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  1. Ouch. Now that's a pun worthy of a horror check! I agree. I cringe a little when I read something that's all sturm and drang. Any genre I touch turns into pulpy mystery though. I'm a bit of a one trick pony. Edit: Oops, just saw a bit formatting error. I forgot to bold parts of the sheets. Also made small changes in Flakovnia and Hazlan.
  2. Totally agree. I may or may not be alone in this but I think Ravenloft should be humanocentric and demi-humans should be ditched. They just feel out of place. If you put something like a fantasy dwarf or an elf into the game, they should be twisted and unnatural, just like all the other monsters running around. Another peeve of mine is the weekend in hell stuff. I prefer the domains to be a bit mysterious but also largely self contained. Not that I totally mind outsiders finding the domains but I prefer the PCs to be characters who originate within the domains. Having said that, I so want to run Curse of Strahd using characters who have been torn from our world.
  3. Thanks guys. I hope to have all of the Domains that PCs can be from by the end of next weekend. I should also have nailed down the various magic systems by then too. I want to have a clear character generation handout ready for session zero. One thing I'd love to have done but don't think I will have time to write up is a list of rumors for each domain to use as story seeds and to get the player's imaginations going. Another thing I'd like to have put together but don't think I'll have time is a short dossier of organizations the PCs might be from, ranging from The Karat to The Circle. Once it's all done I'll put it in the downloads section as a pdf. So please, if you have feedback, see something you question or don't see something you feel should be included feel free to post and say so.
  4. No big reason. I was running some Rules Cyclopedia D&D when I first wrote this up and that's how I have people roll up characters. It will probably change to a simple 'distribute x amount of points between your stats' before this is over.
  5. You totally win the MVP award Atgxtg! You didn't have to buy the game to tell me the mechanics. Still I'm glad you did, it looks interesting enough that I'm going ot go ahead and pick it up too. (Would have responded yesterday but I was a sick dog.)
  6. In the next week I'm polishing up some Ravenloft material I have been sitting on and I need someplace to put it. I haven't been active on message boards at all recently. I have a thread that I was using over at RPGNet but it has been pretty dormant for a while now. Additionally, the occasional recommendations that I just run it using D&D were a little annoying. So here's a preview. I hope to nail everything down by the end of next week. I'd like to have everything ready for players soon. I'll probably continue to tweak things far into the future. Any comments or advice is welcome. Enjoy.
  7. Not really, I know the name. The internet tells me its dice mechanic is similar to Unknown Armies. How does the Trauma system work? I don't see anything that really describes it.
  8. I wary about the sanity spiral. I also want to make sure the mechanic isn't taking people out of the game. I have some Cakebread and Walton stuff but not those two. I'll have to look into it. I'm leaning toward not including a system for horror. I'm not are how I feel about it yet though.
  9. I'm kicking off a short campaign this summer and I'm not happy with my previous attempts at modeling fear in the game. Previously I had taken the Madness Meter from UA. Ultimately I found it too busy for my tastes. I don't feel like directly converting the system that came with Ravenloft because I feel like Fear / Horror is a little too splitting hairs. Any systems come to mind that I might look at and *ahem* borrow from?
  10. I want to do this, and I suspect it's really doable, but I haven't quite groked Fate yet. I've found that now that I have hundreds of roleplaying books picked up over thirty years I dislike reading them. This is detrimental, when you want to steal cool things from Fate but find yourself falling asleep reading it's not very productive. I need to play it or pretend to run it.