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    Grognard since the mid-eighties. Started with Star Frontiers, FASA Trek and playing bards when it was a multiclass nightmare. Began d100 with Pendragon, Stormbringer and CoC. Just got Force and Destiny so now i have entered all 3 SW rpgs. Palladium (Robotech) and WFRP were cool when I was a kid. I prefer grittier to historical fantasy but it ultimately comes down to the group you game with.
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    Recent torrid affair with Zweihander. Currently Mythras'ing and Traveller’ing.
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    Northamptonshire, UK (Mercia)
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    American living in the UK. Moving to Omaha. I am KozmasSchmierfink on the discord.

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  1. My daughter got covid from her teacher last week. I guess wearing a mask to protect the twins she's pregnant with as well as all of our kids made her freedom hurt too much. And now my wife is upstairs in bed with the shakes, test results pending (and we're both double-shotted). So far the other daughter and I are symptom-free and the first daughter's symptoms seem to have faded (mashallah ayni ma'drha). But at least my wife was able to see a doctor today, as opposed to the last 2 years in the UK where we couldn't Fack.
  2. OK so at least two other guys share my interest... but no further information?
  3. I wish he would write more. It's an amazing setting. I think he was toying with using Zweihander as a home, but meh?
  4. So now that word is out that Mythic Venice has some sort of proto-existence, I thought this might be a good place to ask some questions. Can we expect that this book will follow a pattern similar to Mythic Constantinople? By that I mean: - Is it mostly about the city itself? - Whither the Venetian Empire? What about the Cyprus War? Ragusa? Crete? How much beyond Venice can we expect to see or have described in the book? - What's the core timeframe for the book? Which Venice are we talking about? The leader of the 4th Crusade? The Venice that was part of the Holy League? or the Venice that backed the Mamluks in war against the Portuguese to preserve their spice monopoly? - What of Venice's rivals? Genoa and the Ottomans? The Empire? Other Italian states? Just want to know what I'll be buying 😄
  5. Renaissance doesn’t have to always be ECW Butters! We can do it with Hussites!
  6. Wow, that was a long time ago. But anything pre-covid seems really long ago. I never saw more from that conversation. When Loz asked Belgath for a pm I inferred there might be either a wave off or something because of projects overlapping *shrug* so, sorry to say, nothing ever came of it.
  7. My girls just started Avatar: the Last Airbender and it’s love at first watch. So I grabbed a fan made d20 AtLA rpg off the interwebz and we shall see what follows...
  8. I started running My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria for my daughters when covid began. My 8yr old is probably ready for anything, but the other one is 6 and not quite there. Though I did acquire the PDFs for a game loosely based on Redwall that I’m going to throw at them. Just pre-covid we started playing 5e with another family. Bog-standard Forgotten Realms. My 8 yr old (then7) came up with a character and backstory instantly about her half-elf sorceress who fronts like she’s a bard. I have an older son who became a regular with my old crew playing D20 Star Wars. My wife would play CoC with me and the current group I play with, but since that’s a social thing she doesn’t have to organize she’s happy to leave me to it.
  9. Not so strange based on some conversations I have had with old contributors. There is such a thing as unsustainable growth.
  10. SpaceMaster!? Iron Crown did some good things but is that really something they did? Ishtar preserve us from more charts!
  11. I've seen some chatter on the Discord. I'm interested in pulsing the group-mind about what people are using as their base-settings for M-space. I have heard Traveller, AD2300, and some others. Including elements of Stars Without Number if not that setting as well. Anyway, indulge me!
  12. And in any event, all of you owe me 5$ for using the word "slack" Thou Art Bob.
  13. So I liked this element of Joe Haldman's "Forever War" in that ship-to-ship combat in space was just done by computer because the math is just too hard. Meanwhile, I kinda think of the range problem with railguns to be more that after a certain distance your hit probability drops to nil because of the amount of time it takes to reach the target vs everyone's relative speed.
  14. Marienkäfer fliegedein Vater ist im Kriegedeine Mutter ist in EngellandEngelland ist abgebrannt Marienkäfer fliege
  15. Tales of the Gold Monkey!?!?! I LOVED that show! ... when I was 8? Jeez... Funny I always thought that Duck Tales owed a great debt to that show..
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