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Zero Edition Errata


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I've looked, I promise I'm not just asking because I'm lazy.

I ran a game at a con a couple weeks ago, and since I never got around to buying a copy of the final vitruvian man cover version, there were some discrepancies between the people who used my book and those that used the finished copies for character generation (believe it or not, I had two players show up for the session with BRP books).

Anyway, it wasn't anything major, but the gold cover version is low on my priority list right now, and I was hoping that there was just a final compiled errata document here or on the chaosium site. Anyone know?


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There isn't an official errata document, and I'll admit that it's my fault.

Edits for the book were done by Sarah Newton, Ben Monroe, Rodney Leary, me, and another couple of people at Chaosium over a period of a few months. Charlie and I must have exchanged about a hundred emails in that period, and in some cases, there were edits to edits, such as Sarah catching some of my blunders even when I was correcting other blunders.

I was privy to my own edits and those that came from Sarah, but outside edits went straight from the editors to Chaosium, in electronic and in physical form. I thought someone was compiling edits somewhere at Chaosium, but I believe that edits went straight into the electronic manuscript.

Compiling an errata for the zero edition would involve full weeks of work, poring over the dozens of submitted edited files from multiple editors, sifting emails for them, retyping those that were made to hardcopies of the book, organizing them, and then weeding out the duplicates. It's a task that's simply beyond my bandwidth for the foreseeable future.

I don't know if Chaosium has the resources to put to the task, but you can always email Charlie or Dustin and ask.

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Yeah, I know I scrawled my notes directly on my 'zero edition' book, and took it down to Charlie for him to go over and input where appropriate. So, I don't even have a record of my edits.

Please don't contact me with Chaosium questions. I'm no longer associated with the company, and have no idea what the new management is doing.

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