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Lismelder Champion & Sword

Erol of Backford

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Humakti sword associated with the Tournament of the Masters of Luck and Death. The four jewels indicate that there were four original participants competing for the sword, although it is currently owned by the champion of the Lismelder tribe, from the region of the Upland Marsh in Sartar. (GtG p. 120)

Is there more info on this and who would be campion from 1600, would they have been killed in 1602?

I assume its not the sword Wrath but am not sure, its supposed to be lost in the swamp or so I thought a rumor table stated?


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Cornard Deathdealer became Lismelder clan champion in 1609. He is mentioned in passing in Sartar KoH 1st ed, page 328. In the second edition his name is spelled Kornard. His write up can be found in Tales of the Reaching Moon #18 (1998). He was played in the original Lismelder campaign by the late Steve Thomas. He may have wrath. 

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