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  1. This can still happen with Divine Intervention, so it’s better to just make a rule about the 0 RP state. I personally don’t see a problem - a 0 RP Initiate is like a lay member with an extra tax burden, so it’s not like it’s a state anyone would enjoy. Note how Rune Levels can run into the same kind of thing, dropping below their requirements, and in this case their status is temporarily suspended.
  2. Yes, exactly. You buy the Rune Points for the cult the normal way, and spend them permanently when casting the one-use spell. I mean, this is something the rules got right in the move to RQG Rune Spells - I can't understand what the problem with this straightforward and very sensible rule is (except that the name is a little misleading now).
  3. Yes, on the "surface" of the Sky Dome. (The reason the blue moon can't be seen is because it travels on the outside of the Sky Dome.)
  4. It's easy to see the risks even in this case, though. What happens after ten years of being willing to break taboos and mores for The Greater Good? What does that do to a person? Will he listen to people who disagree about the greater good that is inflicted on them, or discount their un-Illuminated perspective? For their own good, naturally.
  5. This is not clearly stated, but the intention seems to be that you heal characteristics damage at your natural healing rate.
  6. Akhôrahil


    Also, the prayer is part of the sacrifice. The Romans ridiculed the idea of sacrificing without asking for something in return. What was the point of that?
  7. Akhôrahil


    I doubt prayer does much in Glorantha. The gods require sacrifices - mere prayer isn’t something they’re concerned about. It might be of psychological help, I guess. Prayer with just a minor sacrifice could work, though. Food sacrifices to the ancestors or the household guardian seems appropriate. Oh, and in RQG, ”Ernalda grant me the strength!” might just be how you invoke your Earth rune. This will be efficacious, but it’s doubtful whether Ernalda is involved at all. It could be how you use your Devotion (Ernalda) passion. Same thing if the prayer is just a part of spellcasting as flavour.
  8. However, this is bonkers, not in the written rules, stupidly complicated, and should just be ignored, even if it comes from the devs. They just make stuff up in the QA thread, and I'm starting to think it's worse than useless. The reasonable rule is easy - just pay permanent Rune Points, like the actual rules say, rather than the ones they make up on the fly in the forums.
  9. 'GoldenEye' is too obvious to mention.
  10. Yes, but the rule explicitly bars you from doing that in melee - otherwise it would work.
  11. This being Prax, I imagine that’s an intelligent kangaroo and its herdman pet?
  12. No - multiple attacks in a round by merely being quick isn’t splitting. If you somehow allowed a character to fire two arrows at once, Legolas-style (don’t allow that), then it would be splitting.
  13. Agree. And this isn’t even something that requires any complexity. When you cast the spell, you strike the Rune Points from your character sheet.
  14. There is no such thing as teaching ”Extension 1” in RQG. This has been confirmed as an error by the designers. They teach Extension.
  15. 12 SRs later might be a compromise, and it even makes sense - more sense than it happening at end of turn regardless of when in the turn.
  16. There are two Spirit cults in the rulebook and both have Extension, so it’s hardly rare.
  17. For one thing, a statement of intent might be something like ”I stand by to heal anyone who needs it”. For another, it’s something of a GM call for how harshly to enforce the statement of intent. Some see it just as a guiding principle - I allow changes at an SR cost (typically 5). That said, it can definitely be tricky.
  18. Rhinos are a lesser tribe. This made me feel uncertain about whether Ostrich and Bolo are part of the covenant after all.
  19. And maybe the game is just saving space here, but several of the lesser tribes are also part of the Survival Covenant, right? It mentions Rhinos, but doesn’t it apply to Bolo Lizard Riders and Ostrich Riders as well (and maybe Zebra Riders)?
  20. Oh, and an interesting thing here is that you wouldn’t merely get an intelligent animal, because there are plenty of those with just full Beast Rune. You get a man-rune creature in an animal body, and that’s something different.
  21. You would then have the ridiculous outcome of a Morokanth becoming a herd-man, and then changing “back” to a physical human, and that makes no sense to me.
  22. I always read this as it becoming a human in a beast’s body (or vice versa), so that it would do the same kind of thing that Fix Intelligence used to. That it only changes mental stats would seem to support this, as well as that it can have offspring with its former kind. So I’m thinking a sausage-eating Bison, not a new Homo Sapiens with a really weird set of physical stats. Essentially, you gain a Man Rune (or lose it). But it’s far from clear either way.
  23. Ernalda has it, in fact. I would say any semi-permanent dwelling. I would not allow a camp tent, but I would (and have) allowed the new house from day one.
  24. An intelligent steed could be useful, but it’s far more effective to just put your allied spirit into one. I could imagine weird shenanigans like having an intelligent herd beast pose as an untilligent one to infiltrate enemy flocks, spy on enemy conversations, and so on. A Trojan h— bison, if you like. It could presumably also restore someone who was turned into a beast, but that just pushes the reason to do that back one step... I also have a player who swears to the usefulness of having a herd beast familiar turned intelligent under RQ3 rules, but I don’t know if that will be applicable.
  25. I don’t think I have ever seen a game of this level of ambition in such need of a new edition right from the start. It’s pretty clear that no-one does quality control on the rules content, and the result of that is really bad. The obvious errors with cut&paste jobs from earlier editions are merely the most visible.
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