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Mystic Magic System

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All -

Many years ago I was asked to create a system of mystic magic, to complement the sorcerers and shamans already in my gaming group. I developed a system. Much to my surprise, a friend of mine who's been running RQ off and on for the last fifteen years or so told me that people in his campaign were using the system: Every time he started a game, somebody wanted to play a mystic.

Well, with that stroking my ego, I decided that there might actually be somebody else in the world deranged enough to use this system:

So for all you rules-people, who like experimenting in their games, I present the original P A Christian Mystic Magic system - all rights reserved, but free to anyone who wants to use it.


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Thanks for sharing. This looks very interesting, and I'm looking forward to reading through it (though this will take a while, as I have many other pressing projects on the go)

"Tell me what you found, not what you lost" Mesopotamian proverb



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