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Forest of wonderful beasts


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I'm not sure that you can. Which is a good thing - these intriguingly titled but under-specified zones are full of opportunity!

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The Voralans presents Glorantha's magical mushroom humanoids, the black elves. "Absolutely phenomenal" - Austin C. "Seriously weird-ass shit" - John D. "A great piece of work" - Leon K. The Electrum best-selling The Children of Hykim documents Glorantha's shape-changing totemic animal people, the Hsunchen. "Magisterial ... highly recommended" - Nick Brooke. "Lovingly detailed and scholarly, and fun to read" - John H. "Absolutely wonderful!" - Morgan C.

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You could use something like the forest spirit in Mononoke as the Wise Stag Monarch? To me it fits perfectly. Might be mistaken but it transforms to/from ethereally at dusk and dawn:

image.png.d70942483e17147caff615a0ab267872.png image.png.ad5194d272f8296fcf4153fbcf4d8367.png

There is also a great example for the stag in Six Seasons in Sartar by Andrew Logan (its on Drive Thru RPG). I just finished reading it the other day. It's a great book!

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