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  1. This summarizes my favorite parts of RQG.I would further add that the way Runes cover both personality traits (another cheer for Pendragon!) and your ability to cast divine spells is a very clever way to ensure characters will want to emulate their god. And this. I like generic systems (I love BRP, HERO and GURPS) but I prefer when the systems supports/enhances/emulates a setting. Crack open RQG and it's immediately clear it is about Glorantha (did I mention it is my favorite fantasy setting?).
  2. Chris Spivey's Superhero game based on Pulp Cthulhu is definitely another one I am very interested in!
  3. I would also be interested. I recently bought the Alien RPG and the mood of the game made me want an official Cthulhu sci-fi setting.
  4. Very promising! Am I correct to assume that the Player/Keeper book combo will still require CoC Keeper's Book to play? Or by "rules and setting" do you mean it will be a stand alone game?
  5. They are looking good! Time to transfer some characters unto the new sheets.
  6. Thanks guys, these are very good articles. Very different approaches but both equally valid depending on what style you prefer. The Runic Rant article seems more in line with the philosophy in RQG and a bit more guidance on what to do with unresolved or ties results would have been good. Maybe something for the Gamemaster guide?
  7. Just send them an e-mail here customerservice@chaosium.com. There are usually pretty quick to sort things out.
  8. I suspect that while they are different, The Laundry and Rivers of London fill more or less the same niche and since I would guess that RoL is way more popular at the moment, not pursuing The Laundry kind of makes sense. All this clever analysis based on no evidence whatsoever.
  9. This is great news! I've always been on the fence between WWC and Achtung! Cthulhu but with A!C having better production value and atmosphere. Now that Modiphius does not seem to support A!C CoC 7e (beyond the pdfs and the core books) and WWC will eventually get the "Chaosium Production Value Upgrade", that will definitely tip the balance the other way. I can only imagine upgrading to CoC 7e rules and layout is no small task so I don't expect anything anytime soon (measured in years), but it's still good news.
  10. I concur. I am going through the pdfs now and they are crisp and clear. Well done!
  11. RuneQuest, Superworld, Stormbringer, BRP as a whole, his contribution to Champions... Very few, have influenced my gaming life as much as Steve Perrin did. I am saddened by his departure but when you think about the number of people still playing today games originally designed by him or strongly influenced by them, we know his legacy lives on and will live for a long time. Vale Steve, I would have loved to see your new take on Superworld.
  12. I hear you. I had quite a bit of joy having cracked open on my desk RQG, RQ3, RQ2, CoC, BGB, Magic World, Mythras, etc. just for the fun of this thread. The reality is while some of these games might have wildly different sub-systems, the chassis is so similar than I often forget where specific rules come from. Nowadays, I prefer to house rule with a light touch and my list above is a good example of that. When you look at the 7 items, one could argue that 1) and 5) are already implied into the core book (the length of a MR is an approximation, examples with skills divided by two can by found in the book here and there), 3) and 4) are really benign and are rules coming from... uh... RQG. Personally I find RQG better explained than RQ2 (generally, not specifically on that point) but your comment made me think about Movement, which I think is underexplained in RQG. I went and read it's description in RQ2 and thought it was much better explained and still concise. In this post Rick Meints mentions that it should/could be in their US warehouse by end September, and they should be available to distributors some time in late September.
  13. I am pretty much the same. There are still a few bits and pieces I prefer from RQ3, and they are too minor to bother with, but there are a lot more bits from RQG that I prefer over previous editions. Having said that, I love going back to RQ3 rules if only to read, to reference but also to pick an aspect here and there. You see, RQ3 is not my first RPG but it's the one that locked me into the hobby and it's also the one that locked me into Glorantha. Without it, I might not be here. To be honest, all the stuff discussed here as potential reprints, I have on my bookshelves. Still I would buy them again (and benefit from the the PDF as a bonus). Like I bought the RQ2 reprints even if I have the Gloranthan Classics. Anyway, I'll let it rest while Chaosium assesses what makes more sense.
  14. So true! I did pause a moment wondering if it was the right thing to reply in the munchkinnery thread. Thank you for being gentle with me!✌️
  15. I am quoting you Shiningbrow because you bring up the "Instant" factor but I am replying generally on the topic. Distraction is a fairly low powered spell with limited scope and applicability, as it should be for a 1 point spirit spell. The fact that it is Instant is the biggest give away. In a fight, after overcoming the target with a POW vs POW roll, you give them a quick nudge to attack you "by whatever means the target considers most effective and expedient". Now, because it is instant, if there is no effective and expedient way, the instant nudge won't be enough. The moment will have passed and the target will make their own decision. At best I would say the target loses 5 SR (or maybe skip a MR) while they are distracted and contemplate attacking the caster, realize they can't, and move on. It is most effective against foes that can attack you and that do not have a strong preconceived objectives. Distraction will nudge them towards you and after the instant nudge is gone, they have no real incentive to change target. Now this part "... it attacks the caster until the caster is unconscious or the spirit is defeated...", I would apply to spirit or mindless creatures not to beings capable of reasons.
  16. Thanks @Jeff (and @jajagappa for bringing this here). It's fascinating to read the history from a slightly different perspective.
  17. Thanks for the link! Maybe I remember something from even earlier? Maybe I was just confused? And you may be overstating my "contribution" to the thread good sir, (I made a comment to a piece of art on page 17 or something). In any case, this is good news so thanks for bringing me up to speed!
  18. No worries. I assume that by "I have the starter set... on order", you actually mean the Quickstart? Just to manage expectations, the QS is a 48 pages introductory booklet. It's not the Starter boxset. I'm with you, my most awaited release (for any games, not just RQ) is the Cults of Glorantha book(s) (or whatever the name will be)!
  19. Understood. Even if I still have them on by bookshelves, I would buy RQ3 GoG and Genertela again but I understand it might not make business sense for you to do so. Hopefully you will consider including the Genertelan Character Creation (page 22 to 34 of the Genertelan's Player's Book) and add it to Book 5: Glorantha Book of RuneQuest 3 (since RQ1 and RQ2 are already available, I assume you would also make the RQ3 ruleboook available so all can enjoy any of the 4 Chaosium RuneQuest editions). Pretty much agree. I would add LoT to Dorastor (it's actually Rick's idea, not mine) because it does have extra content compare to CoT but it might be a case of too much effort for little gain. Edited to ask: I thought the Chaos gods would not feature in Cults of Glorantha. Has that changed?
  20. In addition to what Oracle said, this thread tries to compile products in the work, mentionned or hinted by Chaosium. It's not official in any way but it gives a flavour of what might be coming.
  21. Let's add two more rules that I like: 6) From Call of Cthulhu with a hint of RuneQuest 3: On 0 HP characters go unconscious with no danger of dying unless they had a major wound previously. In RQ, it means that if no locations have sustained equal of more than double their local HP, on 0 (not 1 or 2), they go unconscious. If at least one location has reached that point, they are dying. At the end of the next MR and every one thereafter, they must succeed a CONx5 roll or die. If healed (magic), stabilized (first aid) or if rolling CONx1 and better, they are saved from death and do not need to roll thereafter. 7) From RuneQuest 3 or Mythras: Use the RQ3 Missile Hit Location table for missile and trusting attacks. Alternatively, if two tables is to difficult to manage by the players, use Mythras Hit Location (it feels better balanced for generic usage)
  22. No worries lordabdul. Based on your many interactions here, I knew you were not using the expression in a negative way. And I am with you. I enjoyed various style of combat in the past including Pendragon, Stormbringer, Harn, Call of Cthulhu, RQ3, RQ3 with house rules, RQG with some RQ3 (mainly what you mention right below), HERO, GURPS, Mythras...
  23. This is interesting. I suspect it doesn't require a lot of fiddling to make it work within the framework of RQG. Are you creating your characters are per RQG (cultures, occupations, skills, etc.)? I suspect you can with no issues at all. What about attributes that do impact combat specifically (HP, SR, Movement). I suspect that you need to use RQ3 Move but can use the rest no problem. Do you use weapon stats from RQ3 or RQG? By "no hit matrix", I suppose you are referring to the Attack and Parry Results table from RQG p.199 and p.201? It probably makes combat simpler. Without having tried it, to use RQ3 combat (plus what you like from RQG) with RQG, I suspect the only thing you need to adjust is the Move value. Am I close to the mark?
  24. @Rick MeintsNow that the Call of Cthulhu kickstarter is behind us (ok, not quite yet), is now the right time to talk about making RuneQuest 3 available again? Based on your post from last year, you were opened to a few good supplements and I thought I could suggest a few things. RuneQuest 3rd based on the Deluxe 1993 paperback - perhaps with the errata at the back incorporated in the text instead of added at the back. Sun County (probably no need to change much) Shadows on the Borderland (probably no need to change much) I think your suggestion of making Dorastor and Lords of Terror as a single "campaign book" is fantastic (well if, I understood "combo reprint" correctly) Troubled Waters from River of Cradles is quite extensive. Perhaps adding it to Strangers in Prax would make the most sense? Thematically it fits and it would make a better sized book. If you take that route, may I suggest you use the cover from River of Cradles? It would be a shame to waste such a fantastic cover. I'd also like to see Gods of Glorantha and Genertela become available again, forming, with the rulebook, the backbone of RQ3. Having said that, I understand your point that most of the content of these two box sets is/will be available in the Guide to Glorantha and the upcoming Gods of Glorantha. If you decide against making them available again I'd like to see the Genertelan Character Creation (page 22 to 34 of the Genertelan's Player's Book) and add it to Book 5: Glorantha Book of RuneQuest 3. If space is needed, the Ernalda cult could be removed from that section. Thank you for considering my suggestions.
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