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  1. Chaot

    Monster World Character Sheets

    Something where this is a legitimate plot line.
  2. Chaot

    Monster World Character Sheets

    It's odd. For years my games have been humanocentric. Elves and dwarves and stuff was something that I was definitely not interested in. Now I have an overwhelming desire to run something with every monster under the sun as potential PCs in a world where creatures just naturally live together in a semi-civilized manner. Having trouble finding images that sum this up. Something like this.
  3. Chaot

    Monster World Character Sheets

    Haha! Rules wise, the basic core mechanics are mostly Elric! with some of my own house rules and combat styles taken from RQ6. Psychic powers are taken directly from the BGB. Wizardry is my own answer to D&D type magic and enchantment. Sorcery is a mix of Elric! and Corum as well as my own house rules stuff. Shamanism is very loosely based on RQ3, but expanded a bit. Elemental paths are adapted from Mongoose's Magic in the Young Kingdom and mixed with some GURPS stuff. Theurgy mostly comes from Gods of Law. Druidism is mostly made up with D&D as a starting point and the Beast and Plant Lords thrown in. Vows, Blessings and Miracles take a little inspiration from RQ3 but are mostly its own thing. Alchemy is still pretty up in the air right now. I may also include a martial arts system similar to that in Dragon Lines The point is I want to throw everything in there. Character creation makes use of The Big Damn Book of Monsters. I want all sorts of magic flying around too. I'm currently putting together one page sheets that explain how each system works for easy reference.
  4. Chaot

    Monster World Character Sheets

    Cause YAFBRP is more fun.. (What does YAF stand for?)
  5. I've been kicking around the idea of a kitchen sink fantasy game for a while. In my head it's called Monster World. I've wanted to run it but haven't committed the time to just do it. I did make some character sheets though. What follows is a front sheet and some really specific back sheets. On my list to do is a sheet for Psychic Powers and one for Shamanism, as well as a more general back sheet that combines a bunch of the power systems. Enjoy. Monster World front.pdf Monster World Wizardry.pdf Monster World Sorcery.pdf Monster World Theurgy.pdf Monster World Druidism.pdf Monster World Elemental Paths.pdf
  6. Chaot

    Chronicles of Future Earth

    They are both amazing books. I'd love to run something in either world.
  7. Chaot

    Site Introductions

    Howdy Bud. If I were you I'd post in one of the forums dedicated to the type of game you want to be a part of. BRP for general BRP, Runequest for that, etc.I don't know the extent of our online playing membership but you may get some interest, especially if you are hosting the game.
  8. Chaot

    How do you create NPC's

    I try to keep it simple as possible. Only assign skills and stats as you need them. Most of my NPCs have a single stat that they shine in and three skills. If they are combat NPCs they look something like this: Dex = x, Combat 30% whatever at 1d6, 10 HP (or whatever). Adjust where you need to. To me, skills and stats only make an NPC so interesting. Their relationship with the party is more important.
  9. Chaot

    Experience Checks

    Indeed. I find in actual play, the high the skill level, the more unlikely the PCs are to try and chase skills.
  10. Chaot

    Sunless Citadel

    Wanted to update the thread with a basic breakdown of stats this weekend but it turned out to be a crazy week. Later. My main issue with SC is that it is set up as an adventure in which you help the kobolds and you exterminate the goblins. In my mind it should be the PCs navigating two small towns that really don't like them but each have something they want. The kobolds want to get their dragon back. The goblin leader wants control of the tree. The PCs want to find the missing townspeople and maybe get rid of the creepy twigs. Sprinkle in some side quests. This set up has 100% more possibilities than a dungeon crawl.
  11. Chaot

    Sorcerers of Pan Tang

    Seriously. I would love for these books to be back in circulation!
  12. Chaot

    Experience Checks

    For years I've used an alternative experience system and I feel it works well while still staying true to BRP. Every skill that is used gets a check, success or failure. Every session comes along with a certain amount of experience points, in my game it's usually 5-10 depending on how long the session runs and how much gets done. The PCs are then allowed to assign the experience points or keep them in reserve to save for later. Every experience point assigned to a skill gives the PC a 1d10 increase in the skill. Only two experience points may be assigned to a skill (which means that it is possible that a PC may increase their skill by 20% with an incredibly lucky two rolls). Reserved points can be used for two things. They can be applied to Stats or they can be used during the game to change an outcome. If a PC is trying to increase a Stat they need enough experience points to equal their stat, plus one; so if Brog the Deadly has a Strength of 16 he needs 17 experience to bump his Strength to 17. Bro is concentrating on his Strength. In the meantime his Skills are not improving. I feel it makes a nice balance. This works for every other stat except for Size, which is one of the reasons I hate Size. Still, I allow my players to apply this to Size. If they increase above about 3 points of Size there is obviously something unnatural going on. I ask them to explain it and fold it into the next adventure. It should be noted; I love Skills above 100%. I jumped in with Elric! and that's the way I've always played. My play style is either the PCs are dominating their opposition or they are dicing for criticals. The great thing is, when the numbers get high the return on investing points into skills or stats starts decreasing. Players start saving their experience to change rolls in the game.