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Room for a couple more in our weekly elric game

Tentacled Whisperer

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Hi, we've recently kicked off a weekly elric game on a Fri night. Euro time zone 2000 cet, 1900 gmt. 

Were using roll20 vtt and discord. We've a steady 4 players atm could always use 1 or 2 more. Rules system is elric although looking at adopting a new magic system. Language is English. Play style is relaxed and friendly. 

If interested pop on our discord and say hello 


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Hi Bill. Current plan is a weekly game between 8 and 1130/1200 cet. So would prefer a regular group ie it's not a one shot if that's your question. 

We're currently playing through some of the smaller published scenarios with an aim to tackling the  rogue mistress campaign once the group has gelled. 

Feel free to pop on the discord if you want to discuss further. 

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