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2300AD BRP: Mission Arcturus and Conversion rules - Finished! :-D


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Hello Forum,

it is done, I finally finished the Mission Arcturus Module. It can be found in the Downloads section.

40 pages document with conversions for the original Mission Arcturus adventure.

The PDF includes a complete Marine team with stats and descriptions, more about the Kafers, the different Kafer weapons and their stats, Kafer assault teams, optional rule for Task Times, an updated Weapon and Armor table and 13 pages of newly created maps for Mission Arcturus.

Even if you do not use the 2300AD background, this pdf is generic enough to be used in a Sci-Fi or modern days setting. The maps consist of overview maps and encounter (Miniature) maps.

Note: You still need the original Mission Arcturus Module from FarFuture Enterprises (former GDW) to play the mission, as this PDF does not include the adventure itself.

Hope you enjoy!

2300AD BRP: Mission Arcturus

2300AD BRP: Conversion rules

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It completely depends on the demand. I just received a mail from Marc Miller: "Unless there is a huge demand, I don’t see them being done.".

So, I need much F E E D B A C K (criticism, what people want to see, what is missing, etc.) to convince him to do some more.

My plan was to put some more Kafer stuff together from the different modules. But if there is a specific module people want to see, I will do that. ;)

Yes, "Paper Make It" is a fine tool to create maps. I used to use Dundjinni, but PMIT is a lot faster and is actually rendering an image, instead of using purely pictures. In addition, what was most important, 'stuff' is scaled to fit in PMIT, where in Dundjinni I ended up rescaling stuff a lot. That took heaps of time and I find PMIT a nice compromise between quality and creation time. For example, each map in the Mission Arcturus module was created in around 15 minutes, plus a few minutes for changes and additions (a map is 'never' finished ;) ).

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