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  1. All animals had a corresponding Hsunchen people during Godtime, but most of them went extinct or got assimilated, so the reason we have the ones we do in the current day is because those were the ones who made it.
  2. A war-dance dance-off against an opposition who are rivals but not loathed enemies makes so much sense! If it was good enough for Orlanth against the Emperor...
  3. Bloody Zistorites with their new models of robots!
  4. It seems to be something of a baseline in KoDP (getting full wergild value is presented as unusually high), plus it kinda makes sense - bride-price compensates for the economic loss of a family/clan member, but perhaps at a lower rate than having them murdered. KoDP does have cases of full wergild value too, though, but 50-100% of wergild as bride price seems supported (there, at least). Example of what seems like half wergild value (assuming Free status): https://kingofdragonpass.fandom.com/wiki/Divorce_Dowry
  5. I wonder whether the Prince of Sartar can Ban you from all Orlanth temples (also, he would have to be really annoyed with you to take the personal effort), or just Rex worship. Would every Orlanth high priest agree that he’s their religious overlord in a temple hierarchy for non-Rex stuff? Of course, Rex has some tools to ensure compliance...
  6. They can’t be that starved for funds, though - a bride-price seems to be roughly somewhere around half wergild, and I imagine it gets treated as a long-term savings project, a bit like a college fund. Cattle (or other valuables) brought as dowry is personal property. Cattle-raiding or looting in war will generate personal wealth, and carls should be able to build reserves and personal cattle holdings (even systems with borrowed cattle will typically allow you to keep a part of the offspring). Produce like wool, pelts, skins and cheese can be reasonably traded for funds. I don’t picture an
  7. By RQG rules, a (high/chief) priest can only Ban you from temples under his/her command - anything beyond that, like Initiation status, seems to be the purview of your god. And even gods have historically had to send Spirits of Reprisal with uncertain chances of success to retrieve your rune magic. Not only could you go to another temple, you could even make do without temples completely through Sanctify. It could potentially be argued that you can't maintain Priest/Rune Lord long-term without a temple, but switching to another temple that will have you, or even starting your own (even a
  8. One thing I have used is that one person does the thing, and everyone gets to augment. This works very well for rituals and such things.
  9. In my reading (the Guide isn't completely clear here, but I think CoT and D:LoD makes it the reasonable interpretation), Bolthor was king of the Bilini tribe (and not the kingdom of Talastar - Opand of Voraneel would have been the last king of an even theoretically unified Talastar), and hence not an overlord of the Skanthi (a separate tribe within the Talastari). (The Bilini is a dominant super-tribe within the Talastari though, so the king of the Bilini is without a doubt the strongest ruler among the Talastari.)
  10. That's how I picture things. The lowlanders get subjected to an amount of raiding and banditry, and there are probably the occasional punitive expeditions in return, but no-one has any interest in a full-scale war, and I'm sure there are plenty local feuds to keep them busy among themselves much of the time. Trying to occupy the place would be a logistical nightmare with no pay-off. There are a couple of Sun Dome temples nearby that can take care of mid-range problems. In 1625, everything changes in the Talastar-to-Aggar area though - there's a partial Lunar collapse, rebellions and raids
  11. While I agree about the possibility, I'm not so sure about this. If you look at the maps in The Glorantha Sourcebook, Skanthiland seems remarkably untouched by most of the big events (the Lokamaydon conquest seems to be the biggest deal, although there's a lot of dragon-fighting going on during the EWF as well - Drang was slain close by), perhaps because the terrain is so awful and the land so poor that most empires can't be bothered conquering them properly. It's even noted in tHotHP how the Skanthi clan "remains there on maps for a long time". So it really could be a matter of a remarkably l
  12. (As an additional question, does anyone have even a wild theory why the male part of the siamese twin-bodied chaos monster in Dorastor is named "Skanth"? It must surely not be a coincidence?)
  13. So, first some quick background: The nine original Talastari clans (including the Hagolings and the Lanisti, as told in The Missionaries) survived the Great Darkness (in a poor state) in Varknathendar. Meanwhile, the Skanthi was a clan among the surviving Penentelli of Penentelada (Guide p. 710, among others), the most north-western (and it seems, the wildest - they were reduced to hunter-gatherers at the Dawn) of the surviving Vingkotling tribes. Later, though (as in current day) the Skanthi are listed among the Talastari tribes (Guide p. 341 and other places). So at some poi
  14. At first, yes. Then it changes it up.
  15. Interestingly, the comic suggests that he’s The Destroyer.
  16. The Bible keeps running the mytheme that you absolutely should usurp the rights of your older brother(s), ideally through trickery. Orlanth becoming chief of the Storm Tribe despite being the youngest has shades of this. As does stealing Death from Humakt.
  17. I believe a lot of it had to do with shifting production costs. Early on (I only know this for the Swedish market, but it might be generalizable) printing big hardback books was expensive, so it made sense to print multiple booklets and box them instead (plus, you could include character sheets and dice, that not everyone might already have had in those days). Then things shifted so that single big books became more feasible.
  18. It’s a huge trope. ”The Power Walk is a wide shot of the main cast, shoulder to shoulder, suited up for battle and looking cool/determined/fierce as they walk towards the camera and often in slow motion. The Power Walk is mostly used in order to convey the unity of the group, as they walk in an orderly fashion in a single line. Traditionally the characters are ordered in their importance in the party, the most important in the middle and decreasing outwards.” https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/PowerWalk
  19. I believe I can see a ”Loyalty (White Bull)” there as well, and maybe a ”Speak Praxian”?
  20. My players - who have a tendency to go for optimization - use augments all the time. The math is very good once you have a decent rating, and it provides experience checks (you might even allow yourself to attempt to augment with a substandard stat in order to pick up that experience tick). Yeah, it’s possible to fail, but on average augments are strongly beneficial.
  21. "RuneQuest Ending Set" more like!
  22. That sounds great - Gorp should be able to be really scary if used right. Imagine a horse screaming at night and the characters finding it half eaten but still alive...
  23. This seems like a great rule - either allow the book to serve as a teacher, or at least have it apply a bonus to the Research success roll.
  24. Role-players use Billy. Board-gamers use Kallax.
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