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After some convention game recommendations - hospital, nautical or quarantine themed

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Hey there. I'll be running a convention game in the future at an old hotel that was once a quarantine station. The organizers would like something with a hospital, nautical or quarantine theme; or even an Australian theme.  (A lighthouse might work as well!) Something about isolation, being cut off, and things Going Horribly Wrong.


  • The game would run for around 4 hours.
  • The game would come with pre-gens. They would have interesting backgrounds that relate to the scenario, and provide roleplaying hooks to enable the PCs to interact with with each other. Antagonism (mild or otherwise) between pre-gens is fine.

I've run Sandy's 'The Derelict' before, to good effect. Let me know if you've got any other thoughts.


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I don't own a copy, but I wonder if Paul Fricker's Full Fathom Five might meet your needs? I've heard good things.

The Lightless Beacon is of course lighthouse themed (and free!), but would take some lifting to get it to 4 hours. Maybe if you merged it with Transatlantic Terror?

Finally, Terror Australis includes a couple scenarios for the Australia angle.

I'm drawing a blank on anything with a hospital or quarantine theme.

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Late to this party -- sorry! -- but it seems to me that a hospital/quarantine horror-scenario could be one where an obvious & overt form of insanity seems to be "catching" in the manner of an ordinary disease (and a highly-infectious one, at that).

Actually, the madness is induced by a cultist, one of the medical staff (but probably not the Dr. in charge, too cliche!).

If possible, I would use the map of the actual building where the event was being held.

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