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  1. At least in My Glorantha, from the Vadeli perspective a dead Vadeli is a failed Vadeli, worthy only of exploitation.
  2. This is more a Glorantha than Runequest answer, but the kings of Jonatela are supposed to be priests of a whole bundle of cults, with shrines and temples there in the palace. Would seem to mostly depend on CHA limits, overcoming them, and maneuvering the relationships of the different cults and temples a character participates in.
  3. I've been interested in those grim, ostensibly vendref Humakti who've guarded all the Feathered Horse Queens ever since I first read of them. The suggestion of a sort of sword-guerilla movement within the vendref populace that stepped into the open when the first FHQ's struggle presented an opportunity is terribly intriguing.
  4. The last time I was on the player side of RQG I tried to work the problem in the first quote from the position of the second quote. While playing an Argan Argar dark troll who was more or less consciously emulating OOO from the end of Dark Season 1626 onward (pulled together a Unity Army to drive Chaos from a ruined settlement, married a human Earth priestess, became the founding king of a Darkness+Earth+Harmony-centered society, etc.), I began a side project of attempting to fight the Curse of Kin using the intercession of Earth powers. I tried this in two ways, with two separate results.
  5. Well that's the rub: with the Red Sword(s), we're dealing with a lineage of parthenogenic magical sword reproduction. My understanding of it is this: in the Gods War, Tolat fought what is termed a Chaos horror in the Sky and was nearly destroyed; this may or may not be his fight with Umath. At some crucial point in the battle Artmal saved his uncle from defeat. Afterwards Tolat gifted Artmal a sword, the offspring of his original Red Sword. Much later in the Gods War, when the Artmali people first descended from the Blue Moon, Artmal repeated Tolat's act and offered the offspring of hi
  6. I've thought the same; specifically, that Meriatan might try to resort to the God Learner techniques used in the Second Age to partially master the sword (see accounts of Ordanal and the founding of Eest) should the first serious confrontations between Loskalm and the KoW go poorly.
  7. I'm curious what role you all think the Red Sword of the Artmali Emperors, housed in the (apparently long disused) Temple of War at Spada in Loskalm circa 1618, will play in the Western hero wars. Given Hero Wars prophecies about other regions of the globe it seems that the Teshnan hero-sailor Gebel and the Veldang hero Gabaryanga are supposed to visit the area on their joint quest to recover the sword and restore Artmal, but I don't recall reading any reference to what events transpire in Fronela that see sword leave its current resting place. The sword was stored in that old barbari
  8. Ahem, I believe that if you consult the learned preceptors of the Word you'll find that the Abiding Book was written by the very hand of Malkion, to the astonished reverence of the Jrusteli church fathers
  9. Definitely stealing this idea for my version of Fonrit though. e: the Jann-Issaries
  10. For Argan Argar's associated spell, I recommend Safe.
  11. Argan Argar and Issaries are great friends and business partners in the myths. A Zorak Zoran warband might not care, but more disciplined troll forces with higher proportions of Argan Argar speartrolls, like Shadow Plateau forces, would actually be quite likely to respect heralds carrying the Harmony or Communication runes. such heralds do need to make sure that their peace-signs are legible to Darksense though, to avoid any misinterpretations of intent.
  12. Forests and mountains of the Apes. If Genert survives the Gods War without being turned into a Chaos horror, central Genertela would probably be as lushly forested as north-central Pamaltela
  13. if somehow the Earthfall were circumvented, and Genert's Garden was not laid waste in the Lesser Darkness, then the prospects for survival rise significantly for the dominant civilization of the Garden: the baboons. I would assume that a Glorantha where Genert survives would include a much more powerful and numerous baboon culture in central Genertela.
  14. When we founded a settlement at the Smoking Ruin in the campaign I played in we were helped regarding the Grazers by their participation in the battle that made settling the ruins possible to begin with--warriors from the Four Gifts tribe came unasked, because their maternal ancestors told them to. We further cemented relations through my character, the settlement's first king, marrying one of the daughters of the Four Gifts' chief, a Gamari priestess. The Feathered Horse Queen officiated the wedding herself. Our political relationship with the Grazelander Queendom as of the end of the camp
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