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The opponents in the Book of Armies (more likely to be integrated into the new expanded GPC than the core book, probably) could use a bit of thought, in a world in which knights’ Sword is capped by their Horsemanship when they’re not on foot.   Things that were not overkill might become so now.

On the other hand, the BoB’s Stand vs. Two is less scary with a flat -5 modifier.  (Although I would still like a different result on Partial Success vs. Critical,  one that reflects the partial success, since critical successes on Intensity happen quite often.)

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