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Skill Training


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I'm still a bit of a newbie to BRP. As far as skill research and finding a trainer, can a profession learn new skills through a trainer. For example, a thief learn how to use some sorcery or a wizard learn to use a long sword. I was thinking of adopting the rule from Stormbringer, if the character had over a 16 POW they could learn sorcery.



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Yes, in theory with BRP any character can learn any skills as long as they can satisfy any pre-requisities that the skill has (E.g. high POW for some magic skills/spells).

In practice, however, it might be a little bit harder.

Some skills are only taught by certain organisations and you have to belong to that organisation or steal the skill in order to learn it. So, certain magical skills might only be taught by a particular school of magic or cult, or only the Thuggee cult teach the Garrotte skill.

Some skills are frowned on by certain professions and it might be difficult to learn or use those skills. So, a Medic might not be expected to learn a Flamethrower skill, for example.

Apart from that, if you can find a teacher and persuade him to teach you the skill then why not?

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