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  1. When we founded a settlement at the Smoking Ruin in the campaign I played in we were helped regarding the Grazers by their participation in the battle that made settling the ruins possible to begin with--warriors from the Four Gifts tribe came unasked, because their maternal ancestors told them to. We further cemented relations through my character, the settlement's first king, marrying one of the daughters of the Four Gifts' chief, a Gamari priestess. The Feathered Horse Queen officiated the wedding herself. Our political relationship with the Grazelander Queendom as of the end of the camp
  2. At my table we don't use the fail penalties for augments, only the normal rules for fumbles. At first it was just because we were all first-time RuneQuest players, but we never adopted the penalties once we knew better. Now that I'm the one GMing I've decided to keep omitting despite knowing the rules much better, though hardly completely. I want to encourage my players to use their more marginal passions and runes; the ever-present fumble chance keeps the element of risk without the potential to put a player character into a failure spiral during a scene.
  3. As this is ostensibly a thread about the Holy Country: has there ever been a Malkioni sect or society that sought co-existence with the Elder Races, rather than supremacy? I'm not sure whether the Autarchy counts as one, given how many permutations of belief Arkat went through before founding it.
  4. In My Glorantha, in the Sea Seaon of 1626 Argrath White-Bull commissioned a great work of art and artifice from the Pavis Mostali: a living map of the lozenge wrought in silver, brass and quicksilver, kept up to date through interface with the deep earth spirits at the dwarves' command. The table-sized version the Mostali delivered in Fire Season was just a copy of the grand map they manufactured for the project, but it fulfilled the terms of the contract nonetheless. Yet it was not the only copy of this grand map that the Mostali created. They prepared an even smaller version, the size of
  5. I'm pretty pleased with how it worked out. The survivors of our Unity Army resettled the no-longer-Smoking Ruins, creating a community of Old Tarsh humans, trolls and trollkin, green elves, and even Beast Valley folk who made it part of their seasonal round. The earth temple became a great worship center, sharing custody of the mirror fragment with the Clearwine temple over the course of the year, with our player character Ernaldan as its high priestess. She accepted the courtship of Asborn Thrice-Born, solidifying our alliance with the Colymar and opening the way for Sartarite settlers. M
  6. Using Call on Stars from the Red Book of Magic you can get spirit magic quite a bit stronger than that. The spell's write-up mentions spending 4RP to get Bladesharp 8. For conventional spirit magic, it seems like the only hard limit is how much CHA you have to store spells with.
  7. The wyter of the settlement my group founded the last time I was on the player side of RQG had rune points separate from its POW too, based on the same statted examples @lordabdul cites. It was a Darkness + Harmony entity from the Gods Age that helped officiate the wedding of Orlanth and Ernalda, and had RP in the Kyger Litor and Arachne Solara cults. Its most useful power was the sheer range of its senses though; bound to my character's lance, it made for a superb scout when we fought alongside the Feathered Horse Queen's forces in Tarsh.
  8. It's an intriguing idea, but at my table only one of the five players has any RQ experience. Stacking learning HeroQuest on top of the main game would probably be asking too much of them.
  9. While he lived in Jokotu, the City of the Free in Fonrit, he performed his mostly ad libbed ceremonies at the shrine to lost and unknown gods there. Since coming to Pavis he's worshiped in the Seven Mothers Temple, which is run by White Moon Movement members who've joined the White Bull Society (at least in My Glorantha), as a member of an associated cult.
  10. I've been basing my game's heroquesting off the old Stafford Library book Arcane Lore.
  11. The Blue Moon magic in print at the moment (via Troll Gods) grants invisibility, through both the rune spell already available in the RQG core book and a spirit magic spell that I don't think has been brought into the current edition. The Blue Moon also grants a unique version of the Divination spell: each casting grants the worshiper true, but somewhat random and contextless information about the present or future. It's a great way to learn far-flung secrets and prophecies, but without some corroborating information the Blue Moon's sybils are a bit indecipherable. Once in a Blue Moon culti
  12. there's always the Sumerian gur, which was the amount of a given substance that could be safely loaded onto a donkey's back
  13. I'm running an NPC who's done this: Gabaryanga, the escaped Fonritian (Veldang) slave. He dedicated himself to the Blue Moon, Veldara, after his first revolt against the janns of Afadjann failed, according to the Guide. I have worked along the assumption that he visited the ruins of Blue Moon sites in northern Pamaltela to see whatever art and relics of Veldara survived, consulted entheogenic drugs and Veldang-friendly oracles, picked up whatever scraps of cult lore he could from the handed-down songs and stories of the blue slaves. Circa 1626 (in My Glorantha) he's a 5 RP initiate of this
  14. My GM tried to warn us adequately that standing up to Vamargic directly would probably wreck us, but we ignored or discounted the evidence of how dangerous a confrontation would be and gave it a shot anyway. Poor Thinala gave her second life covering our retreat, with my character unconscious and our Humakti's arm broken. We saw Vamargic add her eye to his necklace as we fled. We did recover the mirror fragment though! Our subsequent effort to gather a Unity Army from around southern Dragon Pass to defeat Vamargic + allies in open battle ended up defining the rest of that campaign. Our Hu
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