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  1. Lords of Tarsa and Swords of Cydoria were also excellent, overlooked monographs. All in all, there was a lot of great material in those monograph books.
  2. Someone over at reddit found a copy of his work and is trying to dig up more information. Curious if anyone here has any info.
  3. The two part adventure is pretty dire. It is good for stealing things from though.
  4. I love this! This is great. Quick technical note, a dissolve implies passage of time. When you cut the interview together the shot reverse shot should be just straight cuts. No dissolves.
  5. That would be fun. I'm not an 'artist' artist but I can sketch.
  6. Yeah, but it didn't have that white boarder, did it? Mine doesn't have the white boarder. Edit: Oops, never mind. Saw it was the Quickstart rules. Going to go drink my morning coffee now....
  7. Yeah, Fight, Flight, Freeze is a common description of the effects of fear in general and several systems use it. His describes UA's rather involved system really well and even UA uses those three for the basic fear response. What I'm trying to change is the way it's invoked. Instead of me describing some nasty beastie and then saying 'roll for Fear' I want the PCs to be the ones to decide that the Fear effect is taking place. The PCs decide if the extra oomph they get from Fear is worth risking the possibility of an Affliction. Since Ravenloft is a setting about heroes against the dark powers and I hate telling the PCs how their characters feel, I want Fear to be someone beneficial. I want it to be something they are invested in roleplaying and using. I'm not opposed to them racking up several Afflictions and becoming a walking bundle of psychological disorders. I hear Dr. Dominiari has made some wonderful advances with the clinically insane.
  8. I’m constantly going back and forth about Fear and insanity. I’ve toyed around with a few systems and they all left me cold. They were either too invasive during game play or they sat in the background and were not used. Today I looked at an old character sheet and felt the itch to try it again. Fear This should be something both detrimental AND beneficial to the character. In addition, the player should have some choice in the matter in how Fear is affecting the character. At any point a player may declare that their character is in a state of Fear. When in a state of Fear, the player can choose what the character focuses on. The player has three choices, Fight, Flight or Freeze. Fight gives you a +20% bonus to any Combat moves you take. Flight gives you a +20% bonus to any movement skills you have. Freeze gives you a +20% bonus to any thinking or communication skill. When can Fear be applied? In general, Fear can be invoked when a character is either in direct threat of harm or is observing something that would cause them an intense feeling of shock or disgust. Every time a character is in the state of Fear a Fear Check must be made. A Fear Check is determined using Power x5%. If a character succeeds on their Fear check the state of Fear works as above. If they character fails their Fear Check they develop an Affliction. Afflictions Madness is something that is present in Ravenloft. There are plenty of story ideas that can be tied into it. Madness is also a staple of gothic horror. So how do we use it in a fun way? It should be important. It should be something that will affect gameplay for the character. It should be something that the player has some buy in. Afflictions only occur if the character has entered the state of Fear and has failed their Fear Check. When the fail the Fear Check, two things happen. The character can attempt to take an action. The player may choose whether this action is a critical success or a critical failure. Either the horror of the situation has imbued the character with a sudden burst of energy or clarity and they are ready to react or the character is so shaken that failure is inevitable. Again, this is the player’s choice. The character develops an Affliction. This is a mental or personality quirk that is now part of the character. It can be removed through Hypnotism or by committing one’s self to an asylum. I haven’t fleshed out the Afflictions yet. Not sure if I’m committing to this setup enough to flesh them out. I kinda like it because it's heavily biased towards players making the decision to engage with it. Are they going to gamble for a short term benefit? It's not something I'm forcing as a GM. Thoughts?
  9. This is only available via pdf or is there a printed book? I do believe I’m adding it to the collection! Edit: Never mind, I saw your comment at drivethru about getting to electrum. Here's one more purchase to get you there.
  10. Hey Simon, the Alchemy rules, is it just imbuing potions with spell effects or is it something more complex?
  11. Wait, is this post directed at me? I was specifically talking Mythras because RogerDee was talking Mythras. Doesn't matter the system, RQ2, RQ3, Elfquest, the BGB (which I'm listed as a play tester), Mythras, whatever. I've never liked Hit Locations. As I said, it may be an allergy.
  12. I assume this is using the Mournblade system and not BRP?
  13. Lords of Tarsa was really good too. Fractured Hopes had huge potential but was too short to due the setting justice.
  14. Elric!/Magic World characters are VERY durable as written without hit locations. Hit locations, action points, combat special effects, it all leaves me a bit cold. Why would I jump over to Mythras when I could use a system I like? I'm not saying that other people shouldn't enjoy it, just that I would rather start with a base that I feel is solid and add little bits from other systems as needed. It's really kind of sad because it's been a long time since I've looked forward to a BRP book coming out. There's only one situation that I've been tempted by hit locations. I've contemplated using them in a Dark Sun game, where the emphasis is survival and the PCs are scrapping for any advantage they can get. Having to piece meal armor might be fun. Even then I think I would just settle for a partial armor rule.
  15. I'm allergic to hit locations and while combat styles are a step in the right direction I'm not a huge fan of their implementation.
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