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  1. There's no Humakti in my group, but if there were, I'd be inclined to turn it more into something like Arrow Trance, where your skill actually matters. One of the weird outcomes of Sword Trance is how it makes your access to Magic Points vastly more important than your actual Sword skill when you have prep time (just a few rounds will do). Who cares if your opponent has 200% in his Sword when you have 100%, if you have 20 more MPs to spend? Going by the rules, any Humakti duel is likely to be decided by who can scrounge up the most MPs beforehand to get the overwhelming Sword Trance. This is kinda unexciting. (Yes, Dispel/Dismiss, but that just means you need even more MPs for your defensive boosting of your Sword Trance.)
  2. Sword Trance does have some unexpected outcomes - since your Sword skill is pushed through the roof (and RQG has the opponent skill reduction), it means that once the Sword Trance goes off, your shield becomes meaningless except as something that might catch arrows passively. Greatswords are amazing already - for Humakti, they’re a no-brainer because of how negligible shields can become for them.
  3. The greatest trick Eurmal ever pulled was convincing the world he exists?
  4. Demigods and minor godlings aren’t a Compromise break, surely? And Idrima is more like some embodied elemental spirit than even a demigoddess.
  5. Of course, possession is nine-tenths of the law, and a lot of this might be a legal fiction, ceremoniously maintained. If an Earth temple tries to strip a tribe of its ancient lands, it'd better have the military backing required, or it's not happening. Your second quote supports this, too.
  6. If the target is completely unaware (as opposed to in combat and just not seeing you), I don't think an automatic crit in melee is unreasonable. Otherwise, it's probably just a matter of no defensive roll. Flanking isn't a thing in RQ, apart from the multiple defence rolls penalty.
  7. Dragons seem pretty stuffy - they could use some more Eurmal! Laugh a bit!
  8. We actually had an in-game discussion in Ars Magica whether it was the substance or the accidences of pork that needed to be altered for a Muslim character to be fine with eating it.
  9. One thing I could see here is a pavise-style shield - it’s more like a mobile cover to allow you and a patient something to duck behind, and taking cover from missile weapons is presumably okay. And even if you can’t carry it, an assistant could carry it and set it up or hold it for you. At this point I don’t believe it’s beyond even the spirit of the rule. You’re allowed to travel with and be protected by others, after all. (Also, missiles are a problem in a way melee weapons might not be in a society where they don’t attack CA healers.)
  10. The ”mal” parts of Yelmalio, Elmal, Eurmal, Flamal, Malia, Dormal, Malkion, Artmal and Pamalt all mean the same thing. What? Only Lhankor Mhy knows, and he’s not telling.
  11. Does Humakt do the Underworld, or does he just send people there? I could also imagine Humakti ghosts (the kinds the spell creates), raven and wolf spirits, and Sword Spirits.
  12. I think it's relevant to distinguish between what the cult demands of you and what Chalana Arroy does (and will send Spirits of Retribution for). I could easily imagine a situation where Chalana Arroy just goes "Did you hurt someone? No? Then it's all good, who cares if you're carrying a shield?" while the cult's position is "Shield use? That's an Excommunication!". The god probably has pretty straightforward demands; the cult makes intricate rulings (which will even differ between different cult organizations).
  13. Proper Peaceful Cut slaughter doesn't kill the spirit either, and presumably the overwhelming majority of a CA cultist's diet does kill the plant (I don't imagine them as fruitarians), so this can't be the crucial factor.
  14. In a way, it might not even be a proper ghost yet - the spirit hangs around the body for seven days regardless (so it's not hard to find it), and the idea is to send it packing with the proper burial ritual so that it doesn't stay and add to the ghost population.
  15. If the idea is that it's about mass, everyone should just add lead weights to their short spear to get the damage up. This doesn't seem like it would be a good idea, though, in multiple ways. The force you can put into a stab depends on your physical strength, so F=MA just means that the heavier spear will move more slowly and hit with the same force as a lighter one (assuming it's at least heavy enough for you to put all your power into). You want your weapon to be quite light - you hit with the same force, but more speed.
  16. "Is Eris true?" "Everything is true." "Even false things?" "Even false things are true." "How can that be?" "I don't know man, I didn't do it."
  17. It would super interesting to see someone reproduce the longer bronze swords (especially that incredibly flimsy-looking long bronze rapier), put them through intense combat testing, and see if they actually work and don’t break.
  18. Also, Ralzakark wants to rule, and ruling chaotics is super annoying. Much easier if they go for cults where they have to behave.
  19. With CA, I think it’s not a case of them condemning violence for everyone (although they may lament it), and more a case of ”I won’t do such things”. If the question of war comes up in the clan ring, the CA representative might be opposed and remind everyone of the costs, but not condemn the whole enterprise as unethical. (I think, at least.)
  20. While true, their Chaotic nature means it would be rare to impossible for non-Illuminated Broo to manage to keep the rules. They have uncontrollable urges that act in opposition. Illumination can help here either to make it possible to follow the rules, or allowing to break them.
  21. I wonder if it's considered poor form to hold a CA healer for ransom. Non-violence might be good for the soul, but it makes it easier to capture you. And you likely don't get to stop healing everyone who needs it just because you're their captive, either.
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