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The God Learners Episode 21: Gamemastering A New Hero


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In episode 21 of the God Learners podcast Ludo and Joerg welcome James Coquillat of Chaosium! We chat about his discovery of Gloranhta, involvement with the RuneQuest Starter Set, gamemaster duties on the New Hero actual play stream, and more!
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Good podcast - fun to hear about how different people are getting involved/engaged with RuneQuest!

I don't recall if I'd seen the New Hero youtube campaign called out before when it started, but decided to listen to it based on this podcast.  Definitely give it a shout out for it!  Engaging campaign and it's a lot of fun listening to. 

Three things I'll call out particularly:

1) very good introduction in my opinion for newcomers to RQG to learn about the game system. (And even helpful for those who've been playing RQG for quite awhile - realized that I've been over-penalizing failure on Runic inspiration!)

2) great to see a campaign moving into another section of the Colymar lands, this time with the Varmandi. As James noted in the podcast, they've been on the fringes of other campaigns for a long time, but never quite the center of attention.

3) it's nice to see a campaign with two players/characters. We often think of campaigns needing 3-6 players, but this is a great example of how to work with just 2.

RuneQuest New Hero campaign (youtube) - episode 1

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