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Historical Supplements -- what do you want to see


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OK, since there seems to be some interest in historical supplements, I want to keep the momentum (and my interest ;) ) going.

What types of information do you consider essential for a historical supplement (let's just say sourcebook to keep things simple), regardless of era?

What types of information do you consider essential for an Alternate Earthy historical supplement (myths/folklore/magic/etc. could be real, but in limited doses)?

Thanks in advance.

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Just some first thoughts ... :)

General Historical Background

- timeline

Current Situation

- government and laws

- economy and coinage

- society and culture

- powers and factions (political and religious)

- ongoing conflicts


- typical characters and skills

- typical architecture and equipment ("technology")

- everyday life (how do people live)

- languages and typical names


"Mind like parachute, function only when open."

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Guest Vile Traveller

Very important: Some information on how people lived! Social stuff like:

1. Typical houses for different levels of wealth, inns, fortifications.

2. Plans of a far, a village, a town, a city.

3. What do people eat, what do they wear, what do they do (work and entertainment).

This kind of information is vital, especially if you're not talking about a medieval European setting (which most gamers may have some knowledge of). It helps players and GMs get their imagination off on the right track.

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