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Rubble and Ruin joins the Mythras Imperative family


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Hello All,

Yesterday my updated version of Rubble and Ruin was released on Drivethru--just in time for the end of their Post-Apocalyptic promotion!


Here is the back text:

      The rising sun illuminates the vault door in the back of the partially collapsed office building. You  have  traveled through endless rubble of the dead city to find this long-sealed entrance. Is this the gateway  to a forgotten military laboratory or just a storage vault of useless papers from the old world? The answer is yours to discover as you crawl into the rubble and ruin.

      But whatever the answer is, this is not the same old dungeon!

      Rubble and Ruin reimagines the classic dungeon crawl as a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk dystopia. Instead of wizards, sages, and clerics seeking lost magic, there are engineers, scientists, and physicians combing the ruins searching for Old Tech. 

      Players take roles like cyborg warriors, uplifted rat mechanics, transhuman scientists, robot engineers, or wild-type scavengers. Whatever the role, the characters are scavengers exploring the destroyed world, looking for the bits and bobs of old technology that can be repaired and traded to the surviving enclaves.

      Powered by Mythras Imperative, Rubble and Ruin provides a complete near future post-apocalyptic world. Characters can be cyborgs or bioengineered mutants or any of ten different biotypes. Rubble and Ruin has extensive rules on Old Tech cover everything from electrical engineers building custom sensors and high-powered radios to chemists manufacturing explosives and medical supplies. Yet all characters know something about technology. Maybe your cyborg rolls their own ammunition with the Handloading specialty or your uplifted rat is an expert ay bypassing electric locks and cracking safes.

      Be Advised. Post-apocalyptic games cover many different kinds of settings from ultra-realistic tails of life two hundred years after nuclear war to gonzo worlds of talking rabbits and telepathic plants to grim adventures set during a zombie apocalypse. This game is built around one setting. A re-interpretation of the canon fantasy as magicless science fiction setting, twenty years after the collapse of a dystopian cyberpunk civilization. The goal is to recreate the feel of an old school dungeon crawl in a science fiction, magic-free setting where technology and science replace spells and enchantment.


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Well, isn’t that a nice surprise. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/354244/Rubble-and-Ruin For that, and if you come on over to the mythras discord, I’ll get you set up with an author role

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