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  1. Trolls have been raising their children in quarantine ever since Yelm died.
  2. I would suggest that most, if not all, trolls raised in troll communities are at least lay members of the Kyger Litor cult (trollkin excluded, naturally) in addition to their other affiliations. Given how carefully child and adolescent trolls are kept secluded from the world beyond their clan's caves, I would expect most initiation rites to begin with Kyger Litor, with the young troll crawling from the embrace of the Mother to assume their new role in society.
  3. My player characters are Eaglebrown Warlocks working directly for the White Bull and his companions. Elusu showed up to hook them up with some New Pavis underworld contacts, and they're answering to Orlaront Dragonfriend on campaign north of Corflu right now. Two of the player characters actually live in Argrath's palace complex (in what used to be the Lunar barracks in New Pavis) when they're not out in the field or otherwise adventuring. The 'celebrity' NPC who's had the most screen-time with the player characters is undoubtedly Gabaryanga though, the Fonritian escaped slave destined
  4. To add a little more substance, and maybe corroborate @Ladygolem's point, one of the more important mystical (as opposed to Illuminated) traditions in the late third age must be the Order of the Rising Sun in the East Isles. The Order has its primary temple, the House of the Rising Sun at Luma, the so-called "Bright City" of Haragala. Their main claim to fame is that after the Opening was revealed to Haragala by Kralorelan trade ships, members of the Order traveled to Teshnos to study its powerful solar cults. When they returned to Luma they used insights gained from the Teshnan theists to
  5. I like this interpretation a great deal.
  6. Interesting. Deezola of the Seven Mothers might be a good patroness for such a character too. For turning humans into beasts, I suggest looking at the Alter Creature spell.
  7. Red is the only color trolls can see, and it makes them uncomfortable and aggressive. Children marked 'naughty' on the Lead List get only lumps of enlo dung, not toys and treats
  8. All the Torkani children wait year-round for Waterday, Harmony Week, Dark Season, when each clan's highest Argan Argar initiate dons a goosefeather cloak and rides a twelve-trollkin sleigh between the steads through the night, bringing gifts for the little ones in exchange for mead and cookies.
  9. Now I'm imagining troll sledges pulled by lashed-together teams of trollkin
  10. In working out Pavis-area campaign materials I've come to suspect that the Zola Fel has its own tradition of illumination, and the Cleansed One is its bodhisattva, for lack of a better term.
  11. The headwaters of the Zola Fel River are called the Leaping Place Falls. Those heights are the place where Zola Fel, a crusading river of the Sea's invasion of the Land in the Storm Age, witnessed the destruction of the Spike and felt the call of great Magasta to assail the void opened at the heart of the world. Zola Fel retraced the path of his conquests of the Land to rejoin the deep currents of the Ocean and take part in Magasta's victory over Chaos. This much is fairly common knowledge in the lands along his modern banks. The particulars of this journey have never been explored in
  12. I've been thinking a little about Valind's Glacier lately, because I've been thinking plenty about the Sea of Fire at the other end of the lozenge. Pamalt, the ruling god of the Sea of Fire (as far as I know), made his Agi to populate the far south in spite of the heat. Given the other ways these realms seem to mirror each other, a race of ice immortals like human-scale hollri, created to people and defend the glacial lands before the trolls arrived, doesn't seem so far-fetched. This is my feeling--and another way I think Valind's Glacier mirrors the Sea of Fire. Sail far enough int
  13. I'm having trouble locating Jokotu, City of the Free, in the Argan Argar Atlas maps of Fonrit. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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