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The Maze of Mezeria for Mythras is coming soon, sign up for 30% off!


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Hello folks,

The Maze of Mezeria for Mythras is coming soon. Those that sign up for our newsletter at our website will get a 30% discount on Maze of Mezeria and future products! So please sign up and when it releases you'll get notified and receive 30% off! For those interested in what Maze of Mezeria is, I've created a in depth product description that you can see below!

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The Maze of Mezeria
Brave the Maze of Mezeria! There is but one chance for glory, but many for death. Venture forth with skill and guile or join the doom of a long dead civilization. The Maze of Mezeria is a 62-page adventure for Mythras. Your players will explore a labyrinth full of secrets while fighting for their very survival. The Mythras Core Rulebook is required for this adventure.

In this adventure you will find; 
  • A 62-page adventure that should last 10-20 hours depending on playstyle; 
  • A fully keyed map of the Maze of Mezeria; 
  • New adversaries, including Blobs, Cannibals, and more; 
  • A full adventure summary, keyed for quick reference at the table;
  • And much more! (See Below!)
This section is for GMs who want to make an informed decision before buying Maze of Mezeria. Players that read this section will find SPOILERS!

What is Maze of Mezeria?

Maze of Mezeria is a 5.5" x 8.5" digest format book, including a 5-section dungeon. But this adventure is more than a simple dungeon crawl. You will find things such as traps, a puzzle, and encounters; but most of these can be avoided entirely. The real danger in Maze of Mezeria is exhaustion. This adventure uses Fatigue Levels to a large degree. Moving from one place to another in the maze will automatically cause you to suffer a level of fatigue. Doing certain actions can also cause fatigue. Finding rations is vital to the PCs' survival.

Who is this adventure for?

This adventure is suitable for any character. Lesser skilled characters could have a more difficult time, but the difficulty can easily be adjusted by increasing or decreasing Difficulty Grades. This is a fantasy adventure, but one that could be placed in almost any fantasy setting.

What else is in this adventure?

A cursed minotaur, cannibals, gelatinous blobs, devious prisoners, strange riches, golems, illusions, traps, starvation, and a whole lot of fun.

How does it run?

The length of the adventure depends on what the players do. They could cut straight across the maze toward the exit if they are lucky and fight the urge to explore. Those that want to find every little thing and search every nook will find themselves in trouble as they run out of rations and continually suffer fatigue. We recommend the GM read the adventure, but we've included a summary of each section for quick reference at the table.

What else?

Maze of Mezeria includes a fully keyed, and unkeyed map of the maze. This can be found in the print book, and as an image download. If you enjoy great dark fantasy art, this book has a good chunk of full color art that hopefully will help provoke your imagination. And finally, there are 5 new bestiary entries (Mannequins, Starving Mazerite, Mazerite Leader, Blobs, and Astra the Rogue).

Last pitch!

If you're looking for a dungeon-like adventure for your campaigns this could serve as an interesting aside. A GM could also use it to spur on more adventures based around the lost kingdom of Mezeria.  We hope you take a chance and explore the Maze of Mezeria with us!
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The pitch sounds pretty cool, but to be honest, I'm not exactly blown away by the preview - it's well written, and the first few dungeon rooms are described in a evocative way and feel original, but structurally, the text reads like a choose your own adventure book, which, in my experience, doesn't lend itself well to actual play at my table. The adventure seems to be structured in scenes and starts with the first one without telling the GM anything about what's going on.


So first, there's a body and I don't know who it is or how it got there; then characters start the adventure literally by falling down a hole, and as it seems, they aren't supposed to be able to avoid that or climb out again; instead, they are expected to just follow the only obvious way out (really, I know very little players who would have their characters do that).

Since there's no initial information about the maze, the body and what all of this is about, I can't say from the preview if there's another, less arbitrary way to get the characters into the scenario. A rescue mission? A treausure hunt? A dare? All these could be interesting options for different characters, but I have no idea if they would be valid for this scenario.


If the preview is indicative of the structure of the scenario as a whole, it would mean a lot of trouble for me to make it gameable.

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