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Chaos dieties with water rune


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I've decided to have my adventurers leave sartar and go to the coasts of esrolia or heartland. While thinking up a villain I realized I haven't heard of a chaos water deity or even any chaos gods who took a swim I take it there are and we either haven't heard of them or that I simply haven't come across them yet.

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I don't know of any Chaos gods with the Water rune, Water is one of the staunchly anti-Chaos elements, but Chaos did have some gruesome victories over Water powers.  Pocharngo the Mutator, the Cosmic Cancer, is the main god I know of to have won victories over Water, he was responsible for warping and fusing a great host of merfolk and water gods into a horrible living bridge over which the Chaos hordes assaulted one of the slopes of the Spike.

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The classic from Lords of Terror is the Gloomshark, worshipped by the Bluegloom cult.

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