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Arab Equipment ?


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The next point of my "To Do" list for my Merasan setting will be an equipment

list with the "typical Arab" stuff that is not covered by the lists in either the

BRP core rules or the Call of Cthulhu core rules.

I hope to get a copy of the old AD&D Al Qadim Arabian Adventures soon, as

I have been told that it contains just such a kind of list, which I intend to

compare with my own list to fill some of the gaps.

Although I did not find anything else of that kind, it may well be that some

other supplement for some roleplaying system also covers typical equipment

from Arabia (Middle Ages to ca. 1920).

If you know of such material, please let me know - thank you. :)

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I have a couple of Wilfred Thesiger's books @ home - I could look at these. Depending how serious you are, you might pick some up for yourself. This isn't one of the ones I have, but it looks like it might be helpful:

Wilfred Thesiger: Amazon.ca: Alexander Maitland: Books

Actually - a google images search of his name brings up a lot of images. He was a pretty fascinating guy.


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