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Punching out your mint copy of Nomad Gods for playtesting purposes: that is dedication Andrew Bean!


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The sacrifices  @Andrew Bean makes for The Chaosium: punching out his pristine personal copy of Nomad Gods (1994 French edition) for today's playtesting session with board games editor Susan:


During the Solitude of Testing, only Sun Dome leaders privy to the whole Truth know of that shameful time the Morocanth came pouring out of Vultures Country to combat the Bison Tribe for control of Sacred Prax. Morocanth controlled the Sun Dome Temple and summoned many strange Spirits, including obviously the Sun Hawk:


At last, after many battles the Bison managed to repel the Morocanth outside Sacred Ground and drive them back into the Wastes. Aided by the Newtlings in Corflu and Baboons in Pavis:



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