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  1. Okay, what about another less than accessible goddess: Arachne Solara. Firewitch worships her, the Beast Valley folk worship her: what do they get from it?
  2. Then, rather, a subcult of a more accessible god based around an Imarjan intervention in that god(dess)'s myths might offer Summon Geese?
  3. Surely she offers the Summon Geese rune magic spell?
  4. They're probably referring to these lines from p. 39 of the Sourcebook, which I wouldn't mind some explication on myself: "Among the Kitori, a little bright light was snuffed out, and a demon that had many sharp mouths was let out of its skin. It sought vengeance, and fell upon the army of King Broyan while they slept. The king could not keep it away, because he had betrayed the City of Wonders, and the Great King was killed there, with his army." I took this to mean that someone (probably Lunar agents) snuffed out a warding light keeping a Darkness-based spirit of vengeance from Belintar's reign quiescent, which sought out and killed Broyan on pre-set orders to pursue anyone attempting to usurp Belintar the way he deposed Ezkankekko. Is there an intended interpretation?
  5. You'd need quite the heroquest to retrieve him after the ending of Beneath the...
  6. in-game, my Argan Argar troll usually communicates peaceful intent by making the Harmony rune with three fingers
  7. dumuzid

    Pavis in 1626

    Oh, yes, one of my players is a duck assistant shaman (SIZ 3) studying with Argrath, the first scene with the whole group together was his audience chamber. I've assumed he set up shop in the old Count's Palace in Oldtown after evicting the Lunars who'd been using it as their headquarters.
  8. dumuzid

    Pavis in 1626

    So, I just finished running my first session of RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha from the GM's side. The game began in New Pavis, first day of Sea Season 1626. I'm basing the game primarily off materials in the classic Pavis & Big Rubble and the more recent Pavis: Gateway to Adventure, with a last helping from the Jonstown Compendium work Rubble Runners, from which Kars the Prophet and his entourage have already appeared. A challenge I've anticipated in using Pavis as a setting for RQ:G is probably obvious to those familiar with the books I'm using: the old Pavis materials only extend chronologically into the final years of the Lunar Occupation. I've had to develop post-Liberation Pavis from those materials, and honestly it's been pleasant and rewarding. I'm curious: has anyone else here done some work, fan, Jonstown or official, on updating Pavis for the post-Liberation timeline that they'd like to share? I'm happy to open with my own contribution. The first original development in Pavis that my players encountered is my replacement for Moonlighters, the club that catered to Lunar officers in Oldtown during the occupation. I've decided that after the Liberation of Pavis the old management of Moonlighters is either dead or fled, so Argrath granted the establishment to one of his supporters with a background in club promotion: an Argan Argar dark troll from Nochet, Hargro Brightbite, and his crew of scruffy Nochet trolls and trollkin, who now run the Blind Lamp Club in Moonlighters' old building, offering thumping percussive dance music, trollkin gogo dancers of dubious skill but tremendous enthusiasm, and a dining menu catered by the in-house Thunderbreath Gobbleguts franchise. My premise being that Argan Argar invented nightclubs in the Storm Age after observing that "humans do most of the things they like best in the dark, and are happy to pay for the privilege."
  9. Serves them right for thinking of it in terms of the Lightbringers quest, not Lifebringers. Shame on Harmast for forgetting it was no human who gathered the Unity Army to vanquish Wakboth's horde. Shame on his companions for forgetting the debt all humans owe to Ezkankekko and the Darkness people, less than five hundred years since the Dawn.
  10. Argrath has his own setbacks. The Red Emperor takes Boldhome back in the 1640s, according to the TakenEgi Stele. Argrath and his companions spend a stretch hiding in Broyan's otherworld hall. I think he and Harrek have already had their duel by then, after Gunda died in the sack of Boldhome. His fortunes take a few wild swings before he embarks on the quest to free Sheng.
  11. Thank you for all of this. Phew, those stats. Granted, I have no RQ3 experience, so I don't know how exactly those write-ups would translate to RQG, but still. Follow-up question: what are the caste restrictions of the Browns and Reds?
  12. The right move after that was probably for Leika (or a PC) to re-light the Sartar brazier, not Argrath, yeah.
  13. Argrath becoming the King of Dragon Pass is a colossal miscalculation and intimately linked with why his war against the Moon spirals so horribly out of control. To fulfill his correct role in the Hero Wars, Argrath needed to embrace more fully his position as the White Bull, preparatory to embodying Storm Bull, not Orlanth. A healthy transition to 4th Age requires that Orlanth and Yelm make peace in Hell, while Storm Bull and the Unity Hero defeat embodied Chaos in the Middle World. Argrath was supposed to be Storm Bull while Broyan was supposed to be Orlanth, but him dying to that darkness demon in 1624 put paid to that plan. Argrath tried to synthesize the Orlanth and Storm Bull roles in Broyan's unavoidable absence, but ended up with an Orlanth who never fully gives up lordship to venture with his companions into the Underworld etc. He stays in the Middle World for the final battle, like Storm Bull did, then tries to turn the Unity Battle into the Great Compromise...and the results are not pretty. The Unity Hero is one or several PCs in this scheme.
  14. Well I think we can all agree on this one.
  15. The group I play in gathered a good old-fashioned Unity Army to purge and resettle the Smoking Ruins. Here are the answers to those points from that campaign: 1) We had an Ernalda noble in the party, and an apparition of Ernalda welcomed her into mastery of the temple personally. Its guardians were two Snake Daughters, and its temple defenses were treated as being dormant until our Ernaldan took the mantle of high priestess. 2) His spirit was still there in our game. His tomb held grave goods, but since we hoped to integrate him into the new community we left those untouched. We'd already been resident in the ruins for a few seasons before we approached Korol directly, and had already done considerable work in renovating and repopulating them. He was sufficiently pleased with developments that he only needed the oath of the town ring's chieftain to refurbish and maintain a dragonewt site in the ruins before he gave the new community his blessing. 3) The Unity Army our group led was raised specifically to free all the spirits trapped in the Smoking Ruins, including those in the eye-necklace, and using a combination of approaches (including my troll character eating the eye-necklace) this was accomplished. A Zorak Zoran berserker purified the temple by devouring all Vamargic's accouterments, and a Kyger Litor/Korasting shaman-priestess re-sanctified the space to the troll gods. As for other places of interest, consider the stream that flows through the Ernalda temple gardens and over the cliff. That stream joins the southernmost reaches of the great Oslir River down on the valley floor. My GM is a big afficionado of Solar mythology, so he made that stream the daughter of the dragon-river Oslira and Shargash. She woke up in Sea or Fire of 1627, and we had a nice tense time managing that situation.
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