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Mostali and First and Second Council


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54 minutes ago, Godlearner said:

I am looking to information of the interaction between Mostali and the First and Second Councils. If any sources come to mind please let me know.

Guide to Glorantha and Glorantha Sourcebook have most of the necessary information.  Martaler of Gemborg was their first representative but was replaced by Iron Diamond Voice from Greatway after Martaler had a fight with the Only Old One for unknown reasons.  IDV kept his position when the Council moved to Dorastor.  However shortly afterwards Nida declared sanctions against Greatway (probably for Openhandism with the Second Council) which soon became a declaration of heresy when Greatway refused to capitulate.  Only Gemborg is described as refusing to obey Nida at this time so the Jord and Imther Dwarves would have isolated themselves (Dwarf Mine under Isidilian is not mentioned which suggests its position is ambivalent).

There's an obscure schism in Greatway at an unspecified date (presumably after the Sunstop).  All we are told in the previous paragraph is that the "uppity eves took to leaning upon the rights of the dwarfs more and more". Angarko Diamond Voice quarrelled with Iron Diamond Voice and soon replaced him on the Broken Council, whereupon the Elves assassinated Angarko.  I assume that Angarko was opposed to more concessions to the Elves and was murdered for his refusal but we don't have the Elvish side of the story.   Greatway reduced its co-operation with the Broken Council after that "only inferior dwarf leaders came forward to help after that" and the only strong support among the Mostali for the Broken Council were those who lived in Dorastor.

Nida sent a small band of volunteers to Dragon Pass to convert the dwarfs there back to the Decamony.  They agreed and the Dragon Pass dwarfs sent troops to Dorastor to prove themselves whereupon most died and the survivors were bitter about this seemingly betrayal.  This seems like Greatway but for the small point that it's in the Elder Wilds.  There's possible explanations for this but describing them would be too long.


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