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    Grognard since the mid-eighties. Started with Star Frontiers, FASA Trek and playing bards when it was a multiclass nightmare. Began d100 with Pendragon, Stormbringer and CoC. Just got Force and Destiny so now i have entered all 3 SW rpgs. Palladium (Robotech) and WFRP were cool when I was a kid. I prefer grittier to historical fantasy but it ultimately comes down to the group you game with.
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    I am currently ungamed, but hope to reverse that once things get settled here in England.
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    Northamptonshire, UK
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    Just moved to England. Would like to find my people here. I am coincidentally near locations in the Merrie England intro scenario.

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  1. Sorry 😐 I revisited the reviews and I must’ve blended that initial small font comment with some other reviews of something else. I already have the English PDFs for Mythras, Mythic Britain, MB Companion and Logres. Just getting tired of PDFs I guess.
  2. I read some unhappiness on DTRPG with the print on demand versions of the Mythras core rule book. Are there other options? I’m thinking of getting physical copies, but if I am going to spend the money on an object vs a pdf... Also what about print runs for the German editions? Are they using the same printer the DTRPG customers complained about? Is there a difference between the print quality from the US, UK or Europe printers? I have an APO so my options are a bit flexible without crazy shipping cost differences.
  3. Well obviously it’s a soloquest, you leave home at age 18! That’s what the loan is for! That or enlisting 😂
  4. My interpretation of Glorantha is that it’s all a simulation possibly run by dragons (or beings so advanced -like computer programmers- that the little progs in the machine can only understand them as dragons) and the Godlearner secret is that it’s all a game and they learned the code behind the Matrix.
  5. So looking at the DTRPG listing for RQ:G it says you get bonus pdfs that have A character background worksheet and a family holdings sheet. What are these things? Are they tied to tables in the core book? Can one get this without it?
  6. You should definitely read 1491! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1491:_New_Revelations_of_the_Americas_Before_Columbus
  7. Hey guys, is there something out there other than Pendragon that gives players/gms a way to measure how wealthy they are in herds and the like? Sort of like Lordly Domains or Harn Manor for the Bronze Age?
  8. Heh, that makes me the weirdo again. It was RQ Viking’s and Fantasy Europe that drug me in 🧐
  9. Yeah I never played Elfquest but I bought it for a girlfriend in High School after I binge-read her ElfQuest collection. She bought me Stormbringer from the same game shop in Wausau .. I still have that book on my shelf. Guess which one my friends and I played? They didn't have Melnibonean bone bows in ElfQuest! But still. We made characters for fun, which was enjoyable and I have regretted it's status out of print because 10 years ago it would have been a great gateway game for middle-school aged daughters and nieces. Now there are plenty other options.
  10. These both sound great! We’ll see what I get up to this week. I might have something Mitannian or Urartian come through.
  11. So I was nerding over Hittitology and Hurrian studies on the interwebz and thinking that it might be amusing to convert some actual Late-Bronze Age Collapse-period pantheons to a RQ cult, when it occurred to me to ask... Has or is anyone doing their own homebrew Bronze-Age setting in one of the versions of RQ? Jackals, which will be among us not soon enough, is OpenQuest, so .. cool, and Warlords is Hellenistic (iron age), Zenobia likewise, but worse-late Roman (and uses a verzh of Traveller rules). What's out there? I'm feeling inspired by both Age of Bronze and this Belgian comic series about Hittites..
  12. Hah! I get up at 6am for telework days and feel like I’m luxuriating in decadence. 🥱
  13. That's great to hear! How are you guys managing the crazy time difference?
  14. Thanks Guys, I appreciate the input. I think I'll land somewhere starting with Joerg and evolving towards Simon. Also Joerg, enjoying the podcast. I pretty much fast from the news as much as I can, all things considered, and I am always up for another podcast about something besides the collapse of the post-cold war order (what I generally listen to for work). Though that doctor from the German Coronavirus podcast is like listening to ASMR... So Science! Much Factual!
  15. Ja, das ist genau mein Problem. Hunderte von Seiten sammeln Elektrostaub, und ich möchte keine neuen Sachen kaufen. Aber was soll ich lesen? I have Cradles and all the other things you mentioned. I shall start with that. Thanks!
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