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Dushi Sone

Erol of Backford

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Dushi Sone:


So Griffin Mountain p.47, Dushi has a memory of being saved by a blue-grey colored sword-toothed cat during her flight from slavery. This is assumed to be on her way to Rich Post but what was Blue Face doing so far from Balazar?

Does anyone have some guesses as to Dushi's age when she escaped from slavery, was in Rich Post, her husband died, when she went north and how old she is in say 1616 in Trilus?

What year is the base Griffin Mountain campaign set? It says she is about 52-53 years old, if its 1616 she was born in about 1565.


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There are no dates in GM. However Joh Mith is 48 in the New Starter set in 1625, where the current year is 1625 ST. He was 37 in GM, so... 48-37 = 11. 1625-11 = 1614...

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