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Mythic Venice


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So now that word is out that Mythic Venice has some sort of proto-existence, I thought this might be a good place to ask some questions.

Can we expect that this book will follow a pattern similar to Mythic Constantinople? By that I mean:
- Is it mostly about the city itself?
- Whither the Venetian Empire? What about the Cyprus War? Ragusa? Crete? How much beyond Venice can we expect to see or have described in the book?
- What's the core timeframe for the book? Which Venice are we talking about? The leader of the 4th Crusade? The Venice that was part of the Holy League? or the Venice that backed the Mamluks in war against the Portuguese to preserve their spice monopoly?
- What of Venice's rivals? Genoa and the Ottomans? The Empire? Other Italian states?

Just want to know what I'll be buying 😄

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