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  1. The only official example that we have is the green rock scenario and the white bull examples. I use it as an example to get minor powers and convert POW points in Hero points. Nothing about exploring the hero plane until rules get out.
  2. I use Gim-gim as the "littlefinger" of Pavis, a truly sneaky bas.t.rd and a source of pain with script inmunity until Argrath catch him.
  3. I think like Dave, Yelmalio is not about war, is about persistence and resilience. The Light which survived against all odds. If you are under the dominion of an Empire which consort with chaos, try to pervert your culture, tax your goods, and have powerfull magic units that sweep you away from the battlefield... If I were a young man of that clan/tribe/country... Maybe Yelmalio gives me the answers I desperately need. "When the wind stops, When the earth and waters are quiet, When the fires are ashes, And the Crimson shadows grow strong... The time has come for the Last of lights to Shine! Come forth Yelmalio! Last light of Hope!" Unknown poet, third age.
  4. Does anyone knows the personality traits of the plant rune?
  5. 2 points of spirit dispel magic or 1 point of dispel rune magic and sword trance is gone with those precious magic points the humakt used. Opponents are also smart.
  6. Well, with all that strength and power... Remenber... This is RuneQuest baby! The avatar of Ragnaglar can tell you that after his encounter with Nisk the unlucky 🤣🤣🤣
  7. I plan to give Diros the rune spells Float and Waterwalk and spirit spells Coordination, Heal, and mobility. What do you think?
  8. Hi, Jeff just posted in Facebook that praxians can find many powerful spirits/gods (except earth-fertility gods) in the wastes that can lead them to revelations, so what kind of spiritual beings survived?. Are they story-hooks? Whatever you feel necessary for your campaign? Or maybe there are arquetypes that exists in other places but are waiting to be rediscovered in prax/wastes?
  9. Thanks guys and I have to say that I am quite surprised, support is a stasis rune spell (oslira use change), shargash gives fear (a death or darkness rune spell) and oslira use Life rune, yelm gives cloud clear (an air or fire rune spell). So If you are a devoted priest of Oslira (life+water+movement) you will have difficulties to use those spells.
  10. I thought about shield, it must be yelm or Lodril who give it to her
  11. What spell does he give to oslira?
  12. Hi, one of my players want to be a Pavis survivor Tribe member, I have no info, so I plan to use the Pol joni homeland cultural skill bonuses, change praxian for old pavic, horse for zebras and swords for axes. Does Anyone has a better idea? Thanks
  13. Jose

    The Good shepherd

    Yes, I hope Jeff give us more information in the new Gods book.
  14. Jose

    The Good shepherd

    I was thinking more about how to lead, soft touch versus the gods war "hard power", that kind of thing. Where Orlanth is "follow me" and yelm is more "this is the way" Good shepherd is more "earth/Ernalda's way" maybe even he didn't want to lead it was just the way of things in green age . Just trying to find an answer.
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