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Delta Green - Looking for Advice


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I'll be starting a Delta Green campaign for a large group of experienced D&D players. They've already rolled up characters, and they unintentionally split themselves into three different factions (The Feds, The Crooks, and The Squares). I ran the Feds through Last Things Last to familiarize them with the tone and setting, as well as to act as a sort of prologue for that group. Ideally, I'd do something similar for the other two groups as well, but that remains to be seen. I have a plan to bring the three factions together, and hopefully my players will go along with it. All that said, I'm looking for advice on running Delta Green, especially for a large group of players. Most of them are unfamiliar with spy fiction or the Mythos in general. I'll be starting with Dead Light and Blackwater Creek to introduce the group as a whole, and I want to be able to run a smooth game for them. Any advice is welcome. Thank you in advance.

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There will be some adjusting from the ability score based system to a skill based system. Make sure to point out they now have the freedom to try any of the skills on the sheet, and encourage them to take a lot of shots at everything including their 01 skills. I have been in a few games where players with 01s have succeeded when the stakes have been high, and it's always a thrill for the entire table.

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How did it go? Can't offer any advice for managing a table that large, I can't even get two players to a game anymore. Logistically it sounds difficult, especially in a modern setting, with  the group splitting, and then the sub-groups sub-splitting; yet still 'linked' by their smart-phones.


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