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Roman Pagan Religious Traits

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One of my players would like his knight to conform to the Roman pagan religious traits.  It's a bit anachronistic, but this is Pendragon, so I figure it's within the realm of possibility. 

His proposed traits: Energetic, Honest, Just, Prudent, Temperate.

I'm not enough of a classicist to critique these choices. I think I've seen an "official" sort of answer floating around in some book, but I can't recall where.

What traits would you use?

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My version of Roman Pagans has Selfish, Just, Prudent, Temperate, Valorous.

They were a warrior culture; hard not to have valorous for me. The four traditional Roman virtues were prudentia (prudence), iustitia (justice), temperantia (temperance, self-control) and fortitudo (courage). We gotta choose a fifth for the game. There are lots of virtues we could argue for and there is nothing wrong with your player's suggestion of energetic or honest.

The issue you want to watch out for when choosing these traits, is that you don't want to (or at least be aware if you are) let a religious category double dip with the chivalrous category, or it is too easy for a PK to rack up bonuses. Chivalry is energetic, generous, just, merciful, modest, valorous. The player's proposed list has two traits that are aligned with chivalry (Just & and none that are opposed to it. That would make the roman pagan the best non-christian religion in the game. All the others have at least one trait that opposes chivalry. So for me, if we are going to add another flavor of pagan, it should have at least one trait opposed to chivalry.

Selfish so there is one trait that opposes chivalry and it matches up with the Roman value of frugalitas (frugalness). It is not selfish in sense of "more for me" but rather it is specifically not generous. The ideal of generosity, especially to to the poor was a particular Christian innovation, so that seemed to me to fit my gamey need for balance of the pagans and the history.

Hzark10's proud works too by opposing a chivalry trait and fits with dignitas (dignity)

As always, YPMV.

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