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Pictures needed of RuneQuest & Gloranthan Miniatures

Rick Meints

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I am currently updating the miniatures section of the Meints Index to Glorantha (MIG). One of my current woes is that I am neither a good photographer, and most of my minis are unpainted. Thus, I am reaching out to all my fellow miniatures painters/collectors for your assistance.

What I am looking for:
High quality photos of licensed RQ/HQ/Gloranthan miniatures from the following companies: Archive, Citadel/Trollkin Forge, DragonClaw/Tabletop, Infinity Engine, Lance & Laser, Mad Knight, Martian Metals, Mongoose/Rebel, Ral Partha, and Rapier (UK). I would prefer pictures of individual painted miniatures, or perhaps 2-3 minis next to each other in a row. I would greatly prefer that the background is simple, clear, or white. I can clean up the background to remove shadows and some grey, but it's hard to remove a lot more than that quickly. 

I've included a few sample draft pages from the new edition of the MIG, giving you an idea of what I am aiming at. Depending on what pictures I end up getting from all of you, these pages might get updated with cooler and better pictures. I might show an unpainted mini and one of you might send me a cooler painted version of it that I will happily use instead. 

What I am not looking for:
Please do not point me to (or send me) images you found on the internet. I would need permission from the creators to use them in my book. They also may look very good on a computer screen but they look fuzzy when printed out at high resolution. Please trust me when I say that a 72 DPI JPG picture that is 75K in size will not print out well. Also, I don't need any miniatures that were not licensed for RQ/HQ/Glorantha. 







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Hope that Helps,
Rick Meints - Chaosium, Inc.

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