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How to think 'Grunt'


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Hey folks.

I was recently given a copy of the DG rules and, in the course of reading them, noticed how encouraged characters with a military background are in the game.

I wrote an article late last year called 'Military Life For Civilian Gamers' that I think might be useful in this variant of CoC and thought I might share it with you.

Some provisos:

-- The article is intended to be short. I didn't want to bore my readers with the Wall of Text [tm] and a litany of 'no shit, there I was' stories.

-- It's intended to be generic. My own military service was a very long time ago during the Cold War and I realize that everyone's military has changed a lot since then. So I solicited the input of several Commonwealth veterans [British, Aussies, and Canadians], got some thoughts from German and Polish veterans, and wrote a generalized article about the attitudes and training most [but certainly not all] combat arms soldiers experience. Obviously, somebody in Finance [or Paymaster] will have a vastly different military experience than someone in Infantry, and the article is weighted towards the combat arms.

-- There are, no doubt, things some veterans have experienced that I left out for reasons of either space or generalization. I considered most the suggestions I've so far received already, but I'm not at all adverse to criticism or critique.

-- I'm not trying to portray every single veteran, or combat arms veteran, or even combat veteran in any specific particular way. The attitudes and experiences are simply the often-encountered ones.

So, without further ado, 'Military Life for Civilian Gamers'. Hope you enjoy it.


Military Life In Games Final.pdf

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