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  1. One of the biggest differences is the combat round. In Elric! it's INT ranks to declare actions then DEX to track when they happen. I believe MW is just DEX ranks. Not sure I've ever met someone who played combat by the Elric! rules. Personally, I only use one combat round but track DEX and INT separately depending on if the PC is physically fighting or using spells.
  2. We need a system for Berserking! Can we swap Tanelorn for Hy-Brasil?
  3. I'm not sure how you can say that sitting down to play the Basic Role Playing System is different then sitting down to play Runequest. It's like arguing the difference between lions and tigers. They are both Panthera. Doesn't matter if we named lions first or tigers first. On a fundamental level RuneQuest and Elf Quest and OpenQuest are BRP.
  4. It's not. Elric! was laid out by the late Lynn Willis and it is a masterpiece. No disrespect to MW, but Elric! looks fabulous and it is insanely easy to find information in it once you've familiarized yourself with the book. I don't know how well this actually translates to the digital version, but the physical version is by far my favorite rpg book. I firmly agree with Questbird on this account. The thing that was great about MW was that it showed that the system was still relevant and it brought Advanced Sorcery into the fold. In my opinion, between the two Advanced Sorcery is the superior book because it brings new things to the table. MW was all about reestablishing a rules set. For that reason alone, MW is an important book.
  5. Character skill assignment is good in general. I don't really go into the tribe, rural, city stuff. I'm also one of those weirdos you like stats divorced from skills so I use base skills from Elric! In Elric! as writ there's two phases to a road. The first is the declaration round and then the action round. MW combines these two, which is the way I always play. Even though you forbade it as a factor, Elric!'s layout is a work of art.
  6. Still Semantics. I can order Magic World and I can order Call of Cthulhu and I can order The Green and I can order Rubble and Ruin and I can order Open Quest and I can order RuneQuest and I'm still buying a variant on the same game. Luckily, we have a term that encapsulates all of those. That term is BRP. A prime example of this is the BGB itself. It embraces all of these variants and says "Hey, everyone! Look at all this cool stuff. It's the same game. You just have to make of it what you want." So, while trademark/copyright RuneQuest is not trademark/copyright BRP it is still directly related, when the dice hit the table it means exactly the same thing. But like I said, I've no skin in actually convincing you. This conversation is cyclical. I just have to take comfort in the fact that, someplace in the cosmic scheme of things I am correct! Despite our differences, I still love you Atgxtg.
  7. Thank You. Oh yeah. That's a mash up between Rod's Classic Fantasy and Snead's Nephilim magic system (the sympathetic magic bonus bits). It goes along with some enchanting rules, which I should post some time for feed back. They seem to work though they are probably a bit more overpowered than people prefer. Lucky items come from here.
  8. Same difference. It's semantics. RuneQuest was around before the term BRP but BRP describes RuneQuest. I think I have this discussion once every five years or so. One of my favorites.
  9. Great questions. Weapon styles is lifted from RQ3. I had always had a problem with how weapons worked in the main rules but have never been thrilled with the house rules I came up with to tweak them. Then I read RQ# and the combat section was a bit of a revelation. Brawn and Finesse are a house rule I started using a long time ago. There was a phase in which all my players were making huge bruisers for that damage bonus. I got tired of all Fafhrds and no Mousers, so I split the damage bonus. Brawn is determined with Strength and Size as normal. Finesse is Strength and Dexterity, and can be added to light and short weapons. Fonts: CelticHand, StienAntik, Moon Flower Bold, Camelot, Colwell, Bibliotheque, Atlantix Pro That's a lot of fonts!
  10. Just readjusted Intelligence, Power and Charisma, as they were not lined up right. Thinking about getting rid of the categories under Background and listing a couple of them like I did with Acquaintances. Edit: Also realigned Sorcery on the back page so it works better with the image.
  11. Jpeg images Looking at starting a game up. Looks like it will be a small group. Feedback is welcome.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Custom Sheet I'm looking at using. Feel free to use it!
  13. A Magic World Character Sheet View File Custom Sheet I'm looking at using. Feel free to use it! Submitter Chaot Submitted 04/18/2017 Category Magic World  
  14. This would be ideal.
  15. The monograph Rubble & Ruins has some cybernetics and stuff.