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  1. First Magic World Adventure

    Here's what I sometimes do. Grab a module you like and cut out the stuff you don't like then rewrite the stuff you only kinda like. Characters in my game generally start with combat skills ranging from 100-150. General bad guys have combat skills from 30-40. One or two of them should have some special ability or spell that comes into play. A given low level encounter will have 2-3 bad guys versus one PC. These combats should be fast and have plenty of room for the Players to show off. Moderate encounters have one PC-level NPC and a few low level guys. Play smart and this will keep the PCs on their toes. Boss level encounters should have some sort of special thing going on. Tweak to your desire. I like my BRP fast and loose. I try to keep combat quick because I'm more interested in what sorts of choices the PCs make and what the fall out is rather than how many hit points they have. I feel Magic World does a good job in balancing a light touch while maintaining mechanical consequences. I also think it is relatively simple to adapt whatever alternative source material you might want to use over to BRP.
  2. Magic Worlds Questions

    To do this quickly, double the original number and place a decimal in the one's place. For example. Skill 65%. Doubled is 130. Place decimal 13.0. 1/5 of 65 is 13.
  3. Lethality of BRP for a single character

    Take a look at the Minion rules from Gods of Law. I swear by them.
  4. Lethality of BRP for a single character

    Set them up for high fantasy. Give them equipment and abilities. Make sure they have some very high skills (100%+, they should be dicing for criticals). Set you average NPCs at about 30% for their combat skill. Go wild! Remind the player that combat isn't always the best option and that death waits around every corner.
  5. BRP Ravenloft

    Finished up a character creation sheet too!
  6. BRP Ravenloft

    Fantastic! Tell her to take a look at this thread. https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?463484-necro-BRP-Ravenloft. It has a bunch of ideas on how to stat up the Domain Lords. I should really go through that and make them pretty pdfs. I've basically run two Ravenloft games so far, so there are many out there with more experience in the Dread Realms than me. Often I feel like my game is some unholy mixture of Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter and the Fearless Vampire Killers. I'm not a Ravenloft purist. A trap, I think, in the published material is that so much of it outlines the NPC background in great detail, explaining why they are so doomed and dreadful and stuff. It kind of puts them on a pedestal. In my opinion, they are there to be interacted with and defeated by the PCs. Your wife might want to be ruthless in letting them die. Be ruthless with the published material too. Change anything you want in the setting. In my game Avonleigh and Nidala were located where the Shadow Rift is now for game reasons. I think my next game is going to be set in Paridon, but I think I'm going to relocate it to existing in Mordent for game reasons. I'm also thinking about stealing heavily from The Walking Dead and adapting it to an event in Paridon. Last bit of advice I would give. When you read the Ravenloft adventures, they do a terrible job when it comes to player agency. Replacing them with dopplegangers, turning them into monsters, all sorts of things. Don't do this. Open up the option of letting player characters being corrupted though and let the player run with it. Discuss things OOC, in private if story telling needs be, and make sure you're not ruining the players time by messing with their character. As I was writing that, a new idea occurred to me. I think I'll add a small section on the character sheet that says "Why are you doomed?" I'm just interested in seeing what the players would write. Speaking of character sheets. I have a few floating around. I want to finish a few domains and I'll post my most recent character sheet. If your wife decides that she wants to run a game. Anyway, Enjoy!
  7. BRP Ravenloft

    Professions are done and I'm officially back in New York. Now it's down to finishing domains and working out scheduling. Hopefully I'll have a game running soon. Bonus material will be how I work Sorcery, Wizardry and the other powers. Not replicating spells because they are basically out of the book. House rules added in the document are the Brawn/Finesse Damage Bonus, Holding and Rushing Actions and dropping Weapon Hit Points/Breakage. Not present in these documents but evident in the character sheet, I will be grouping weapons into Combat Styles a la RQ6. I'm dropping the combat advantages from that though and limiting a Style to including one to two weapons. I'm reworking shields as well so that they augment the characters Armor roll instead of being their own separate thing. I've used all of these before and they fall into my category of "The less thinking I have to do during a game, the better."
  8. BRP Ravenloft

    Next up are character professions. They are almost done. Some are old favorites and some are new that I cobbled together. After that will be short bits explaining the very basics of use Sorcery and Wizardry. Spells and stuff are relegated to the rules books so if you're playing along at home you'll want to get Magic World and Advanced Sorcery for Sorcery and Classic Fantasy for Wizardry.
  9. BRP Ravenloft

    Ok, I've had some scheduling issues and did some unexpected traveling. However I now have some fun stuff for you to look at. Feedback and questions are always appreciated. The purpose of the following documents is to make character creation as simple as possible.
    Love it. Thanks for the work!
  10. BRP Ravenloft

    Horror is a relative term. I've described my game as pulp mystery. I've had two players describe it as soap opera. I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm trying to run Hellboy and really running Dark Shadows.
  11. BRP Ravenloft

    That's a cool idea. I'm honestly not too worried about randomization though. I think an simple distribution of points is best for me. I find that in game decisions make much more of an impact on characters than stats. The closer I can get to the bruiser, the face, the acrobat, the intellectual and the mystic, the better. Get that part over and move on to the game.
  12. BRP Ravenloft

    It doesn't make sense to me right now, but it made a lot of sense to me in the early 80s. You had to make sure you were wearing parachute pants too when you rolled. Otherwise it didn't count.
  13. BRP Ravenloft

    Quicker, yes. The concept is an old hold over from D&D in which you want to make sure that you have at least one really good stat. Sportsmanship demanded that they all be rolled the same way, we just changed the point at which we started counting them. For the final document I'm just going to give them an array of points that they can drop in. Then they can redistribute a few as they see fit. I've don it that way before and it goes fairly quickly. I'll be updating this thread soon. Couple set backs but the game got pushed back too due to circumstances outside of my control. So, I have a little time. Planning on finishing up some domains and reviewing and posting the character generation document.