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Chaosium Interviews: Rivers of London and Call of Cthulhu - Paul Fricker discusses the differences between the two


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Maybe it was brought up somewhere but we now know more about Rivers of London https://www.chaosium.com/blogrivers-of-london-rpg-update-playtesting-the-rules/.

It's based on the CoC 7e flavour of BRP. There are common and expert skills. It doesn't use SIZ nor CHA (I am perplexed why no CHA). Character Creation is very quick. The ruleset is a simplification on CoC 7e.


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I have to say I’m very excited by this. I’ve been a fan of the books for close to a decade now and basing it on CoC makes it much easier to learn and sell my group on since they already play that. 

Sounds like  it’s going to have a starter set as they mention a solo game which Chaosium seem to like putting in starter sets (not that I’m complaining by any means here). 

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