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So having recently acquired Stormbringer 3e and Elric, it’s clear to me I generally like 3e better (as I’m not really a fan of magic for all in the stormbringer universe). I do like Elrics char gen a bit more. I’m thinking of merging the 2 (and I generally like higher powered characters for my players). 
My current plan is to use the bones of the stormbringer char gen but change characteristic generation to 2d6+6 with characters choosing where to place the numbers, choosing nationality and class, plus adding the step in Elric where you choose your approach and add 20 to 13 skills. While leaving most everything else the same. 

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Just a question, are you replacing the normal Stormbringer previous experience with the Elric approach of adding 20% to thirteen skills, or combining the two? 

If the latter then it seems like you want to run SB3 but with slightly better attributes and skills. In that case you are heading in the direction of first edition Strombringer.  




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