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  1. My girls just started Avatar: the Last Airbender and it’s love at first watch. So I grabbed a fan made d20 AtLA rpg off the interwebz and we shall see what follows...
  2. I started running My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria for my daughters when covid began. My 8yr old is probably ready for anything, but the other one is 6 and not quite there. Though I did acquire the PDFs for a game loosely based on Redwall that I’m going to throw at them. Just pre-covid we started playing 5e with another family. Bog-standard Forgotten Realms. My 8 yr old (then7) came up with a character and backstory instantly about her half-elf sorceress who fronts like she’s a bard. I have an older son who became a regular with my old crew playing D20 Star Wars. My wife would play
  3. Not so strange based on some conversations I have had with old contributors. There is such a thing as unsustainable growth.
  4. SpaceMaster!? Iron Crown did some good things but is that really something they did? Ishtar preserve us from more charts!
  5. I've seen some chatter on the Discord. I'm interested in pulsing the group-mind about what people are using as their base-settings for M-space. I have heard Traveller, AD2300, and some others. Including elements of Stars Without Number if not that setting as well. Anyway, indulge me!
  6. And in any event, all of you owe me 5$ for using the word "slack" Thou Art Bob.
  7. So I liked this element of Joe Haldman's "Forever War" in that ship-to-ship combat in space was just done by computer because the math is just too hard. Meanwhile, I kinda think of the range problem with railguns to be more that after a certain distance your hit probability drops to nil because of the amount of time it takes to reach the target vs everyone's relative speed.
  8. Marienkäfer fliegedein Vater ist im Kriegedeine Mutter ist in EngellandEngelland ist abgebrannt Marienkäfer fliege
  9. Tales of the Gold Monkey!?!?! I LOVED that show! ... when I was 8? Jeez... Funny I always thought that Duck Tales owed a great debt to that show..
  10. I think it more depends on what having a "multiverse" will narratively accomplish in your setting. Do you want to have have a multiverse so that Veritech Hovertanks can slug it out with Coalition bots in the swampy, gator-y ruins of Gulf Coast Rifts America? or because one of your players wants to be something from one setting in another setting? What do YOU as GM want to be able to do with this as a setting. Once that's clear there are several paths to follow: - Have an "in-verse" explanation that the players are all a part of and that they know about cosmologically - Don't explain
  11. So you can do all of this with passions and brotherhoods as you suggested. You don’t need anything else except to figure out the parameters of the “brotherhood” in question. Is there an enforcement mechanism to ensure proper behavior? And this goes into the well trodden topic in various places of the game-within-a-game aspect that cults and brotherhoods bring to RQ/Mythras settings if properly harnessed.
  12. So Admittedly I started playing KAP in high school the year the Wall fell. But I have held true to this interpretation of the opposed traits for all this time. Probably this was influenced by a German-speaking childhood. Chaste and Lustful are a spectrum where the chaste ideal is asexual and not moved by carnal and physical concerns. This is a spiritual ideal many monastics aspired to, to transcend desire. Chaste isn’t doing all the things as long as they are licit, it’s only doing those things that you are required to do, (cooperate in the production of an heir) and to do it reluctantly,
  13. Tell us (here or in the discord) more about this Hanse campaign. And how one plays in it?
  14. The Odd Soot update is coming soon as well right?
  15. Deine Hasselhoffliebe ist stark. Reicht das nicht?
  16. Maybe I don’t understand something but with all the TDM projects in development, where’s the bandwidth to Mythras up Renaissance things? Also in terms of setting, Renaissance covers Tudor to Marlborough well, and maybe beyond. Is that ergendwo/ergendwann TDM wants to take Mythras now?
  17. I’d had thoughts for a couple years of a campaign set in Northern Mierce. I’d start on the Continent with the players driven out of their land and taking ship to Britain. Ideally one of the players would be a female laecce and the ultimate goal is to take new lands and establish a new sanctuary to Hertha.
  18. Was there a time limit on that 10% discount or a expiration on the links? The links in my newsletter email are dead.
  19. I was playing in a campaign years ago where at some point we had been captured by Mi-Go and were basically on the table getting experimented on but we played for a few hours of real world and many hours (days?) of game time in a Mi-Go simulation, conducting our investigation, interviewing people, the whole thing. Then I got this idea roll... The players could be running simulations in different formats in some sort of alien virtual environment. If you really want to bend minds, have then find themselves in one of the final simulations, lying in stasis, but that THAT is the simulation that
  20. I would also simply like to know what you want to put together. What’s your setting?
  21. You might consider OpenQuest? There are many children in the BRP family and some are more open to sharing and expansion than others. Maybe you could explain what you want to accomplish?
  22. Hey guys, Am I missing out on some of the other fora or communities where Renaissance gets talked about? I’m on the discord for Chaosium and Mythras as KozmasSchmierfink_UK at the moment.
  23. Hah! I love Ministerio del Tiempo! I may also have been struggling with inappropriate feelings for Aura Garrida but so it goes...
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