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Making a bound book into a PDF-what are my options?

Charles Green

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So, I find myself in a bit of a quandary.

As some of you know, a few years ago, I wrote two monographs for Stormbringer, called Gods of Chaos and Gods of Law respectively. Sine Chaosium no longer possesses the license for the line, these books are out of print, and will never see publication gain.

However, since I wrote the material, I still own it, even though I don't have a license to print them for money. For Gods of Chaos, this has been gotten around by making a PDF of the book available online.

I'd like to do the same thing for Gods of Law. The problem is that Marcus Bone has the PDF he made doing the layout, and I haven't been able to get in touch with him in months. (Marcus, if you're reading this, contact me.) The ideal solution would be to get the PDF from him, and have it hosted somewhere.

Since I can't do that, if I'm going to make Gods of Law available again, I need to do something myself.

I have a single bound copy of the manuscript. Sadly, I lost the .doc files in a hard drive crash, so I can't simply post them. If I take my bound copy to someplace like Kinkos and ask for a scan and re-binding, am I going to get turned away at the door, even though I'm the author and have permission to post it?

Are there other options here that I'm not considering?

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I have TWO copies of Gods of law - one is a purely black & white, tape bound copy based on what appears to have been a final proof copy (there are hand written annotations reproduced on some pages). it was one of a set in a "mega-order" by several regulars at the Tavern - when we told Chaosium about it they sent us all replacement copies or the corrected print run - which was also one of the first colour cover and perfect bound monographs...

If we can't track Marcus down I'll slice up my black and white copy, scan it and run it through Acrobat 9 and send you the file if you want.



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