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  1. Also, it must be noted, by accidental experience (again, Oddi, and possibly even Argrath).
  2. I think vertical windmills make a kind of sense - they're vastly simpler than Dutch windmills. And Old Wind canonically has sacred windmills, I think?
  3. My reading of Oddi's illumination is that he becomes intellectually convinced of the tenets of Illumination, but dislikes it and tries to reject it in his personal life, much like people who have been intellectually convinced of something they find unpleasant - like that we don't have free will or that life has no meaning - may still do their best to reject it and live their lives as if it exists. But at the same time, you can't go back to your old way of thinking - Oddi might be an enemy of Ralzakark and the Lunars, but he can't do it in the old, thoughtless, unconsidered way, and Illuminatio
  4. Sure, but lay membership is uninteristing when it comes to magic and tends to have a limited impact on PCs. The game barely bothers to track which cults you're a lay member of (even if it has a social impact in the case of Rex).
  5. Does Glorantha have what used to be called blue-green algae? Presumably it does? In that case, we would seem to have a slam dunk for (the Gloranthan equivalent of) prokaryotes and bacteria.
  6. How do things work for the Kralorelan Emperors?
  7. Mine have only seen Oddi and Hahlgrim at a distance so far, but that will likely change in the future.
  8. Bacteria are prokaryotes, so at least we dodge that issue here.
  9. It presumably also triggers the release of the Cradle, now that the giants think the have a shot at it (and may even be crucial in the conception), which may be the bigger favor for the giants.
  10. Orlanth’s HHD in 1620. You can see Elusu, at least. Is it Yazurkial with the blue face? Some Yelmalian, Rurik supposedly? Word of God says the final one is Jarang. Myth: https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/gloranthan-documents/glorantha-2/the-drinking-giants-cauldron/ . Main participants are Orlanth and Daliath. Pretty sure Gonn Orta is encountered in the mundane world.
  11. Allfather was not very Rex - it was Everyman Orlanth, really. Rex is limited to top political positions that PCs are fairly unlikely to sit on (even if for no other reason than lack of time).
  12. It’s not even an Old World/New World thing - Glorantha has chilli peppers, tomatoes, and yes, corn. Are there turkeys in Glorantha?
  13. For the whole clip, or per new bolt into the clip? (I'm not sure whether it has replaceable clips or whether you load bolts into the clip.)
  14. I like this a lot - it would make your living Elf Implement almost something like an Allied Spirit (although a lot less impressive, at least to start with), and an obvious object both for a future actual allied spirit as well as a target for enchantments.
  15. A small axe does Slashing damage, and p. 203 states that a throwing axe doesn't do impaling damage. The weapon table on p. 212 states damage typ for throwing axe (same weapon as small axe) as Impaling, though. Would it be correct to assume that the damage type should be Slashing and the weapon table is in error?
  16. Note that every single Ernalda initiate receives Ignite for free, so firestarting will often be easy.
  17. Definitely agree about this.
  18. I hadn't heard this - I knew they were used in (at least late) Medieval Scandinavia. Note the lovely horse-snowshoes! There are also really old - 4th millennium BCE - finds in Europe.
  19. The only reason RQ needs SIZ, really, is in order to model large monsters.
  20. Plate bikinis should probably also be avoided, honestly.
  21. Which kinda implies that skis are a bit rare, at least.
  22. I'm assuming that every cult that has initiates requires an initiation ritual to join that rank, unless if the cult has some phrasing along the line of "every x is automatically an initiate of the cult". Alryami, ducks and trolls presumably initiate just like other people. Mostali and Dragonewts are less clear, as they typically don't join cults, and also have a different attitude towards the world.
  23. Around half is usually a good rule of thumb.
  24. Vinga and Adventurous are basically the same and Rex is not really playable, so...
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