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The Grace Temple of Nochet


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A question about what the Grace Temple of Nochet came up on FB, so here's how I envisioned it based upon rough notes from Jeff.


The Grace Temple is, of course, huge.  It is one of the two greatest temples to Ernalda in all Glorantha (the other at Ezel in Esrolia).  It is some 100 meters per side, and the plaza is some 200 meters across.

This is the description from my index to the city:

Grace Temple.  Grace Temple is where the Blessing Goddess, great Ernalda herself, resides, and it is Ernalda’s largest and greatest temple [in Nochet, perhaps all Glorantha]. A large priestesshood oversees it, and the temple is also a school for priestesses in general. It is renowned throughout Esrolia, and rivals the Great Temple of Ezel. Of note is that the Great Temple priestesses often scorn the Grace Ladies, but the Grace Ladies have kind words for their disparagers. “They are still young,” say the elders of Grace.  Thousands of pilgrims come annually to visit the Grace Temple and receive the goddess’ blessings.

Jeff's notes at the time were: It has a square base and a high multi-tier roof held up by statues of goddesses. Something like a much bigger version of the temple in the foreground of this picture: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Taratarini_maa.jpg - also may incorporate aspects of this temple: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Nagda2.jpg


I liked the Taratarini design and went with that.  Picture the tallest tower of that temple made large and repeated at each corner of the temple.  Connect each of those together with the lower domes.  Put the portico/entry of Nagda at the center of each side.  Then put huge statues of the Earth goddesses in all their representation throughout the great halls as the pillars that uphold the domes.  And EVERYTHING is highly decorated and carved. 
At the center of course, is Ernalda's Garden, which is open to the sky, sun, winds, shadows, rain, and all the rest of Ernalda's protectors/consorts.  And there are no exterior doors.  The Grace Temple welcomes one and all to enter and be awed by the wonder and grace that is Ernalda.
This is a place for pilgrimage.  Pilgrims, beggars, the maimed and wounded, earth witches, even aldryami, may be encamped in the plaza that surrounds the temple. 
Grace Plaza.  The plaza is noted for its many statues of Great Ernalda, some said to date from the Gods Age.  When the great festivals occur the entire plaza is filled with those seeking rest and food and offering their prayers to the goddess for her blessing.

All the houses around (these are mostly the halls of Sartarite-derived clans from families and refugees who fled to Nochet and have formed Client Houses to the great Enfranchised Houses) are highly painted and colorfully decorated - it's like looking at a rainbow of colors.

Grace Street.  Running from the Grace Temple to the Sacred City, Grace Street is considered one of the great sacred streets of Nochet, blessed by Ernalda herself.  The buildings along Grace Street are always brightly and garishly painted.  The street is always filled with crowds:  priestesses and their entourages, local merchants, delegations to the Queen from Sarli, many pilgrims, and even sacred pigs!  It is said that Ernalda herself watches over those upon her street and curses those who would steal from her or her children.

Also there is of course an extensive underground complex deep beneath the Grace Temple.  As expected, the temple extends as a cube underground.  But there are caverns underneath too that surround the temple and they include a host of shrines within the Earth.


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This is the style I've used:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deula#/media/File:Simplified_schema_of_Kalinga_architecture.jpg

Put the Rekha Deula at each corner, connect with the smaller Pidha Deula(s) to a central entry on each side.  Add in all the wonderful mythic images of Ernalda throughout: statues, snakes and serpents, wondrous events, etc.

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1 hour ago, M Helsdon said:

I wonder what stone this edifice is made of, and its colour. 

This image (enlarged) from the Guide seems to be missing the Grace Temple, unless I'm disorientated.

nochet enlarged.png

The Guide predates my work with Jeff on the map of Nochet.  It likely drew upon the few odds and ends of maps in the Esrolia book that were available at the time.


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