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Varaz the Black

Erol of Backford

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Varaz the Black - One of the ancient Darkness-loving Kitori tribe, Varaz speaks to outsiders on the behalf of his people. A member of the Nightcult and a priest of Argan Argar, Varaz secretly rejoices in the demise of Belintar and seeks to find Ezkankekko so he can be restored to his ancient position. Varaz is shrewd and quiet, with a streak of cold-hearted ruthlessness. Varaz can take the form of a dark troll and usually does so in combat. His shadow is actually a Dehori ally. Varaz dresses in the traditional garb of a Shadowlord: black fur-lined cloak and hood, leaden mask, and ebon spear.

Has anyone used him near Troll Woods as an NPC similar to say White Eye near Apple Lane? 

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