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Bonus Idea....

Lloyd Dupont

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As I am rounding up my Master of Orion custom BRP ruleset... (though, this is taking a hit, with Assassin Creed Valhalla and Cyberpunk 2077), I reflect that INT does not do enough for my liking...

I just got an idea... that I share here for fine tuning feedback! :) 

Me think once for every x INT point (INT/3 i.e. once for every 3 INT ?) per.. day? game session? one could get a chance to upgrade a normal success to crit!
They then roll again and get a crit if they succeed again...

This way you need a combo of INT and good skill to use it, and hopefully INT/3 is not too big nor too small...

What say you?

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Better idea yet...

I tied that to a progression system..

There is a Focus skill. Each 20% in focus grants 1 focus point, up to INT/3. Each focus point can be used once a day to get a crit (if a second roll is successful).

Further I make this focus skill a Psilon racial skill.

This way I achieve 3 good outcomes :)

- Psilons have their own bad ass kill (like other races)
- I have another sorta levelling reward

- it nicely is low for most NPC, except if desired.. 


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I like how it makes characteristics more relevant, in fact I'd do the same with every characteristic, but making every PC choose one as focus. So a social, high APP character can make real use of those additional points spent in the stat.

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Check my Lobo Blanco - Elric RPG (now in english!)

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