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Fortress of Doors & Zacharilth

Erol of Backford

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Based on recent posts I was thinking that maybe the Fortress of Doors could be transitioned to be the Zoo Ruins - the Stitched Zoo. Has anyone used the Fortress of Doors in Sartar and if so where did you place it. Maybe the ruins are in better shape than expected as gaining access has been somewhat restricted and of course known as haunted? 

I am not a fan of the scenario as laid out but the way the Silver Shields are thrown in possibly I could adopt it to the 1602 invasion of Sartar with the PC's fleeing southwest towards Nochet after some skirmishes with with them, maybe southwest of Runegate? Who really uses a scenario exactly as laid out anyway?

You were so successful, that the Lunar General sent out the Silver Shields, Dogmen of Saird, who are experts in hunting down freedom fighters such as yourselves. (I think this is where I got the idea that the Silver Shields had dogs in the past but likely they just act like dogs via their mannerisms or tracking abilities?)

Possibly the PC's are pursued 10-15 miles towards the ruins before the Silver Shields turn back... I realize it's a good distance (distances came be adjusted of course) but wanted to integrate the ruins as a hiding place for a few days until the Lunar Army and Bat moves off toward Boldhome.

The Dog Soldiers were accompanied by an Undead creature, a sorcerer of theirs by his robes and the Sun disc headdress he wore, who had embraced the foul chaos of unlife. Who is this guy and what would his abilities be? I should know that the "Sun Disc" headdress is telltale for something but I don't know about that. Is this an illuminated undead priest of Yelm?

As it turns out Zacharilth actually knew Delecti and followed him directly/indirectly and so the Marsh would link to the Stitched Ruins? Who knows, maybe the Lord of Sparrows has a bird head, talons, wings and a human body?


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