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  1. Chaot

    So does anybody remember Hawkmoon? ElfQuest?

    There was also the Hawkmoon monograph from Chaosium.
  2. Chaot

    What is a Demon?

  3. Chaot

    A love of demons....

    That's true.
  4. Chaot

    Elric: Battle at the End of Time [BOX SET]

    By the way, I meant to say thank you. I will post some pictures when we play! Looks fantastic.
  5. Chaot

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    I've been sitting on this for a while. Stafford created the outline to bring my own imaginary worlds to the table. Without his guidance my table would be far less interesting. In short he is, and will continue to be, an inspiration to those who bring their friends together and make up stories. Greg Stafford's legacy is that he brings people together. My love goes out to his family and friends.
  6. Chaot

    A love of demons....

    Remember the Big Book of Monsters. A lot has already been done.
  7. How about buffalo riding hunters? My interest would be much more in the spiritual, ancestral world. Something like Ehdrigohr but more grounded.
  8. Chaot

    Hurrah to demon objects!

    Check out Gods of Law and the Virtues system there. It goes a long way towards something like this.
  9. Chaot

    Advice BRP For Fantasy

    I'm an Elric!/Magic World guy myself. For the BGB (going by memory, so forgive if I label these wrong) I would suggest taking Magic and Psychic powers. If you're doing really low magic I would just stick with the Psychic powers and maybe add in some small Mutations. I think your big decision is whether to go with hit locations or random armor. I prefer one hit point score and random armor but it's really just a preference. Hit locations work fine too.
  10. Chaot

    Elric: Battle at the End of Time [BOX SET]

    Sent an email.
  11. Chaot

    Adobe Alternatives!

    Since this has been resurrected, what about Pages. I use it for most of my pdf layouts.
  12. Chaot

    Elric: Battle at the End of Time [BOX SET]

    Yes. I want it if no-one else has called dibs.
  13. Chaot

    If not Stormbringer, what then?

    Gas is an issue, but I’ve got my double barrel shot gun in my left hand. Shop smart, S-Mart.
  14. Chaot

    If not Stormbringer, what then?

    It's just that I am not interested in any system that does not let me attach a chainsaw to my handless arm.