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Any chance of PDF reissuance of QW Sartar KoH?


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19 hours ago, Hexabolic said:

Hey, I understand the copyright issues with "Heroquest" in the books, but was wondering if there were plans to make PDFs of the old Sartar material available with that term redacted?

I think the plans are still in flux.

At one point, Chaosium had intended to re-introduce the HQ:G content with a revamp to the QW edition of the rules.  I don't know if they still are, or not.

They could maybe do a light edit, just to replace the (tm) or (c) uses of "HeroQuest" (as a title / product-identity), leaving the in-character activity of "heroquesting" intact (they'd have to re-do the cover, too).

But that would also call for importing files (from an older generation of software) into InDesign to remaster, and be a hell of a lot more work than we'd think from over here in amateur-land... and in the end, it would only detract from the new QuestWorld product, as the subtly-different HQG rules cause confusion vs the new QW; so, I doubt they'd do such a thing.  OTOH, I've been very wrong before (about what Chaosium deemed "worth doing") and will doubtless be very wrong again; I have zero "inside info" on their thinking.


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