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  1. Your absolutely right - it has obviously been changed for the finished OQ3 (and I'm quite happy with that).
  2. Opposed rolls ... yeah, I see the point. OpenQuest - in its current third edition - just modifies the active skill according to how strong it is compared to the resisting skill (half, double ...), but that leads to some very wonky edge cases ... I'd say make it player-facing and simple: Just let the player make a skill roll and assign a difficulty based on the skill value of the opposition, along a scale somewhat like this: 00-20%: +20 to player's skill 21-50%: normal skill roll 51-80: -20 to player's skill 81-100: -40 to players skill above 100 ... well, not
  3. Actually, I keep thinking about how I would translate "Lords of the Middle Sea" to German ... if you translate it word for word, you end up with something that's totally misleading, because the term "Mittelmeer" is already taken in German, as you said ... maybe something along the lines of "Die Mittlere See" oder "Meer der Mitte" would be possible, but all of that sounds pretty awkward.
  4. I'm also pretty impressed by it - the setting really feels like a living and breathing thing. Not sure about clash points in combat yet, they might be a little to fiddly for me, but on the other hand, their use seems to be mostly reactive (counter-attack, dodge missiles, enhance a succesful attack), so maybe they won't lead to that much analysis paralysis ... Like the mettle/valour concept (though it seems that it makes fighters a lot hardier than in standard BRP).
  5. Just felt the need to quote you on these three! EDIT: Oh, didn't see the last post about Bas-Lag. I hope that license isn't cursed, sounds a bit like it ...
  6. I"m still waiting for my copy, and I'm definitely curious about what it will bring to the table in terms of rules.
  7. I share that feeling. I'm looking forward to new stuff like the Lords of the Middle Sea rpg, but a part of me also feels that Chaosium still has a Stormbringer-shaped hole in it ...
  8. Over here https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/13532-why-magic-world-failed/page/4/?tab=comments#comment-214240 I've talked myself into wanting a "Magic World Multiverse" as some kind of vehicle to let people create all the weird, gonzo BRP adventures that I always felt were implied by the existence of Stormbringer. I wouldn't necessarily associate "trippy" with a high power lever, but with a lot of "anything goes". In a way, the opposite of a deep setting like Glorantha, were a lot of stuff goes, but a lot of other stuff would just feel wrong for the setting ...
  9. I see where you're going with DCC - I do associate a lot of all-out gonzo elements that DCC has strongly with BRP, and especially, Stormbringer. I don't know if it's the same for other people. Stormbringer was really a unique experience for my group back then, it felt like nothing is as expected and everything is possible in that setting, with that rules; so weird stuff like DCC coming out for D&D clones/offsprings but not for BRP is kind of disappointing. On the other hand, Chaosium has something great - and totally different - going on both with the Jonstown Compendium and the Miska
  10. I‘ll risk going on a tangent here: For me, this is not about marketing at all (and btw., I‘m pretty sure that Chaosium did a superb job when it comes to marketing in the past few years). I just feel that Magic World is ideally suited to fill something that I perceive as a gap in the chaosium line-up (and in BRP in general): A simple, flexible set of rules that will allow people to just publish whatever scenarios they come up with. Yeah, I know, we have the BRP SRD. But that one is so bare-bones that it is really hard to use without creating and providing your own supplemental ru
  11. I vaguely remember a pretty artsy, CGI-heavy mythology movie with a vaguely greek feel that, I think, had a down-to-earth, tragic framing narrative in black and white, but I can't for the life of me remember its title or director. The image that stuck in my head is a warrior being felled by about a 1000 arrows in the back, slowly sinking back and resting on the arrows like a kind of giant centipede. Anyone seen it? Somehow, I associate it with Glorantha.
  12. Reading it right now (I'll probably use it as a one-shot to introduce my current group to Mythras). As with Hessaret's Treasure, I really like the presentation of the characters (both PCs and NPCs); you can really see the story unfolding from their actions. There's also some good advice about how to handle Customs roles to see whether a character will stick to their cultural preconceptions (with the Customs skill working very much like a Passion in this context). The "roll how your character feels about something (and/or how s/he acts on it" systems of Pendragon and Mythras are interesting, bu
  13. Just to add another "Why I (at first) ignored Magic World" story: I actually thought it was a Magic/Fantasy supplement for the BGB; and since I tend to have relatively little interest in toolbox systems (I do tinker, but I like to start out with something that is playable out of the box), I gave it a pass. Only much later I found out that it was actually a reworking of Stormbringer/Elric! (had I known earlier, I would have ordered it right away.)
  14. Not really. if you have a score of 19, you can get between 0 and 2 successes with your roll: 0 on a roll of 20, 1 if you roll anything from 2-19, 2 if you crit with a natural 1. With a score of 2M, you get anything between 1 and 3 successes: 1 Sucess on a roll of 3-20 (0 sucesses from your roll, +1 success from Mastery), 2 on a roll of 2 (1 from the roll, +1 from mastery), 3 sucesses on a 1 (2 successes from the Crit +1 for Mastery). So for any given number you can roll, you're either better of with 2M than with 19, or at least just as well. If you roll a failure, that does
  15. Probably true. That's why I feel that it might have been best to make the rules part of MW part of the BRP OGL, giving those who want to publish generic fantasy scenarios something meatier to work with.
  16. It's an interesting idea. OQ already gives you races/ancestries. What else would you want to "port over" into OQ? Classes (like classiv fantasy does)? Fire-and-forget spells? I think you could do classes simply as templates - basically, suggestions of how much points to put into which skills. If you want characters to level up, you could take a page out of Classic Fantasy and give them more Hero Points in regular intervals, so that they can reasonably take on bigger and bigger foes without getting kiled. To be honest, I wouldn't try to re-create "vancian" D&D magic in OpenQuest, but t
  17. Jason has to stop teasing this on FB. It's killing me!
  18. I see it just the other way around: I have no trouble at all to adapt most d100 systems to different settings, because they are - as you mentioned - pretty flexible, and they also tend to make sense on a fundamental level. It's easy for me to understand how BRP and its relatives work and what the implications are if I change something. That makes it pretty easy to adapt a more generic BRP Fantasy ruleset like Magic World or OpenQuest to all kinds of settings by modifying the elements you need modified. MW has a small sidebar on modifying magic to fit other settings, for example, and that reall
  19. I think that Jackals and OpenQuest 3rd edition are both good candidates for that - OQ3 will probably the first really good-looking edition of that system, and it looks like it is going to get a lot of support with several planned supplements and settings. I'm really looking forward to both of them, and since they'll probably be pretty compatible, it's going to be easy to port stuff around.
  20. Yes, I think Delta Green does it that way, too. I know it from Unknown Armies and Eclipse Phase. If I remember correctly, OQ is moving to doubles as crits in the upcoming 3rd edition - I think up until 2nd edition, it was 1/10th (but I might be mistaken).
  21. I've only watched the first 30 minutes yet, but it all sounds quite interesting - the cultures feel believable from what little can be glimpsed (the alchemists as outcasts whose services are nevertheless very needed sound especially interesting, and the concept has a lot of historical precedent); the rules feature at least two elements that I tend to like in D100 games (crits/fumbles on doubles, which makes dice-reading much easier, and checkmarks for succesful tests) - and the author mentions that "generational play" with characters retiring from the pack and new ones joining is kind of the e
  22. Yes, I'm pretty excited for this ... preview looks great!
  23. I still feel that chaosium missed the opportunity to use MW as a "Fantasy SRD" for BRP. It is a pretty clear and concise set of generic fantasy rules that is easily applicable to all kind of home-brew settings (as opposed to RQ or CoC). The current BRP SRD really isn't really helpful as a set or rules - you basically have to develop your rules from it. I don't know why MW failed, but it could definitely fill an important gap in the chaosium line-up as a system that makes it easy for everyone interested to just use it as a complete and self-contained fantasy rule-set for a homebrew world w
  24. Thanks for the tips; but actually I'm looking formost for stuff to read on Mexican history (I know that Cthulhu scenarios are no history books, but it is always fun to read them side-to-side with history books), not really something to play a campaign in Mexico, so shifting a scenario there wouldn't really help ...
  25. I'm really curious what "streamlined" means here ... is it just a relatively slimmed down version (as opposed to RQ)? Does it try to bring more coherence to certain aspects of the game (like CoC7 did)? The part of the character sheet we've seen in the photo looks pretty familiar - the Effort Roll being STRx5 suggests that they've kept the classic characteristics range, there are obviously fixed base chances for skills (but no skill categories). But there's a lot we haven't seen yet ... will this be Stormbringer/Magic World with passions added, or will there be bigger changes?
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