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Equippement cards


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Hi there!

One thing i like From the old Worlds of wonders it's the little character sheet. Very handy to use in the gaming table but with too litlle place for armors, weapons, equippement and skills. But if

you erase the equippement from the charactrer sheet you has the place to write more skill in their place. For the equippement you use little play cards with a illustration and games stat of the equippement.

I has dowloaded a version of this in the files of the Basic Roleplaying yahoo groups.

I want to know if this type of equippements cards will enhance and ease your games experiance? I think to use-it also for my vehicule rule. Perhaps using-it also to write on it rule or combat manoeuver for speeding the game. What you think of that?

Thank you!


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There are a couple of custom card programs out there that people have adapted for use by RPGs such as Spirirt of the Century. With some blank index card and a printer, you can come up with almost anything.

A few years back, one player I knew actually did up the "Average", "Fair" "Good" NPCs this way for a game. He even d ug up some Legionaire Pics and put then on the back for a Roman campaign.

There probably would be a market for a "deck" of creatures/NPCs for a game. Like a bear card with BRP stats on one side and a bear pic on the other.

Maybe I should have saved this idea and printed soe OLG stuff.:eek:

Chaos stalks my world, but she's a big girl and can take of herself.

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Hi there,

i like the idea of npc/monster cards perhaps i will experiment with it.

For the World of Wonder It a no card of this sort (Equippement) i has talked of the character sheet. I will post my modified character sheet for magic world on the yahoo group in the near futur.


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