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The super power Flight doesn't say anything about turn radius. It seems unrealistic to assume that my character can be flying at 85mph (as stated under the power description) and suddenly do a 90° (or even 180°) turn. This really isn't possible while running either, so maybe they just figure that's too detailed for game play. If not... how should it be handled?

Other question regarding flight? Does flight have visible power effects? In the comic books, sometimes this is yes (Human Torch) and sometimes no (Super Man).

Also, can I get clarification on the BRP rules regarding fighting while flying (page 212). It makes three statements. First, it says your combat skills are limited to your Fly skill. Next, it says to make a Fly skill roll. Success means your skill is not limited, while--third--a failure means all rolls are difficult. Well, those last two seem to contradict the first. Use the following example:

Joe has a Fly skill of 40% and has Medium Pistol at 50%. He tries to Fly and shoot at the same time. What is his chance to hit if he succeeds a Fly skill roll, vs. what is his chance to hit if he fails the roll? If I actually apply all three rules, then his chance to hit would be 50% if he succeeded his Fly roll (skill unimpaired), and only 20% if he failed (skill limited to Fly, and difficult).

Thanks in advance,


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Sir Argo, welcome to the BRP forums!

Fly skill, as I understand and use it:

A character using the Fly skill in combat has to make a skill check every round.

If the check is successful, the character might use his Combat skills up to the Fly skill value.

If the character does not make his roll, his combat skill is still capped at the Fly skill value, but additionally made Difficult, meaning it is halved as well.

See page 216 'Chases' for situational modifiers to the Fly skill check.

In regards to your first question: aerial combat is too abstract and relies on descriptive scenes. It is not meant to be handled in 'hard' numbers. But have a view at the "chase" rules as they take into account for tight turns, speed and weather effects.

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Welcome Sir Argo!

For the Flight super power you need to put in enough points for you to use the Fly skill.

Generally, when PCs are doing something I assume a skill check is required under stressful circumstances. I arbitrarily peg this at 20%, as I feel this is a good base for basic competency in a skill. If a PC has at least 2-% and is flying in non stressful situations, then there's no need for a roll. When combining two rolls and the results are different I drop the highest down in regards to the lower.

Under high stress situations, such as Flight and Combat or Flight and Maneuvering, I call for a skill check. So Joe Jetpack is fighting The Abominable Aerial Aeromancer. They're dancing in the sky right now, probably after some sort of witty repartee. The Aeromancer finishes his fiendish dialogue and there's a throw dawn. Joe Jetpack pulls his pistol and fires.

Joe Jetpack attacks. Joe's got a Flight Skill of 40% and and Medium Pistol of 50%. The PC rolls the dice and gets a 45. Success on the pistol but bumped down to a failure due to the Flight skill. Near miss. If the Aeromancer is throwing turbulence at Joe, then he'll likely have to succeed in a Flight skill roll to stay steady.

That being said, if Joe's flying around in my game with a 40% in Jet Pack and 50% in Pistol he's a rookie.

As for the other issue, combat defaults in 12 second rounds. Turn Radius isn't really dealt with, nor do I think it should be. It falls into that vague 'combat round space.'

For visual effect, both the Human Torch and Superman have a sort of visual effect. Their both flying. Unless it impacts other characters it should just be descriptive. If you've a character like the Human Torch who may do heat damage as an effect of being too close to him then you should handle it as a separate effect. Not sure if I'm understanding your stance on the situation though.

As far as the skill goes, I treat it very much like I treat the Ride or Drive skill.


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Chaot, I am not sure why you ignored the Aerial Combat Spot rules Sir Argo mentioned. ;)

I know there are many possible ways/editions for BRP rules, but if we stay to the rules written in the BGB, in my opinion Joe Jetpack would need to do a flight skill every combat round before attacking. This would simulate if he can handle the jetpack well enough and does not manoeuvre himself in a bad position.

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Chaot, I am not sure why you ignored the Aerial Combat Spot rules Sir Argo mentioned. ;)


Oh, I completely agree that your reading is valid. I didn't have my book with me last night when I posted, but I default to the Combined Skill Rolls rule on page 173. I like to get rid of as many rolls as possible during play.


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